Are Mediums Born or Made?

Are  Psychic Mediums Naturally Born with the Gift?

Are psychic mediums born or made is a comment that Spiritualists often use to describe what they consider authentic mediums. In other words, you have to be born with the natural gift of spirit communication, but according to some spiritualists, you can’t be trained to do so.

This attitude derails many would-be mediums who wish to train in the art of Mediumship! So, why is this declaration so often made ? Read on and I’ll explain why, and also why it’s just not true.

Essentially, mediums are individuals with spiritual abilities that enable them to access profound insights into the past, present, and future. Basically, they can communicate with otherworldly entities. They use these skills to offer readings (also called sittings) designed to clarify life issues. These include career guidance, relationship advice, or emotional support.  In this post, we will explore how psychic mediums can offer solace and enable positive change in people’s lives.

When Did You Realize You Were a Medium?

What if you never realized you were a medium until later in life? It happens, and this was the case with me. It wasn’t until I went through a devastating event that my psychic and Mediumship abilities came crashing to the forefront. Then, I stumbled across a woman who would be my teacher and mentor. In short, she helped me to hone my natural abilities.

The Debate on Psychic or Mediumship Natural Abilities Rages On

The debate over whether psychics are “naturally gifted” or have learned their psychic abilities has been ongoing for years. On one side, some believe that becoming a medium is something innate. They already possess the ability and are simply learning to channel and harness it. On the other hand, many argue that psychic abilities and mediumship are acquired skills developed through practice, study, and dedication.

No matter which side of the debate you’re on, one thing is sure. Mediums have reached their level of authority and insight through hard work and commitment. Becoming a psychic medium requires much time and energy dedicated to mastering the craft. Communicating with those in spirit takes knowledge, intuition, and a deep connection to the spiritual realm.


It Doesn’t Matter If Psychic or Mediumship Abilities Are Natural or Learned

In the end, psychic mediums must invest in themselves, learning how to properly interpret messages from the beyond. Also, they must hone their intuition, and develop an understanding of what they are seeing and hearing
And by doing this, psychic mediums can provide clarity and comfort to those who seek them out for guidance. Therefore, it is clear that psychics are either “naturally gifted” or “learned,” and both paths lead to the same divine connection. 

Can You Become a Psychic Medium without Training?

As mentioned, it is possible to become a psychic without any prior training, as evidenced by numerous cases of people worldwide whose abilities have spontaneously manifested. Such individuals tend to possess an innate gift of mediumship, in which they can access information transcending space and time boundaries. However, training is highly suggested for both parties involved to conduct readings safely. Why is this? It’s known that some negative spirits will barge into a session or try to sabotage the medium during a reading.

A case in point, on one occasion, I was doing a reading for a lady wanting to talk to her deceased mother, but her grandmother kept interrupting. It was evident the grandmother wanted to be the one communicating. As it turned out, the lady didn’t have a tight relationship with her grandmother and remembered her as being harsh and mean. So I had to banish this spirit from the reading so her mother could come through clearly. Thankfully my extensive training allowed me to do this.

Can Someone Learn to Be a Psychic Medium at Any Age?

The answer to this is yes! I didn’t start my training until I was 36 years old. When it comes to developing psychic abilities, such as mediumship, there is no definitive answer on an age limit. While many spiritualists believe that anyone can develop their psychic powers at any age, others think certain ages are more conducive to learning and developing these skills. However, the fact remains that everyone has the potential to become a psychic or medium if they put in the effort and dedication. 

More importantly, while there may not be an exact age limit for developing psychic abilities, it is essential to remember that anyone can begin to explore their potential as a medium or psychic at any age with the proper guidance. With patience and practice, you can also develop your unique skillset and unlock the mysteries of the spiritual realm!

It’s Up to You to Choose a Path of Mediumship

Ultimately, it is up to you whether or not you choose to pursue a path of mediumship and psychic development. Significantly, the most crucial factor in developing your spiritual abilities is having the right guidance and support system. As I did, seek out a mentor or spiritual guide to help you on your journey and provide sound advice as you develop your skillset. With the proper training and approach, you can unlock your potential as a medium or psychic, regardless of age. 

So, How Can You Develop Your Psychic and Mediumship Skills?

Training from a trusted mentor or online course most certainly offers a clear advantage when learning about psychic and mediumship skills. With the guidance of an experienced teacher, students can gain valuable insight into how these practices work and hone their abilities much faster than they could on their own.

Additionally, asking questions and receiving feedback in a supportive environment fosters a more profound understanding. It can also help increase students’ confidence in applying what they have learned. By contrast, going at it alone takes much longer and may lead to disappointment or frustration as the student needs help with poorly understood concepts. Learning from a mentor or online course is a great way to become proficient in psychic and mediumship skills quickly.

I Was Fortunate to Have a Teacher Nearby

I was fortunate to have a teacher available to me. But many aspiring mediums live in areas that don’t have that luxury. That’s what my Mediumship course teaches. It provides the learning and concepts that were taught to me. Additionally, it includes training I took from a few spiritually-based courses.

We may never know for sure whether psychic mediums are innately gifted or if their abilities can be learned. Many skeptical people think mediumship has more to do with learned skills than inborn talents. However, believers will say otherwise. No side is wrong. And does it matter at what age a person begins psychic or mediumship development? No, it does not. But one has to be practical in determining if their age will be a factor for success. Or if it’s too difficult to learn at their stage of life.
Do You Believe that Mediums Are Naturally Born?

So, what do you think about the idea that mediums are born and not made? Everyone should determine this answer independently. We all hold unique perspectives regarding this all-important question. Consequently, try not to be swayed by individuals firmly entrenched in the idea that mediums are born only and not made. I have run across people like this. And frankly, I believe it’s the fear that more and more mediums are appearing on the scene than ever before cutting into their own mediumship client base.
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