Imagine Spirit Universal Psychic Arts

eChecks not accepted eCheck payments are not accepted with PayPal.


Sorry. No Refunds

Once a product is purchased, there is no refund. We stand by the quality and effectiveness of our courses.

Don’t Want to Pay by Credit Card?

YOU CAN SEND US YOUR PAYMENT!   We have put a new policy in place. If you cannot pay via a credit card, we do accept money orders or cashier checks. Call us or send us an email (1.480.747.0811) that you are registering for a class and are sending the payment so we can acknowledge your payment or reserve a spot for you in a class.

How Many Classes Can I Miss and Still Become Certified?

You can miss two classes and listen to the recording to make it up. However, if you wish to become certified, more than two classes missed will exempt you from certification. There are hardship cases and this will be judged on a case by case basic. If you do not wish certification, you can miss more than 2 classes.


Computer Crashes and Loss of Digital Product Purchased

The unthinkable happens. You purchased a digital product and now you have lost the PDF files.   Our policy on this is that if you lose the data within 18 months of purchase, we will replace your product for free. After 18 months, there is a $50 replacement fee which we will invoice you for to obtain your files.