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Presenting the Pathways to Clairvoyance Psychic Certification Course

Our Pathways Psychic Certification Total Training provides guaranteed boosting of all the psychic senses and promote clairvoyant skills.

Importantly, you’ll learn step-by-step how to do fantastic professional psychic readings. More importantly, you’ll receive bonus topics that help you to be incredibly knowledgeable about the psychic arts as well as being a fully-rounded psychic and clairvoyant.

Also featured are original exercises developed by Carol to maximize your psychic potential and fully open your third eye.

Add to that, are live class recordings that help you feel as though you’re right in a classroom.

And to top that, this course has recently been totally revised for easier reading.

Cost normally: $207

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For Beginners & Advanced Level Psychic Practitioners

questions answered

Loved taking this course! I especially liked the section about “The Light Body” as I’m going through a transformation myself). Learning how to do readings was the best training I’ve encountered. I plan to take all of your courses!!
~xxxooo Monique


  • 300+ pages with 18 fully-packed lessons.

  • Course handbook PDF file works on any device.

  • Get course as an Immediate Download or Printed.

  • No-submit self-quizzes with answers provided.

  • Printed handbook comes 3-hole punched with beautiful color cover. (Binder not included.)

  • Now easier reading with increased spacing.

  • Bonus topics similar courses don’t include.

  • Receive help from Carol via email request.


  • Learn about Astral Projection and the Silver Cord.

  • An introduction to Mediumship.

  • Add to that, an introduction to the Akashic Records.

  • Learn how to stay energized doing reading after reading.

  • Access higher dimensions with Sacred Geometry.

  • You’ll learn how to go into deep Theta trance.

  • Advanced knowledge about Chakras 1—7 functions and how to clear blockages.

  • Utilize Chakras 8—12 for greater spiritual connection.

  • Master how to see auras and interpret color meanings.

  • Learn powerful psychic protection techniques.

  • How to shield from others’ negative energy.

  • Find out the different symbols of the ancient Merkaba and use them!



  1. First, you’ll learn which is your strongest psychic sense. Following this, you’ll discover how to quickly increase and master all your psychic abilities.
  2. Second, you’ll learn valuable ways to open your Third Eye. And, you’ll learn about the Pineal and Pituitary Glands which govern your third eye. Importantly, you’ll find out how to clear any blockages in your Third Eye.
  3. Third, you’ll learn how to manage your specific psychic chakras and expand your auric field to further increase your psychic powers.
  4. Finally, you’ll learn step-by-step how to do professional psychic readings. You’ll have access to movies to show you how!

Easily Read any Oracle Card Deck with Confidence


Interactive Tools Like Live Class Recordings

Listening to Live Class Recordings is Like Being Right in a Classroom

The recordings you receive come from an actual Psychic-Clairvoyance phone class.


Have Some Sort of  Oracle Card Deck

There are many wonderful Oracle Card decks you can purchase. Find one that vibes with you. Or, use your own Tarot deck if you already know how to read Tarot. (This course does not yet involve teaching the Tarot, but very soon Imagine Spirit will offer an on-line Tarot course.

  • Also, you will need a pendulum for this course. You can easily make one. We’ll show you how.
  • Additionally, a medium-sized mirror. (optional)
*Oracle card decks can be found at any metaphysical bookstore or regular bookstores. You can also find them on Most sell for around $14-$18.


Certification adds credibility and trust. People will see your name on the Graduate’s Directory.

Psychic-Clairvoyance Certificate

Why wait? Start your training today and begin a new career!


I suggest that you practice the layouts presented many times over before trying them on someone else. The earmarks of a great intuitive counselor, or any kind of reader, is someone who appears confident and can move through a reading smoothly without frequent hesitation or overly pondering the cards.

Once you feel comfortable and thoroughly know a few layouts, ask friends if they are willing to have a reading. For the friends that are willing to get a reading, let them know you are practicing your new skills. Also, it’s great to get feedback Keep any feedback from your readings so you can put them on your website or Facebook page if you need testimonials. Be sure to get permission.

Yes. It’s absolutely safe! Developing the psychic senses and opening the Third Eye is not dangerous despite what some people may claim. Your psychic senses are already inherent within you. With this course, you’ll just be strengthening and gaining greater mastery over them. Additionally, going into deep meditation is actually beneficial. Meditation is nothing more than achieving a deep state of relaxation.

Yes! There’re an abundance of movie links on topics such as giving readings, setting up your Psychic Table, numerous layout spreads explained, how to use a pendulum for Yes/No answers, easy Yes/No answer spreads, how to determine timing, and much more!

Yes. As mentioned, this will be covered in the course and additionally, you’ll receive a How to Market Yourself eG