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 About Signing in with Your Facebook Account


This is something we are seeing on an increasing basis. If you do not know what this means or why websites are asking for it, here is a little rundown.


The premise is, if individuals sign into various websites using their Facebook account sign-in, there is no need to keep track of numerous new passwords. I have a huge Rolodex™ containing all my passwords as I refuse to put them in a file on the computer so I can understand the logic behind this. It’s true, if anything happened to my Rolodex, I’d be in big doo doo. But think for a moment. Is Facebook ruling the web? Here is the downside to using a Facebook account to log into various web sites accounts.


It’s true you can cut down the number of different passwords you are using for new log-in registrations. However, if your Facebook log-in password is weak, you are vulnerable. If you think this might be the case, go into your Facebook account and create a much stronger password making it less vulnerable to hackers.


Am I suggesting you do NOT use Facebook as a general log-in? No. This decision is up to you. As of this time, however, Imagine Spirit does not have a log-in required for our web site anyway. This will only change when we add our new on-line courses. Even so, at that time, we still will NOT be asking students to sign in with their Facebook account.
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