Free Attachment Cord Removal Course

cutting-cords-free-courseRemove Harmful Energy Cords the Easy Way

Welcome to our free attachment cord removal course. In this short course, you will learn how to identify and  remove harmful attachment cords for self-healing. (The terms cutting cords and or removing cords are used interchangeably.)

Individuals can form energetic connections aka cords with others. Some of these connections may be draining and harmful. Here are just a few reasons why removing toxic cords can help you to live a better and healthier life:

  • Get unstuck from toxic relationships.
  • Release destructive addictive behaviors.
  • Let go of recurring nightmares.
  • Achieve more rapid spiritual growth.
  • Audio recorded also.

What You Need to Know about the Attachment Cord Removal Course

This  attachment cords removal course varies from other online courses in that there are no quizzes to take or lessons that require a passing grade. 

More significantly, this is a course that we offer for free and you can quickly work through the steps for identifying and removing cords that are harmful and negatively impacting your life. 

To progress through the course, simply click the link at the bottom of each lesson page.

Please do not skip through the lessons. Each lesson provides vital information that you’ll need to understand before ultimately ridding yourself of harmful attachment cords.

What You’ll Learn in the Free Attachment Cord Removal Course

Lesson 1: Indicators for Needing Harmful Cords Removal

Lesson 2: Case Study of Harmful Cord Attachments and Resolution

Lesson 3: Eight Easy Steps to Remove Attachment Cords Yourself-Recorded for You

Introduction to the Attachment Cord Removal Course

Specifically, the term “energy cord attachment” suggests that people can form energetic link attachments with others, objects, or even places. 
These linked connections are referred to as “energy cords” or “etheric cords.” In a nutshell, these cords carry energy back and forth between people,  objects, and even places. This energy might be happy, loving, or painful and destructive.

The Difference Between an Energy Cord Attachment and a Spirit Attachment

  •  An energy cord is a form of energy that coalesces into a form that resembles a cord connecting two things to each other.
  • A spirit attachment, on the other hand, is a spirit that has remained earthbound after death and may seek a person to attach to and tries to live vicariously through that person. Although attached to the person’s energy field, a spirit attachment is not a cord of energy as described above.
Most notably, when a cord carries negative energy, it becomes toxic, and we feel it through emotions of anger, resentment, inability to forgive, and so forth. 
This energy, if left untreated, has the potential to be harmful. Individuals with many toxic attachment course may feel constantly drained, depressed, or suffer from recurring detrimental patterns

Energy Cord Attachments Connect with Our Aura

The idea of energy cord attachments is rooted in the belief that a subtle auric energy body surrounds individuals. Connected to various chakras within the aura, is where energy cords often attach. These energetic cords represent the connections between people at an energetic level, including physically and emotionally.
energy-cords that-bind

4 Common Myths about Removing Attachment Cords

There exist many opinions about attachment cords on the Internet and in books. I have to say that after researching these, I am alarmed at what some people claiming to be experts put out there. The following are common myths regarding attachment cords and cutting them.

1. You Can Cut Attachment Cords on Someone Else

Sometimes: While it’s true that you can cut your own harmful cords, you cannot attempt to cut someone else’s without their permission. But, if you are a certified energy healer with an energy practice, yes, you can cut someone else’s cords.

2. People Should Believe What Skeptics Claim about Energy Cord Cutting.

Please Don’t. Anytime they can, skeptics love to dismiss the idea of energy healing psychic abilities, and especially, the paranormal

3. Healthy Individuals Cannot Be Corded.

Untrue. Although individuals with a healthy mind, body, and spirit may not be as susceptible as others to acquiring damaging energy cords, it can happen to anyone. Crucially, it’s up to each individual to decide if they need cord-cutting, better known as cord removals.

4. Individual’s Attempting to Remove Energy Cords Don’t Know What They Are Doing!

Totally untrue. People can remove their own harmful cords. They just need the right instructions on how to do it. In Lesson three, you’ll learn the correct way to remove harmful cords. And, it’s recorded for you too!

Next, learn the important reasons why a person would want to remove harmful cords. 

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