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Mediumship Training

Mediumship Certification Training

Want to become an influencer in the world of Mediums? This Mediumship Certification course. will take you from A -Z for becoming authentically trained in the art of Mediumship. 

In this 9-hour Mediumship Certification course, you’ll learn in just 12 lessons how to develop into an excellent and sought-after Medium. 

Deliver messages from the beyond and help individuals overcome grief and loss. Moreover, with this Mediumship Certification course, you’ll have access to the live class recordings and bonus lesson recordings as you work through the training.

Ultimately, you’ll become certified as a Professional Medium.

Several order options available.

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Total Psychic & Clairvoyance Training

In-Depth Psychic Studies Certification Training

Are you looking for a Psychic Training course to expand your psychic skills? We have just the right training for you. 

In the Pathways to Clairvoyance 10-hour course, you’ll learn in 18 Lessons how to boost your third eye clairvoyance skills and do professional psychic readings at the same time.    

Be an expert at managing your psychic chakras and expanding your auric field to increase psychic powers. Discover the best psychic protection techniques and find out how your intuition signals you with vital information. 

Also, learn how to read the aura and what aura colors mean. Along with the bonus content, you’ll have access to the live class recordings as you work through the course. 

Ultimately, you’ll become certified as a Professional Psychic.

Several order options and bundled courses, including Specialty Bundles available.

Akashic Records Certification Course Handbook

Read the Akashic Records Easy Training

Learn the Best Way to Access the Akashic Records

Significantly, this 4-hour course will teach you the required skills for accessing the Akashic Records with confidence. 

Take the mystery out of the Akashic Records. Learn several methods for accessing the records and find out about your soul’s journey. 

Discover who you were with in prior lifetimes, and the many roles that you have played.  Find out where and how fears, phobias, and destructive traits originated.

Ultimately, after taking this course, your entire life to this point will finally make sense to you.

Want to help others? Become a certified Akashic Records Practitioner. As an additional benefit, you’ll be able to listen to the entire audio recording of this course.

Comes bundled with the Angels Practitioner and Spirit Guides certification bundles. Several order options available.


Advanced Angels Certification

Basic to Advanced How to Do Angel Card Readings

A 5-hour course featuring total training for becoming a Certified Angel Counselor. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to do amazing Angel readings with this basic to advanced-level course.

Includes layout demonstration videos and live class recordings.

Already an Angel Counselor Therapist? Add more skills to your expertise!

Comes bundled with the Akashic Records Practitioner and Spirit Guides certification bundles. Several order options available. Also check out the Spiritual Medium and Spiritual Psychic bundles as well.

Spirit Guides-A-Product

Spirit Guides Mastery Training

Become One with Your Spirit Guides

This 3-hour course provides you with expert knowledge about spirit guides, the many kinds of kinds one can have, and how to best connect with them. Includes live class recordings.

Just like the Angels, our Spirit Guides exist to help us throughout our lifetime.

You’ll also learn how to recognize the messages that your guides are sending to you at any given time.

Comes bundled with the Angel Practitioner and Akashic Records certification bundles. Also check out the Spiritual Medium and Spiritual Psychic Specialty bundles as well.



Professional Ghost Hunter Training

Basic to Advanced How to Ghost Hunt Like a PRO!

This 6-hour course will teach you how to investigate hauntings the right way and the required skills needed for hunting ghosts.  In this course you’ll learn how to start on a budget, form a team, interview witnesses, and how to use ghost hunting equipment. Also, you’ll learn how to protect yourself in an investigation. Additionally, we’ll also teach you how to analyze evidence with a free sound editor application. And, how to use a P-SB7 Spirit Box via videos, Includes live class recordings, case studies and videos. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become the hobbyist or professional ghost hunter you’ve always dreamed of! Comes bundled with the Spirit Attachments, Paranormal Medium, and Paranormal Psychic Specialty Certification options.

Spirit Attachments Release Training

Get Rid of Harmful Attachments

In this 5-hour course you’ll learn how to determine if you have an attachment or even more than one attached to you. 

Spirit Attachments are no joke and unfortunately many people suffer from them. And, more important, you’ll learn how to release them.

Want to help others release an attachment? Get certified and become a Spirit Attachments Practitioner! It’s easy when you listen to the live class recordings of the course.

Comes bundled with the How to Ghost Hunt Pro, Paranormal Medium, and Paranormal Psychic Specialty Certification options.

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Discount and Specialty Bundles

Discount Bundles & Specialty Certification

Imagine Spirit’s discount bundles provide a convenient way to study several courses simultaneously. Take advantage of incredible discounts ranging from 25 to 30% off courses. And, there’s no time limit for completing any set of bundled courses.

Get listed under a Specialty Title on the Graduate’s Page.

Just so you know, many bundles are downloadable only. However, a few have a printed options available. Regardless of any option that you order, you’ll have access to all your files forever!

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Start or Enhance Your Spiritual Business

The Spiritual Business Training Course

Coming Early 2022.
The How to Start Your Spiritual Business training.

This 8-hour course will teach you all the required skills needed for designing and marketing a WordPress website.

Not sure what kind of spiritual business you want to be in? We’ll help you determine that as well.

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