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Upon Course Completion

Number1When you’ve completed a course (or all courses in a bundle), just email us requesting your quiz for each course. We’ll then email the quiz (or quizzes) to you. Choose one of two easy formats. One format is a downloadable Word Document and the other you can fill in right in the email.

You must have purchased a course to request the quiz.

Request Your Quiz

Num 2After finishing the quiz (or quizzes) emailed to you, send back to us at the same email address. Allow approximately a week to 10 days for review and approval. If you’ve ordered a bundle, we suggest you complete all quizzes and then submit them together to save on individual certification fees. You will only be invoiced one fee for all quizzes.

Get Your Approval

Num 3Upon approval by Carol, we will then complete the process by alerting you of your approval success and then invoice you via PayPal for the applicable certification fee. You don’t need to have an account with PayPal to pay with a credit or debit card.  »See fees below.

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Certification implies study and mastery of certain subjects. Becoming certified in a particular field offers one credibility and helps promote peace of mind for the prospective client or student of a certified practitioner. All courses offer complete certification.

Imagine Spirit Psychic-Medium-Spiritual Course Certificate Example
Colors of certificates may vary.

Question: Is Imagine Spirit an Accredited Institution?

At this time we do not have an accreditation however, your certifications are just as valid. Read what accreditation means.


So, you’ve completed your course. Here’s the next step.

When you have completed a course and wish to become certified, just email Carol at and let her know which course has been completed and request the quiz for that particular course. It’s as simple as that!

Fees Are Minimal

*Only a $10 USD fee domestic ($15 USD International) addresses will be invoiced to you to have your certificate printed and mailed. You will then be listed on our Directory of Graduates and receive a digital certificate seal badge with your name on it that specifies the program you are certified in.

*This is optional and not mandatory.

What is Accreditation?

Because Metaphysical degrees are religious in nature, the U.S. Department of Education, under U.S. Federal Law, can neither praise, credit, discredit, nor accredit Metaphysical institutions.

The U.S. Department of Education does not accredit educational institutions or programs. The United States has no Federal Ministry of Education or other centralized authority exercising single national control over post secondary educational institutions in the country. In general, institutions of higher education are permitted to operate with considerable independence and autonomy. American educational institutions can vary widely in the character and quality of their programs. The reputation of a university truly depends on the content of curriculum material, reputation and the quality of its graduates.

Special Note: Accreditation is Only Optional for All Colleges and Universities

Imagine Spirit is not an accredited school at this time. We do, however, offer valid certification for programs and short courses.

Then What is Certification and How Will it Benefit Me?

Certification implies study and mastery of certain subjects. Becoming certified in a particular field offers one credibility and helps to promote peace of mind for the prospective client or student of a certified practitioner. It is not, however, considered a college degree.

Transfer of Credits or Degrees

No credits, including Bachelors or Masters degrees from other colleges, count toward Imagine Spirits certification requirements.

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