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Paranormal eBooks that Will Have You On The Edge of Your Seat!

Here you’ll find books on spiritual writing and paranormal topics. Learn how to write a spiritual book which is perfect for first time writers. Also enjoy ebooks on how to remove negative spirits from your home and  what shadow people are along with ebooks on ghosts, hauntings, and urban legends.

How-to-Write-a-Spiritual-Book-6-Easy-Steps-Thumbnail How to Write a Spiritual Book:
The Easy 6-Step Process

Have you thought about writing a book on your spiritual experiences but find the idea daunting? For first time writers, authoring a spiritual book has never been easier! And with the right strategies, your book can go viral. Don’t worry about the length of your book or having to make a costly investment in getting it published. There are numerous ways that make it easy to market your book without breaking the bank.

Not sure what to write about as a first time writer? Whether you want to write a spiritual book about faith, a memoir about your life experiences, or any other kind of book – the possibilities are endless!

More importantly, all it takes is a little thought and letting go of your fears about writing. And don’t worry about getting it out there. The last step in the book will show you how so that you can start reaping significant revenue right away. The eBook book comes in PDF format plus an interactive workbook and 8 bonus handouts for easy reference.


How to Banish Evil Spirits in 5 Simple Steps

Remove Them for Good!
$4.99 USD

  • In this ebook, you’ll learn how to stop a ghost from haunting your location without having to be an expert.
  • Find out how to identify what kind of ghost is infesting your space so that you are fully equipped to get rid of it confidently.
  • Also,  learn how to get rid of negative spirits so you won’t have to move due to paranormal activity.
  • And finally, discover how to keep ghosts out permanently!

Shadow People: The Ultimate Guide

Learn Everything You Need to Know about the Terrifying Phenomenon of Shadow People
$4.99 USD 

  • What shadow people are.
  • Are shadow people dangerous?.
  • Different types of shadow people.
  • Finally, how to get rid of shadow people for good.4.


Ghosts, Hauntings and Other Things Supernatural

In this fascinating ebook, find out everything you want to know about ghosts and hauntings.

$4.99 USD

Are you fascinated by ghosts, hauntings and things supernatural? Then you’ve come to the right place.

From exploring centuries-urban legends to examples of modern instances of ghostly activity. This ebook will be your one-stop shop for all things relating to ghosts, hauntings and just about anything else unexplained.

  • What poltergeists are and how to deal with them.
  • Why urban legends captivate people from around the globe.
  • Mysterious ghost lights that happen every night and no one can explain them.
  • The danger of haunted objects and relics.
  • The mystery of black-eyed children.
  • Examples of the most frightening hauntings.
  • And more!

1-true-stories-haunted-ships thumb

True Stories Haunted Ships and Unexplained Disappearances

Journey into the Paranormal Realm with Chilling True Stories of Haunted Ships and Mysterious Disappearances

$4.99 USD 

Read tales of jinxed ships, skeletons at sea, floating coffins, ghost ships, love boats gone wrong, phantom faces following a ship, and much more. Over a dozen spooky stories.

  • Ghosts of the USS Forrestal
  • The Jinxed Giant-Great Eastern
  • The Charles Haskell
  • SS Ourang Medan-Mystery Deaths
  • Haunted Submarines
  • Skeletons at Sea
  • Floating Coffins
  • Ghosts of the USS Constellation
  • SS Eastland’s Tragic Ghosts
  • The Lady Lovibond Phantom Ship
  • The Carroll A. Deering
  • Paddle Wheel Boats Sail Into Oblivion
  • Mysterious Ship Frozen in Time
  • The Mystery of the Ghost Ship Mary Celeste Revisited


Haunted Trains and Bridges

True Stories of Haunted Trains and Bridges. Stories that will keep you awake at night.

$4.99 USD

Discover phantom trains that travel the rails, and ancient and modern bridges that host frightening specters. Includes a dozen spooky stories.  In it you’ll read about:

  • Abraham Lincoln’s Ghost Train
  • The Ghoul Train of Marshall Pass
  • The Phantom Train in the Desert
  • The Mysterious Ghost Train of Kent
  • The Chapel Hill Ghost Light
  • London’s Haunted Underground
  • Bostian’s Bridge Ghosts
  • Florida’s I-4 Dead-Zone Overpass
  • Pasadena California Suicide Bridge
  • The Witch’s Bridge
  • Star-Crossed Lovers of Hawk Creek Bridge
  • The Screaming Bridge of Maud Hughes Road
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