Spirit Attachments are a real phenomena that traditional counselors and therapists are starting to recognize as being real. These energy vampires impact people’s lives in various ways. They are subtle and hard to detect. 

I suffered a spirit attachment after one of my close relatives passed away. It seems that their spirit attached to me. I knew this had occurred because of new alarming behaviors that were not part of my usual self. Therefore, after asking the spirit to release with no luck, I reluctantly did some command removals, sad that it had come to that. They worked, and I was free from the attachment.

The Essential Keys for Ridding Yourself of Spirit Attachments

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The Spirit Attachments Removal Course is excellent for finding out if you have any spirits attached. It provides the powerful steps to remove them!

Spirit attachments are souls which have elected not to cross over to the light. Some call these entities earthbound spirits. These souls will look for someone to attach to and vicariously experience life through them. This is not good news for the victim.

Having a spirit attachment or being under psychic attack is no joke. Both humans and animals can acquire Spirit Attachments.


Spirit Attachment Man


In just three fully-packed Lesson Modules, you’ll have brilliantly mastered how to find out if you have a spirit attachment. Moreover, you may find that you have more than one attachment. Rid yourself of troublesome spirits forever. Add to your business skills or even create your own business!

The Spirit attachments removal course program created specifically to rid individuals of troublesome spirits which may have attached. Attachments are subtle and hidden. Moreover, they often cause harm in the long run. 

Finally, finding out if you have a spirit or even more than one spirit attached isn’t easy. This is why Imagine Spirit offers this excellent training. Just see what our graduates have to say about this course!


The answer is simple. We’ve included significantly exclusive content that similar courses don’t provide. You’ll learn how to to perform powerful releasement sessions for others! Eventually, you’ll become a certified practitioner that stands above the rest.

In short, this Spirit Attachments removal course is the  most effective and successful spiritual attachments removal training available with instant results!

This course benefits anyone. Additionally, you’ll learn the skills and knowledge required to become Certified in Spirit Attachments Removal!


By taking the Spirit Attachments Removal course, you’ll learn exactly what spirit attachments are and how to pinpoint and identify any attachments you might have. Importantly, you’ll acquire the knowledge on how to safely and effectively remove any kind of attachment from your life.

More importantly, if you wonder if the attachment is highly negative, we provide the tools and powerful commands that will remove it.

If you are a hypnotherapist, you’ll be able to help others to detect and remove any attachments they might have.

Order this course to detect and release any troublesome spirits or negative energies! You can do the same for your pets with our effective spirit attachment removal commands.

Note: You’ll need a Pendulum for this course. You’ll learn how to make one.

No Extra Charges for Materials

  • No extra charges for handbook, recorded exercises, or live class recordings.
  • No matter where you are in the world, you can easily obtain your course files and have them forever.
  • Plus, there’s no time limit for completing a course.
  • Feeling chronically tired and depleted of energy
  • Suffering mood swings and/or impulsive behavior
  • Unexplained bursts of anger, sadness, or emotion
  • Hearing inner voices telling you things or making negative comments
  • A feeling that ‘this isn’t me’
  • Problems with addictions of all kinds
  • Poor memory, inability to focus, or confusion
  • A sudden onset of anxiety or depression or panic attacks
  • All of a sudden, pets are wary of you or shy away — sometimes growling
  • A sudden onset of physical problems or pain with no obvious cause –especially around the upper back and neck
  • Unexplained fears and phobias
  • Disturbing nightmares or strange faces in dreams
  • Feelings of being watched or unexplained sensations such as a distortion of space and time
  • Feelings of uneasiness, cold areas in your home or a sense of another presence when nobody else is around

*Note: These symptoms could represent something else going on other than an attachment. Please check with your doctor if symptoms persist.

  • Counselors or Energy Practitioners
  • Any kind of psychic practitioner
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Part of a paranormal team
  • Those suspecting psychic attacks
  • If you’ve had a near-death experience
  • Those highly sensitive
  • Those who’ve experienced any kind of addiction
  • Prison Guards or Inmates
  • Long-term stressful living conditions
  • Individuals with long-term illnesses
  • Targets of envy or hate mentalities
  • Individuals in grief or experience chronic depression
  • Social media addiction
  • Stressful jobs in the Justice System
  • Working in hospitals or asylums
  • Dabbling in the dark arts
  •  Under the influence of drugs
  • Using an Ouija Board without proper protection
*The above doesn’t mean a spirit attachment will happen.

What you’ll receive with the Spirit Attachments Training:

Key Aspects of the Spirit Attachments Training:


Important Questions Answered

Yes! You’ll learn about earthbound spirits and how they may have attached to you at some time in your life.

Emphatically no. Anyone can acquire an attachment. You may be surprised at the number of well-known people who struggle with a spirit attachment.

Possibly. However, it’s mostly  those trained in energy healing or have natural clairvoyant abilities who may see a spirit attachment near someone.

This is good news. However, as a qualified spirit attachments practitioner, you can assist others in detecting and releasing any attachments. Also, you may want to check with your doctor if you are experiencing any negative symptoms.

Sadly yes. You’ll find out more about this possibility in the course.

This happens in rare cases. Spirit attachments are notoriously stubborn. It may take more than one try, but eventually, the attachment will release.

Yes. You’ll receive a How to Market Yourself eGuide.

Absolutely! Additionally, others may remark on how much better you look, and how more robust you seem.

On rare occasions, attachments may try to reattach, or new attachments may show up. However, you now have the tools to be on the alert if this occurs and can deal with them quickly.


Course Syllabus In Lesson Modules

Graduates Rave about the Spirit Attachments Certification Training

 $127 USD

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$399 USD

Installment Payment Options

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