Some friends and I wanted to start an all-girl ghost hunting team. This course provided everything I needed to do this and more. Thanks all!

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The Ghost Hunter PRO certification is amazing training that’s highly popular with novices and seasoned investigators alike.

Paranormal seekers are now hunting for evidence of ghosts like never before. If you’re keen on Ghost Hunting as a hobby or wish to begin a professional group, this course includes everything you need to start. Everything that is, except the valuable experience of getting out there and documenting earthbound spirits. We’ll show you how. Read on!

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How to Hunt Ghosts Handbook

What You’ll Get in the Ghost Hunter PRO Course

  • 195 pages of in-depth ghost hunting training.

  • Recordings of live phone classes.

  • Case studies presented of famous hauntings.

  • Assess your investigation skills with test investigation scenarios.

  • Instructional movies on how to use ghost hunting equipment.

  • Easy download instructions.



Certificate Ghost Hunting

What does Certification do?
It instills trust and provides credibility!

Highlights of the Ghost Hunter PRO Course:

By taking the professional ghost hunting course, you will become fully prepared for hunting ghosts and dealing with any kind of phenomena encountered. All teachings provide you with the knowledge and expertise for you to become a first-rate ghost hunter or team leader.

What You’ll Learn:

Pointers for ghost hunting that many don’t know about. Read below and find out about bonuses included in this course.

  • Categories of ghosts.

  • The different kinds of hauntings.

  • Best places to hunt for ghosts.

  • How to start with items you already own.

  • What’s the best equipment to use.

  • Movies on how to operate equipment.

  • Hauntings versus poltergeist activity.

  • The three categories of EVPs (ghost voice clips).

  • Learn an audio editing program to locate EVPs.

  • How to assemble a ghost hunting team.

  • Tips for Team Leaders.

  • The best ways to deal with or avoid a Demon.

  • Capture ghosts or shadow people on digital cameras.

  • Secrets to uncovering hoaxes.

  • Best ways to interview witnesses.

  • Movies on how to use a Spirit Box.

  • What Ghost Lights are.

  • Discerning real ghost orbs from dust, etc.


Ghost Hunting has become a global craze for paranormal enthusiasts for the last fifteen years or so. People watching various ghost shows have trekked to alleged haunted locations to see if they too can capture evidence of ghosts. Unfortunately, many are ill-equipped emotionally and technically. Some have even spent hundreds of dollars on equipment without any idea of how to properly use these tools effectively resulting in frustration and perhaps quitting the endeavor all together.

In this course, we will cover many kinds of equipment which are most commonly used for hunting ghosts and how to get started on a budget. There is no reason to go out and a huge amount of money on equipment until you decide whether ghost hunting is right for you. There will be movies to watch to aid you in learning how to use equipment for the best results and, how to carefully analyze evidence.

Amateur or Professional

You will be learning almost all facets of proper ghost hunting by incorporating certain protocols and one of the most important facets of ghost hunting, how to interview clients. By the end of the course, you will be able to conduct a full-fledged ghost investigation with confidence. This does not always mean you will actually capture ghost evidence each and every time in an investigation. More often, evidence is scarce and nothing turns up at all. You will need to be prepared for this eventuality.

Although I will be discussing what science thinks and skepticism on the subject of ghosts and hauntings, this course assumes that these phenomena does indeed exist without argument for or against this assumption. If you had any reservations about the existence of ghosts, you would not be taking this program.

Ghost Hunting Is an Art

I truly believe this. However, it must not be treated as a silly game because this is where people can get into trouble and run into situations far beyond what they ever expected or can handle. There are countless stories of people that have gone ghost hunting, perhaps on a lark, and upon encountering something paranormal, they wish they had never gone in the first place. Some have even claimed that wayward spirits followed them home. It is apparent that these individuals never took the time or gave thought to protecting themselves from curious or even angry spirits and paid the price dearly by having a spirit attach to them.

Part of successful ghost hunting involves a stable but open mind and, as mentioned, how to use equipment correctly for capturing and analyzing evidence. Photos and film can often render an image that is mistaken as ghost activity when there is actually a logical explanation for what individuals think they’ve caught as real piece of evidence.

Each lesson has an abundance of valuable and important information so please read each lesson carefully. View all the YouTube movies presented. In class we will be discussing these movies.

At the end of each written lesson, you will read an imaginary case scenario of a haunting, walk through in investigation in your mind, and answer vital questions I’ve set forth at the end of the exercise.

Lastly, each week you will be introduced to a very haunted place. You will learn about why the locale may be haunted and the different ghostly activities reported there.


Do I believe in ghosts? No. But I’m afraid of them.

~Marie Anne De Vichy, Marquise duDeffand

Spirits are everywhere. Some spirits are the specters of deceased humans and some can be defined as non-human. When people think of spirits, or ghosts, they generally think of human type figures. However, there is much more to the spirit world than the typical human classification of entities. There are spirits of animals and nature spirits to throw into the mix. And, just like our real world, spirits can be both pleasant spirits and some malicious, angry, or troublesome.

Ghosts have been called by other names such as spirit, specter, shade, wraith, poltergeist, phantom, presence, apparition, spook, jinn, or even boogeyman. Most human-type spirits you or your team will run across are non-threatening, simply lost or confused, or even indifferent to you. You may even discover that some spirits, and the phenomena associated with them, have no awareness whatsoever. They are part of what we term, a residual haunting and are actually just a picture replaying from the past. Other spirits may only appear for a reason and we call these, purposeful spirits. Still others only desire to frighten people and attempt to cause harm.

Are All Ghosts Demonic?

It’s sad to watch many ghost hunting shows that are purely focused on presenting ghosts as always being evil and even demonic. These shows are created for shock and awe and are for entertainment purposes only. The average person watching these episodes may get the idea that all ghosts are demon-like and are the only kinds of hauntings that exist.

Some shows like to assert that child ghosts are usually demons in disguise. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There is not much we can do about these shows as they are on several channels and show re-runs all the time. We can only do our part by informing people that most hauntings are harmless and, in some cases, are not even an actual haunting at all but replays of residual energy.


Be Open to Hunches while Investigating


Sometimes the best EMF detector is us. As you have learned, we all emit our own EM (electro-magnetic) field of some kind. This field registers energy waves through our 3rd Chakra all the time. The 3rd Chakra rules our clairsentience, or “clear feeling”.

It is okay to open yourself to the idea of spirits and expand your aura with the purpose of intuiting spirit activity.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having hunches. It only becomes a problem when, in your mind, a hunch becomes a fact without the necessary supporting evidence. Hunches and intuition, especially as you gain more experience, can often play an integral role in “solving” a case.

ghosting-ajo hospitalHere’s an example of a hunch:

While investigating the Ajo Hospital in Ajo, Arizona, with two other people on my particular team (there was no electricity on in that wing), I had a strong intuitive hunch. While going past one room on the ground floor, I thought I felt a spirit presence inside and suggested to the others that we go in and take a look around. Once inside, the K-2 meter started going off backing up my hunch. Here is an audio of the incident.

(Listen for, “It went to red” – meaning the K-2 Meter was really lighting up! Remember, there’s no electricity in that area. This very well might have indicated some spirit presence in the room!)

›Listen to Clip Put on headphones to listen.

In this section, we will cover the basics of an on-site investigation, the signs to look out for; the equipment you will be using, as well as some commonly practiced procedures for running a first-rate, professional investigation.

Three possible investigation scenarios:

  1. You are investigating an alleged abandoned haunted site that you have obtained permission to investigate. You may have signed some sort of waver to protect owners against liability for accidents that may happen.
  2. You have found a place to investigate that requires no written permission and seems to be open to anyone.
  3. You are investigating someone’s home or business due to their claims of paranormal activity.


It is important to remain objective at all times regardless of what the inhabitants or others have claimed about a haunted location. You may have been directed to certain areas in the location that seem to be a hot spot for activity. You may have even been provided with a name of someone that haunts the location. But, until you investigate for yourself, and although these bits of information may be helpful for directing you to certain hot spots within the locale, you will need to approach the investigation with a blank slate. Taking others’ word for activity in the past does not make it valid.

Your purpose is to either back up the claims with gathered evidence or you might find a lack of evidence to substantiate the claims. Perhaps you missed something. Perhaps the spirit went into hiding. Regardless, you can only gently inform clients you and/or your team found no paranormal activity in the investigation.

However, if a haunting has been claimed, there is likely to be at least one piece of evidence, such as an EVP, personal experience, or something else that made the investigation worthwhile…


Investigating Ajo Hospital, AZ. You can start your ghost hunting for very little money!


I’ve been hunting and searching for evidence on ghost and the paranormal for years. However this class gave me a wealth of resources, practical organization, and applications to implement in my work. I love how detailed the class is and how it offers accessible hands on experience. Furthermore, the fact that videos, handout, worksheets, and audio is available really makes this class unique and easy to follow. I especially love that the learning does not end with the course. Additionally, Imagine Spirit recommended so many wonderful books and topics to keep the journey going.I loved the videos, questions throughout the text, examples, and links. Also, I love the fact that further reading is suggested. Absolutely Brilliant. Many thanks!

Fred Garza, Curious Twins Paranormal Team and Tour Group, San Antonio

I took the How to Ghost Hunt program and learned alot. It gave me a starting point and provided everything I needed to know to get started hunting spirits. So much information and great insights. I loved the case studies and working with others in the class. So happy with this course!!!

Linda Millious

This was the first phone course I had ever taken. I’ve always been interested in hunting for spirits, so I thought I’d take a chance with it. Within two weeks I was hunting spirits and got evidence at an old abandoned house outside my town. Carol showed me everything I needed to know. And, I started with just my cell phone. We even covered Spirit Lights as I live near the Marfa Lights. The class was fun, and I enjoyed the learning and case studies. Amazing stuff!

Juan Tamez, New Mexico

What Makes the Ghost Hunter PRO Course Credible?

Carol’s Ghost Hunting Credentials

Carol’s been conducting paranormal research for over two decades. Additionally, she’s investigated with well-known names in the field of paranormal investigation. And, she’s held numerous in-person ghost hunting classes, facilitated ghost hunting field trips, and investigated many top haunted sites.
Finally, Carol holds a Doctorate degree in the Paranormal Sciences.

Carol Pioneer

I’ve investigated ghosts with numerous well-known individuals in the the paranormal investigations field. I’ve also investigated may haunted locations on my own. I first began my formal paranormal training with Loyd Auerbach in Northern California in the late 1990’s. Together we investigated the USS Hornet, the Winchester Mystery House, and private homes.

Carol Nicholson and Psychic-Medium, Chip Coffey

Questions Answered:

Only if you don’t follow a few simple rules. We’ll teach you how to be fully prepared for an investigation in the course.

Again, a few simple precautions will keep anything like this from happening. Of course, you’re searching for spirits and therefore any kind of spirit may try and connect with you. We teach you the fail-safe precautions to prevent this.

Very Important Question!

Spirits trying to hitch a ride home with you are rare despite what you might see on television ghost shows. Once again, we provide the essential techniques to keep this from happening.

Unfortunately, no. Capturing evidence of spirit activity in any haunted or suspected haunted location is not guaranteed. The most common forms of spirit evidence will come in the form of audio, either through a digital recorder or a Spirit or Ghost Box. You never know. You may get the next famous image of a ghost in your investigations!

Yes. That’s one of the main focuses of the course. You can ghost hunt on your own, with safely guidelines that you’ll read about, to understanding the ins and outs of organizing a professional team.

Absolutely NOT! We’ll teach you everything about using equipment and how to start ghost hunting on a budget. Also, I’ve included several training movies for this.

Yes. Debunking claimed phenomena is not that difficult. We’ll teach you how to do this in the course and how to keep an objective mindset.

Yes. Movies on famous hauntings are featured along with interactive case studies that are fun!


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