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How to Ghost Hunt is an incredible and fascinating course that is very popular with novices and seasoned investigators alike.

Hunting for ghosts has literally exploded into a worldwide phenomenon in the last decade. Individuals and groups are now hunting for evidence of ghosts and the paranormal like never before.

Be aware that it’s not just enough to watch television ghost hunting shows to learn ghost hunting. There are numerous protocols, technical aspects, and tips on equipment that you should know about. Before launching into your own ghost hunting adventures realize that ghost hunting has its pitfalls. However, everything you need to successfully hunt ghosts is in this comprehensive ghost hunting certification training. Additionally, several case studies and mock ghost hunting scenarios to assess are presented in the course.

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Goals of the How to Ghost Hunt Professional Course


What You’ll Receive in the How to Ghost Hunt Course:

  • 195 Page Course eBook with 6 Lessons

  • Real Live Class Recordings to Follow Along With

  • Case Studies of Famous Hauntings

  • Determine How You Might Do an Investigation from Test Scenarios Presented

  • Extensive Step-by-Step Training in Each Lesson

  • Easy to Watch Instructional Movies


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Highlights of the How to Ghost Hunt Professional Course:

♦  Learn the eight categories of ghosts.
♦  You can start with items you already own.
♦  The different kinds of hauntings.
♦  Hauntings versus poltergeist activity.
♦  Interactive haunting scenarios in each lesson.
♦  The three categories of EVPs.
♦  How to use an audio editing program to locate EVPs.
♦  Best ways to deal with or avoid a Demon.
♦  Tips for capturing ghosts or shadow people on digital cameras.

♦  Secrets to uncovering hoaxes.
♦  How to assemble a ghost hunting team.
♦  Tips for Team Leaders.
♦  Best ways to interview witnesses.
♦  Training movies on how to use a Spirit Box.
♦  What Ghost Lights are.
♦  Differentiate ghost orbs from dust, camera glitches, and environment factors.

Get How to Ghost Hunt Certification

Certificate Ghost Hunting

What Makes the How to Ghost Hunt Course Credible?

• Carol has been conducting paranormal research projects for over two decades.
• She’s done professional ghost hunting investigations with well-known names in the field of paranormal investigation.
• Carol’s held numerous professional ghost hunting classes and led ghost hunting field trips.
• Additionally, Carol holds a Doctorate in the Paranormal Sciences.

I’ve investigated with several well-known individuals in the the paranormal investigations field and also numerous haunted locations on my own. I first began my formal paranormal training with Loyd Auerbach in Northern California in the late 1990’s. Together we investigated the USS Hornet, the Winchester Mystery House, and private homes.

Carol and Psychic-Medium, Chip Coffey

What Graduates Say about the How to Ghost Hunt Professional Course

I’ve been hunting and searching for evidence on ghost and the paranormal for years. However this class gave me a wealth of resources, practical organization, and applications to implement in my work. I love how detailed the class is and how it offers accessible hands on experience. The fact that videos, handout, worksheets, and audio is available really makes this class unique and easy to follow. I especially love that the learning does not end with the course. Imagine Spirit recommended so many wonderful books and topics to keep the journey going.I loved the videos, questions throughout the text, examples, and links. Also love the fact that further reading is suggested. Absolutely Brilliant. Many thanks!
~Fred Garza
Curious Twins Paranormal Team and Tour Group, San Antonio


Important Questions Answered for the How to Ghost Hunt Program

Is hunting ghosts dangerous?

Only if you don’t follow a few simple rules. We’ll teach you how to be fully prepared for an investigation in the course.

Can I attract negative spirits to me?

Again, a few simple precautions will keep anything like this from happening. Of course, you’re searching for spirits and therefore any kind of spirit may try and connect with you. We teach you the fail-safe precautions to prevent this.

Can bad spirits follow me home?

Spirits trying to hitch a ride home with you are rare despite what you might see on television ghost shows. Once again, we provide the essential techniques to keep this from happening.

Will I always get evidence of ghosts?

Unfortunately, no. Capturing evidence of spirit activity in any haunted or suspected haunted location is not guaranteed. The most common forms of spirit evidence will come in the form of audio, either through a digital recorder or a Spirit or Ghost Box. You never know. You may get the next famous image of a ghost in your investigations!

Is ghost equipment hard to learn?

Absolutely NOT! We’ll teach you everything about using equipment and how to start ghost hunting on a budget. Also, I’ve included several training movies for this.

Do you teach how to debunk evidence?

Yes. Debunking claimed phenomena is not that difficult. We’ll teach you how to do this in the course and how to keep an objective mindset.

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