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Learn How to Hunt Ghosts Like a Pro 

4-Hour Course

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For Anyone Wanting to Capture Real Evidence of Ghosts

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Around the Globe People are Investigating Haunted Places

Seekers of paranormal evidence are now hunting for evidence of ghosts like never before. If you are keen on Ghost Hunting as a hobby or wish to begin a professional group, this course includes the extensive training you’ll need to do it right. Everything that is, except the valuable experience of getting out there and documenting spirit phenomenon. We’ll show you how! Ghost Hunting has become a worldwide phenomenon. From the U.S. to Britain, Norway, Malaysia, and other parts of the globe, ghost- hunting individuals and groups abound. So, it’s not surprising that investigating haunted locations and capturing evidence of ghosts has become an integral part of people’s lives.

What Makes Our Ghost Hunter Course Different?

The answer to this is simple. We’ve included significantly exclusive content that similar courses don’t provide. You’ll learn the truth about ghost hunting and the particular ins and outs of conducting an investigation. It’s a step-by-step guide for investigations of haunted locations, including case studies and how to use equipment, especially if you’re on a budget.  In short, this Ghost Hunter Training course is one of the most effective and comprehensive ghost hunting training courses available!

What You’ll Receive with the Ghost Hunter PRO Training:

  • 195 pages of in-depth ghost hunting training.
  • Recordings of a live phone class of the entire course.
  • Videos to Assess your investigation skills with ghost investigation scenarios.
  • Case studies for investigating hauntings.
  • Famous hauntings examined.
    Learn to use an audio editing program for detecting EVP ghost responses.
  • Get listed on our Graduates Directory.
  • Help from Carol via email request.

Key Aspects of the Ghost Hunter PRO Training:

  • The main difference between a Paranormal Investigator and Ghost Hunter.
  • The key to starting with very little equipment.
  • Investigate a haunted place with us.
  • The different kinds of hauntings and categories of ghosts.
  • When you should remove team members from a location.
  • Should you charge clients for your services?

Years of Experience Ghost Hunting

Carol holds a Doctorate in Paranormal Sciences. She’s long been ghost hunting before ghost hunting shows became popular. To add to this, she’s held numerous in-person paranormal investigating classes.

Additionally, Carol’s investigated with well-known names in the field of paranormal investigation include Loyd Auerbach, Patty Cook, and more. And, she’s held numerous in-person ghost hunting classes, facilitated ghost hunting field trips, and investigated many top haunted sites, including the U.S.S. Hornet Carrier in Alameda, and the Queen Mary I, both in California. has


Common Questions Answered

Is it dangerous to go ghost hunting?
Unlike what some TV shows portray, ghost hunting is not dangerous. Having said this, it’s true that people need to follow vital protocols that ensures safety. If a feeling that something harmful may occur, it’s time to leave. Even more important, it’s better to go in teams rather than as a solitary ghost hunter.

Do people have to spend tons of money on ghost-hunting equipment?
No. You can start with a good cell phone that takes video, high-resolution images, and an audio recorder. Also, there are numerous excellent ghost hunting apps available to add to your toolbox. However, I recommend that you read the reviews before purchasing or installing any Ghost Hunting app.

Will I always get evidence of ghosts?
Unfortunately, no. Be ready for this. Ghosts can be elusive and don’t always cooperate and show up in investigations. More significantly, people may not know that they’ve captured evidence of ghostly activity until they get home and review their files.

Is the most successful ghost hunting only done at night?
Many people think so, but this myth isn’t true. Ghosts, apparitions, and other forms of paranormal phenomena can show up at any time. With the right equipment, including cell phones, you can capture excellent evidence day or night. Be ready with a camera or digital recorder at all times.

How do I examine audio recordings for evidence?
We have videos on how to use an excellent free audio editing program. No worries!



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