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The Akashic Records Certification course takes the mystery out of reading the Akashic Records. It’s the perfect vehicle for someone desiring to be an expert Akashic Records reader. In fact, the Akashic Records training ranks number three in our most popular products to download.

Some mistakenly believe reading the Akashic Records is only achievable for a select few. Would it surprise you to know that accessing the Akashic Records doesn’t have to be out of reach for the average person? More importantly, you don’t have to perform complicated rituals to access the Akashic Records. What you need to know is that anyone with a heartfelt desire and committed dedication can learn to access and read the Akashic Records on demand. 

Even more significantly, this Akashic Records course is easy to follow and provides interactive resources such as beautifully recorded exercises that solidify and sharpen your skills.

Reading My Akashic Records Led to Surprising Revelations

Reading the Akashic Records for me was a phenomenal experience right from the beginning. I discovered many past lifetimes that were a complete surprise to me. In one, I was a knight in the Crusades. The experience was so real; I felt the heat and could almost smell the blood in battle. However, I did not see myself die in that life.

In another lifetime, I was a poor beggar living on the banks of the Ganges. In that particular lifetime, I was bitten by a snake and quickly died. Thus, encountering any snake in this life throws me into a complete panic. The most significant lifetime I reviewed was when I saw myself drown when the wooden vessel I was on sank in a storm. In this instance, I was trapped below deck and unable to escape. I now know it’s why I refuse to go out on the ocean. I’ve dealt with this my entire life and never knew why. 

What Makes Our Akashic Records Certification Course Different?

If you are wondering what makes the Akashic Records Certification Training different from similar courses, significantly, this course contains exclusive content that similar classes don’t provide. And what’s more, you can learn how to easily access your soul records for personal growth, soul-knowledge, and directional guidance. Bottom line, you’ll be able to tap into a valuable source for revealing a client’s soul history for their spiritual growth and direction in life.

Included FREE! Get the complete audio of the entire Akashic Records Certification training course.

This exceptional Akashic Records Certification Training takes you through the essential steps for accessing the Akashic Records with ease and confidence. Learn the skills and knowledge required to become a Certified Reader for the Akashic Records in just four easy lessons.

Retrieve your soul records, clear karmic debts, and transform your life experience into the loving energy that is accessible to you at any time. You can’t help but perfectly vibe with the records for almost instant access. Ultimately, you’ll confidently read the Akashic Records for yourself and others!


What You’ll Receive: Akashic Records Certification Training:

  • 129 pages full of incredible training.
  • Audio of the Entire Course!
  • Beautifully recorded exercises.
  • Get Listed on Our Graduates Directory.
  •  No submit self-quizzes.
  • Access to complimentary Live Class Recordings. (Bonus)
  • Free Help from Carol via email request.

More Things You’ll Learn with the Akashic Records Certification Training:

  • Why the Akashic Records are accessible by almost anyone.
  • Learn how to retrieve your soul records.
  • Easy techniques to access the Akashic Records and read your book of life.
  • Meeting your Akashic Records Book of Life Helper Guide.
  • How to Read Others’ Akashic Records
  • How to clear karmic debts in your book of life.
  • Discover your’s or other’s  hidden talents.
  • What people you’ve been with before.
  • Find out your best career options.
  • How to let go of harmful repeating patterns.
  • And much more!
I loved it! This course is illuminating, easy, and incredibly helpful. The depth of information I learned in the Akashic Records was surprising and astonishing.
Carrie Valle

Important Questions Answered


Can I really see my own Akashic Records with the Akashic Records Certification?

 The answer is a resounding YES! Almost anyone can access their own Akashic Records. Furthermore, all it takes is focus and a heartfelt desire to view your records.

Do I need a special energy adjustment to view my soul records?

Although some teachers of the Akashic Records claim a special attunement must take place before entering the presence of the records, it’s not necessary.  Equally important is having an appreciation for the sanctity of the records.

Is it possible to access other peoples’ soul records?

Again, only with their permission. High-level caretakers of the Akashic Records continually monitor access. Because of this, you will learn how to do case-by-case access protocols in the course.

Can I see my true love in the Akashic Records?

Most Popular Question:

Realize that you have had many karmic partners throughout your soul’s history. Chances are that a karmic partner is incarnated at this time. If you are already in a relationship, there’s no need to dump it to find your karmic partner. Seriously consider if your current partner is your best compliment. Please don’t act hastily. However, it’s essential to know that the records won’t “punish you” for making a relationship change.

Will the Akashic Records provide my best career choice?

You’ve had many diverse occupations in your soul’s journey. This is a primary reason that individuals want to access their Akashic Records. After accessing the Akashic Records, the chances are that you will find your perfect career fit revealed in your book of life.

What if I can’t access my Akashic Records?

You are not alone with concerns about this. Many first-time students are fearful of not being able to enter into the records. Other individuals are afraid they won’t see their soul records information. Consequently, our Akashic Records training program is designed specifically to help you enter the presence of the records. Reading your book of life will be one of the most exciting things you can do in this lifetime.

Do you teach how to get started in a business?

Yes. The course comes a Marketing eGuide. Better yet, in January of 2024, we’ll be offering a course on How to Build, Grow, and Market a Spiritual Online Business. Sign up for our newsletter for notification of availability.

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