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Can’t Afford Pricey Programs? Here’s Your Solution!

The Best Angels Training for Greater Knowledge and Reader Expertise

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The Novice to Advanced Angel Practitioner Training is a fantastic training venue for those wanting to become a certified Angel Practitioner. It’s the best alternative to expensive Angel courses and the easy practical training is second to none.

Also, if you just want to learn advanced knowledge about Angels, this program is perfect for you.

Effectively, you’ll forge a powerful connection with the angelic realms for clearer communication. Moreover, you’ll learn so much from the fantastic resources and instructive videos. Finally, you’ll master doing in-depth angel readings with numerous layouts and step-by-step instructions.

Cost: $85 – $95

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Notably, if you’re already a trained Angel Practitioner, this course will significantly hone your  skills. Furthermore, the Angels program provides valuable insights for working directly with the Angelic Realm. Above all, you’ll feel more confident about channeling authentic messages from Angels to your clients. And, through your own intuitive insights!

Angel Spread 10 Cards Outline

This course is not just intense and advanced, but far more uplifting than I could’ve ever imagined! Spot-on for what I was looking for. A million thanks for this angelic and marvelous material, meditations and all.

What a great class. Love your recordings. I have learned so much about angels in this class; never did I know all or even a little about the angels. I talk to them all the time now and have read three of the suggested books you mention.
~Linda Millious


  • 140 pages full of fantastic training.
  • Two newly added lessons.
  • 4 Live Phone Class Recordings of original class.
  • Beautifully recorded exercises.
  • Watch movies of Angel Card layout demonstrations.
  • Easy download instructions.
  • Help from Carol anytime by email request.

Happy Woman Doing Reading with Angel CardsWHAT YOU’LL MASTER:

  • Best Archangels to call on for help.
  • Surefire methods for making a strong connection with Angels.
  • Healing the Chakras with the Angels.
  • How to read any deck of Angel Oracle Cards.
  • How to easily interpret Angel Oracle cards.
  • Movies on numerous Angel card layouts.
  • Movies on numerous Angel card layouts.
  • How to prepare for an Angel reading.
  • Step-by-step how to do an Angel Card reading.

Wait! There’s more…

  • Advanced Angels psychic development.
  • How to move into the Angelic spheres.
  • Names of all the Angels and Fallen Angels.
  • How to design a special Angel Wish Box.
  • Meeting the Archangels and what they do.
  • The primary Angels that heal relationships.
  • And much more!


This was a truly great Angels course! The ability to go at your own pace was an attractive aspect. In addition, there was a ton of information that I have never come across before, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time working through it. It’s really opened my eyes about the world of Angels!
Dr. Colton Baird-Rowe
I loved this course! It taught me everything I wanted to know and more. It was easy to follow and yet the content was phenomenal. I took another course from a well-known teacher and it wasn’t nearly as effective. Also, I love the fact that I can now add angel readings onto my psychic resume. My clients are loving it!!
Doris Drouin
Taking this course helped me to understand more about the Angelic Realms and work with them more closely. The meditations are fantastic and learning to do angel readings is something I’ve always wanted to do. I love working with the Angels!! Thank you so much for this wonderful program!
Maria Jensen, Ph.D.

First off, thank you so much for providing this course on Angels and how to do Angel readings. Wow! I loved every minute of taking this program. I now know how to get my daily dose of Angels, not from someone else’s website, but from myself. So grateful to Imagine Spirit!
Many blessings!

Mike Morgan


The content in this program is fresh and not usually seen in an average Angel course. If you are just beginning as an Angel Practitioner, this advanced course will take you from the very beginning of how to do readings to advanced levels of expertise

Many of you have already taken an Angels’ Practitioner course or have become a certified angel practitioner through another teacher. That’s great! However, you will learn tons of valuable information and instruction in this course without having to search around for additional articles on the Internet. It’s all right here!

While it’s true that the Tarot has many more cards to explain issues and provide solutions, with the proper practice, Angel Oracle Cards can do the same. By taking this course, your intuitive senses will be greatly enhanced, and you can extensively answer any question!

Important to Know!

The answer is a resounding NO! Although many individuals have a religious affiliation that is dear to them, others do not. Angels are more about spirituality than religion.

Absolutely. The Angels love to help with anything when called upon!

First, I suggest your practice the layouts presented many times over before trying them on someone else. The earmarks of a great Angel, or any kind of reader, is someone who appears confident and can move through a reading smoothly without frequent hesitation or overly pondering the cards.

Once you feel comfortable and thoroughly know a few layouts, ask friends if they are willing to have a reading. For the friends that are willing to get a reading, let them know that you’re a beginner and practicing your new skills.

Also, it’s good to get feedback. Keep any feedback from your readings so you can put them on your website as testimonials.

Yes. This will be covered in the course. Additionally, you’ll receive a How to Market Yourself eGuide.


On-page Sample

Relationship Healing

Relationships are where real spiritual growth occurs. Relationships can bring you an intense feeling of connection with loved ones, raising your self-esteem, while bringing joy, happiness, and positive feelings into your life. However, relationships too can cause high anxiety, stress, sadness, and very often grief. Quite easily, people get submerged into negative emotions and fears triggered by past hurts and disappointments from the past and into current relationships which can pull them down from being centered and loving.

Growing and Building Your Connection

Angels can assist people in healing and manifesting health and happiness into relationships. Angels offer divine guidance in every kind of relationship, whether it is between a parent and a child, two friends, lovers, or with business colleagues. Angels can help you overcome long-standing hurts and grudges while also dissolving resentment and fear so that you can be free to live your life in the present without the heaviness of past “baggage.”

Romantic Relationships

Many people frequently call upon Angels for assistance in romantic relationships. Whether you are single and looking to be in a relationship or are in a committed relationship, Angels can help you find the right person for you or soothe old hurts so that you can be free of the past and move forward in love and compatibility.

Angels do not guarantee that a current relationship will work out. If you need to move on, they will help you do this. However, they will not tell you what to do. It is your decision in the end whether to stay or to go.

Often, there is a previous relationship which is unrequited. In other words, it didn’t work out, or that person left you. There is a tendency to hold on to these relationships as they are familiar and there remains such a strong connection, the desire to bring that person back to us is all we can think about. Sadly, this only serves to keep the right and best relationship from coming in. A situation like this is difficult, to say the least… There’s much more on this topic in the course.


If you don’t already have one, purchase some sort of Angel Oracle Card deck. There are numerous Angel Oracle Card decks available from various authors. Imagine Spirit does not favor any particular deck. We suggest you get an Angel Deck that really vibes with you. Below are a few examples:

  • Angels of Atlantis by Stewart Pearce
  • Oracle of the Angels by Mario Duguay
  • Angels of the Light Cards by Diane Cooper
  • Daily Guidance from Angels by Benebell Wen
  • Angel Oracle Deck… by Ambika Wauters
  • Oracle of the Angels by Richard Webster
  • Angel Answer Cards by Doreen Virtue
  • Mark Bajerski Angel Cards
Angel Oracle Card decks can be found at any Metaphysical Bookstore or regular bookstores. Also, find them on-line at or other on-line stores. Most decks sell for around $14-$18.

Angel Training