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 People Report Seeing Angels When Dying


Angels and Deceased Relatives Reported by the Dying

Deathbed visions of angels are seen by many just prior to passing.

Such visions share certain characteristics with mystical experiences, such as a strong sense of the sacred and profound peace. Deathbed visions are often described as the seeing of radiant lights, scenes of exceptional beauty, and especially, the appearance of beings of light. These beings are present ready to escort the dying to the afterlife.

Occasionally, relatives of the dying claim seeing a very bright light at the time of their loved one’s passing. Additionally, numerous accounts have been reported of a stranger coming into the room offering solace and comfort to the family just after the passing event.

When the family tries to thank the person later and describes them to the staff, medical personnel have no idea who they are referring to.

In his book, Angels: God’s Secret Agents, evangelist, Billy Graham recounts a number of cases in which the dying report that they see angels and hear them singing their praises to heaven.

Emanuel Swedenborg Talks of  Angels at a Deathbed

Swedish theologian, scientist, and mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), wrote in his manuscript Heaven and Hell, that he believed the soul crosses into the “Kingdom of the Spirits.” after death and many radiant spirits stand ready to receive the new arrivals.

Well known Southern angel researcher, Leonard Day, has been called upon often to assist the dying. He says a very high percentage of those near death often speak of the presence of angels, one having a more luminous glow than the other. He believes that the brighter angel is the individual’s Guardian Angel.

This angel is usually at the immediate bedside of the person continually murmuring comforting words.

The Angel of Death

The other angel, darker looking, usually remains at a distance. This angel, he believes, is the Angel of Death. Day also says that the Angel of death is not the foreboding grim reaper apparition so commonly portrayed for centuries. In fact, he says it is the most gentle and sensitive angel within God’s creation.

Those who have encountered this angel describe it as dark, quiet, but not at all menacing Angel. According to Day, it’s the responsibility of the Angel of Death to extract the departed soul from the deceased’s body into the care of the Guardian Angel to start his or her journey to the “other side.”

Do Angels Guide Us to the Other Side?

I also believe although I have no research on this yet to back it up, that individuals who die suddenly for any reason, or die as a group, always have angels present to help guide them.

These hapless souls are not left to wander around aimlessly in-between worlds. However, if for any reason the soul chooses not to cross to the other side at the time of death, a death angel will not force them to do so.

Religions Claim there Are Many Angels of Death

There isn’t just one Angel of Death. In my research, I have found that many angels are designated as the Angel of Death, and this can be confusing for many.

I’ve read extensively on the subject and discovered that different religions and cultures, both modern and ancient, have assigned the role of The Death Angel to their own pantheon of angels. Some of these angels are more well-known and but many are unfamiliar.

One Angel that is thought to be a Death Angel is Azreal. Gabriel and Metatron are also referred to as an Angel of Death. More obscure angels have strange sounding names. A sampling of these is Mazania, Adriel, Hemah, Kafziel, and Mashhit (for children).

There’s also an angel called The Angel of the North Star. This angel is said to be an Angel of Death. The only name I have found so far, that is associated with the Angel of the North Star is Mazania.

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Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.
Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

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