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The Spiritual Psychic four courses bundled provides a specialty spiritual certification in numerous courses at a fantastic bundled price. Get the Psychic, Akashic Records, Advanced Angels Counselor, and Spirit Guides Mastery. Add so much more to your business resume or for spiritual advancement. Advertise yourself as a full-fledged spiritual psychic. Attract more clients.

The Psychic four courses bundled provides a spiritual certification in numerous courses at a fantastic bundled price. Importantly, you’ll get the Pathways to Clairvoyance Akashic Records, Advanced Angels Counselor, and Spirit Guides Mastery combined in one extraordinary certification bundled price.

Additionally, add so much more to your business resume or for spiritual advancement. Advertise yourself as a full-fledged Spiritual Psychic.

The Spiritual Psychic Bundle Enhances Your Business

Why will this help your business? Consider that nowadays, people are looking for so much more than someone giving just a psychic reading. Don’t get me wrong. Psychic readings are still very popular. However, individuals are also interested in knowing so much more, like what’s in their Akashic Records, perhaps getting an Angel Reading, and who their spirit guides are that have messages for them.

Throughout history, various civilizations and major religions have claimed contact with higher entities in spirit form. Whether it involves saints, angels, nature spirits, demons, or the Gods of Old, a mystical connection with the unseen realm of spirits has long been universal.

By providing Akashic Records readings, you’ll delve into the realm of the Akasha and give answers on relationships, children, careers, and past life experiences.

In today’s complex world, many individuals wonder if they are in the right line of work. Or, more importantly, if they are in the best fit to express their soul’s purpose in their career.

Spiritual Psychic Bundle Akashic Records

An Akashic Records reading will shed light on these questions. Clearly, the records are an illuminating resource for helping to find fulfillment and abundance in our lives. Also, by providing information in specific areas of the Akashic soul records, such as the soul group or origin, an individual’s soul, role archetypes, and who they are on the soul level, clients will learn how this is likely to express itself in their daily life.

More importantly, working with Spirit Guides is a beautiful adventure of enlightenment and joy. In this course, you will discover that elevated beings take on assignments from the Divine Source that watch over us. You will then understand that you are not alone in your daily struggles. Furthermore, you can appreciate the simple but authentic truth, that unseen help is available to us all. You just have to ask.

More to the point, by helping your client by undertaking this journey into the realm of Spirit Guides, they will find their creative imagination and intuition blooming with new possibilities. Moreover, they’ll feel genuinely supported and become more energized in their life.

Spiritual Psychic Bundle Angels Readings

To add to this, most individuals enjoy Angel Card readings.

Angels are here to assist us in raising our vibration. In the process, they help heal our lives and the world.

More and more people are reporting encounters with heavenly beings. According to Doreen Virtue in her book Healing with The Angels (1999), “In their encounters, angels deliver timely messages, healing remedies, and lifesaving measures.”

Why do angels lately seem more present? Partly because of our prayers for divine assistance and partly because God and the angels know that it’s time for us to heal ourselves, our lives, and our world. As we move through the millennial shift, the angels help us heal the challenges and ills that keep us from living our highest potential.

The angels are here to teach us that God’s love answers all questions and challenges. They are here to heal us from the effects of fear. The angels are powerful healers, and you can work with them to speed up their healing efforts and help your clients. Letting them know that the more we invite angels into our lives, the more readily our lives reflect the splendor of heaven.

There are no limits to angels’ healing power. Each contact and conversation with your angels is filled with all the tenderness, love, and wonderment of discovering a best friend you have known forever.

Angels Are Real and Exist to Help Us

Connecting with angels is a real experience, although it’s become obscured by the belief in them over the centuries. The angels are here. They are with us whether we believe in them or not.

Advise your client that the healing task of angels is to help us shift vibrational frequencies to their highest rate. This is the process of ascension. We are all on the pathway of discovering that we are one with God. When we truly understand and live with this knowledge, we are in a state of ascension. This knowledge profoundly affects every interaction with others.

Think for a moment how your life or your client’s life would be if one understood that everyone you’re interactive with was the divine aspect of your God‐self. You’ll feel complete and total love for these individuals and yourself. In short, they’ll experience life as a heaven on earth.

Angels want to help us adapt to a changing world by giving us energy and guidance to shift our individual frequency. Sharing this with a client is an amazing gift. Furthermore, the angels help us by giving us signs, signals, and divine guidance to maintain peace of mind. Therefore, providing an angel card reading will help your client significantly and keep them coming back for more!

Spiritual Psychic Clairvoyance Training

Last but not least, the Pathways to Clairvoyance course provides the training that is above the rest. Tap into your amazing abilities of clairvoyance and boost your other psychic senses. Don’t know what these are? You’ll find out in this course.

Master techniques to open your third eye, receive incredible psychic impressions, and relay important information to others by answering any pressing questions they may have.

Ultimately, the Spiritual Psychic training shows you step-by-step, how to give fantastic psychic readings. Add all the above together and offer so much more to your prospective clients!

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