What You Need to Know

Important to Read Legal Stuff


If you have doubts as to whether any class or program might cause you any kind of emotional or physical pain or emotional discomfort, we suggest that you do not purchase a home study course.


We are not accountable for any legal action initiated against you if you teach or use our techniques with others. We are not accountable for any outcomes as a result of taking this course. We are not responsible for any student’s business or consultations provided to their clients.

Any legal action taken against a student for any of our products or services is strictly the responsibility of the student or graduate of one of our programs or classes, and not Imagine Spirit or Carol Nicholson.


We are not responsible for any accident or adverse travel event that a student, graduate,  team member, or client of a student or graduate initiates related to one of our programs.

All teaching is done in the light of Spirit.

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