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The Psychic-Mediumship certification training  program provides  in-depth teachings that are easy to follow yet provide superior training. Access course materials anywhere in the world. Additionally, you’ll receive fantastic interactive resources. Most importantly, you’ll gain your certification from a trusted provider of spiritual training since 2001.


Our course is self-paced learning with no set time limit to complete. Importantly, this training is rich with interactive learning tools. Significantly, training for simultaneously boosting all your psychic senses is also included!

Already a trained Medium? Hone your current skills and sharpen spirit communication abilities. Furthermore, you’ll be able to provide positive proof and validation of spirits that come to you. Finally, be sure to download and view the sample Lesson. In it, you can read the entire Table of Contents and all topics covered in the course.

STARTING: $199 – $239

  •  Have you dreamed of learning the art of Mediumship but not sure where to start?
  • Do you already sense or see spirits?
  • Is helping others something you’ve always wanted to do?
  • Are you already a Medium and wish to hone your skills or acquire solid certification?
  • Simply want to know how to contact loved ones in spirit for yourself? Read on!

What You’ll Receive:

  • Get course as an Immediate Download or Printed.

  • 320 Page Handbook with easy read print.

  • Printed handbook comes 3-hole punched with beautiful color cover.

  • Printed option also comes with files DVD (except option C.)

  • 16 Live Class MP3 recordings from beginning to end of course. 4 bonus recordings included.

  • Step-by-step written exercises.

  • Longer exercises are recorded.

  • Self-Quizzes and Answers for each Lesson.

  • Included: How to Market Yourself eGuide.

  • Get electronic device files for handbook.

  • Additionally, get help from Carol anytime via email request.

Having Live Class Recordings is a great way to take a course. It’s like being right in a classroom.

These recordings come from an actual 16-week Mediumship phone class.

You’ll Achieve Amazing Things!

  • Journey across the veil to the other side.
  • You’ll make real spirit contact early on.
  • Also, you’ll meet Special Mediumship Helper-Guides and Guardian Gatekeepers.
  • Master how to meditate and still the mind.
  • Learn how to conduct a Client Session from start to finish.
  • You’ll have the ability provide evidential proof of real Spirit contact.
  • Additionally, experience how to do a session with Mediumship reading examples.
  • Furthermore, boost all your psychic senses for clearer spirit contact.
  • Moreover, learn how Angels are near you to assist.
  • Expand your energy field and manage your Chakras for better spirit linkages.
  • Also, you’ll learn how to rescue earthbound spirits.
  • Learn the art of Table Tipping.
  • Become adept at reading photos of deceased loved ones.
  • Learn how to hold Séances and start a development circle.
  • Discover The Law of Attraction and how you are protected from negative spirits.
  • Finally, do test exercises for Trance and Physical Mediumship.

Why Students Love this Program!


I want to say thank you so much for this course. It’s so beautiful. Within three weeks of starting, I gave my very first Mediumship reading.

~Phoenix M., UK

Recently, I took the mediumship training from Imagine Spirit and it really helped to solidify my confidence in my abilities.

Jon Almada Professional Medium, Radio Show Host

I am truly grateful for Carol and Imagine Spirit getting me started in my career as a successful Gallery Medium.

Steven Macek, Lawyer, Gallery Medium
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Download Option: You can download your Mediumship Home Study files to a cell phone, tablet, or computer.
Printed option: With the printed option with files DVD, move your files to your device as needed.
Electronic files are provided for android and iPhones. The ePub file supplied works on a Kindle.

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Common Questions Asked about Mediumship Training

How can I practice my Mediumship skills?

Carol Nicholson, PHD.The very best way is to join a development circle on-line or one in your area. Sometimes local Meet-Ups have development circles. Please be discerning. Furthermore, if you don’t feel comfortable with ANYTHING about the group or if it seems like just a get-together or is not serious about Mediumship development, try another group. Or, you can ask friends that are open to Mediumship if you can read for them but be sure to advise them that you are just practicing for now. And yes, you might be nervous at first, but you’ll swiftly get into a comfort zone.

Are there examples for giving a spirit reading?

Yes, several. In the course I walk you through some complete Mediumship readings from end-to-end. Case scenarios will demonstrate how the Medium validates evidence and how to work with all kinds of spirits from spirits that come when called. We also cover lost friendly spirits wandering the earth plane and Spirit Rescue techniques.

Do you teach how to protect from negative spirits?

Absolutely! We provide many ways to do this. However, with just a few proper techniques, negatives spirits will never come through. Why? Because you’ll learn how a Universal Law protects you.

How can I find out what kind of a Medium I am?

You’ll start out training as a Mental Medium. I say most likely because most mediums today are mental mediums. This course will explain in the very first lesson what means. Additionally, some individuals start out as one kind of medium and then switch to style that fits them better. You will learn more about this as you progress through the training.

Will I learn how to provide evidential proof of spirits?

Absolutely! We have a fail-safe method for how to identify the spirits making contact and how they are related to the person getting the reading. This is an integral part of the course. You can choose to incorporate this easy method into your sittings or continue to use your own method that works for you.

Is this course mainly movies?

Although a few cheaper courses only feature movies, our Mediumship Course does have a few movies to watch, but instead we provide numerous effective learning enhancements. For example, the live class recordings are of a 16-week phone class we held some years ago. You will experience what the students learned, hear their questions as they worked through the course with me, and get answers to many crucial questions that a novice medium might ask. It’s like being right there in a real classroom!

Do you offer advanced training?

In 2019, we’ll be offering an Advanced Mediumship course which will delve more deeply into how safely to do Trance Mediumship and Gallery (also known as Platform Mediumship) readings to an audience. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates about availability.

Which course should I purchase first? The Psychic-Clairvoyance training or the Mediumship training?

Prospective students often email me asking if they should purchase the Mediumship Training or Psychic-Clairvoyance course first. I usually advise them to focus on each course and then choose the program which, in their heart, they most want to take. In fact, I’ve included the courses discount bundle option to solve this dilemma. Check it out at the bottom.

Do you teach how to get started in a business?

Yes. As mentioned, this will be covered in the course and additionally, you’ll receive a How to Market Yourself eGuide.



Immediate Download of Course Files A.

Expect Numerous Large Files


Get Printed Handbook with Files DVD B.

Shipping Domestic: $16
Shipping International: $35


Printed Handbook + Download Course Files C.

Shipping Domestic: $16
Shipping International: $35

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Option C. is not available for the Bundle
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Advanced Angels Certification
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How to Hunt Ghosts Certification

Once you have purchased the course there are no refunds. Additionally, if you only have a cell phone, we will do everything possible to get all your your course files to you!

  • Sorry. e-checks through PayPal are not accepted.
  • The minimum age for taking this program is 18.

*Live class recordings are taken from a phone teleconferencing class. They may be a little fuzzy to listen to.

Importantly, we are not accountable for any legal action initiated against you if you teach or use our techniques with others. Also, we’re not accountable for any outcomes as a result of taking this course. And, we are not responsible for any student’s business or consultations provided to their clients. Furthermore, any legal action taken against a student for any of our products or services is strictly the responsibility of the student or graduate of one of our programs or classes and not Imagine Spirit or Carol Nicholson.

When you complete the course, email us and request the Certification Quiz. Importantly, the Quiz questions come right from the course. Following that, send the complete quiz back to us via email. Moreover, upon approval, we will invoice you for the $10 US or $15 International Fee to have your certificate mailed to you. Finally, if you elect not to have the certificate mailed, that’s fine. Ultimately, you will still be listed on our Graduate’s Directory and receive your Certified digital Seal image.