Total Mediumship Certification Training


14-Hour Course Starting at: $197- 4 Easy Payments

Our Total Mediumship Certification Training for beginners to advanced course will quickly take you through complete Mediumship development so that with certification, you can successfully advertise your services as an authentic Medium.

  • Have you ever tried Mediumship Development?
  • Are you tired of buying courses that don’t measure up?
  • Are you fascinated by Mental, Evidential, or Trance Mediumship? (Don’t worry. We’ll explain what these are.)
  • Is becoming certified in Mediumship what you are seeking?
  • Is starting a new or side career your goal?

Total Mediumship Certification Training for Beginners to Advanced

The Total Mediumship training involves developing the ability to open to the spiritual realm and communicate with friendly spirits. However, some individuals worry that they can’t learn to be a medium. Put that worry aside straightaway. Anyone with a desire to learn and dedication to their craft can become a fully qualified and expert Medium!

Learn from an Experienced Medium

As a certified Psychic Medium for over thirty years, I know precisely what’s needed to master authentic spirit contact and communicating the messages spirits want to give. Certainly, there are cheaper courses for Mediumship training and certification offered but what are you really getting? I have seen these courses, and the training is shallow at best. More Crucially, most often they miss the mark on many vital aspects of Mediumship development.

More significantly, there are no intimidating modules to deal with and quizzes don’t require a grade to pass each lesson. As a result, you can quickly move to the next lesson with no interruptions.

Beginning now, make the investment that will last you for the rest of your life. It’s easy to start your Mediumship development right now and become the brilliant medium you’ve always wanted to be. 

Dispelling Myths about Mediumship Certification


This is incorrect.

Studying Mediumship Is Not Dangerous



This is untrue.

Anyone Can Learn to be a Medium


Not so.

Mediumship is about Spirituality and Is Not a Religion

Total Mediumship Certification Training
What You’ll Get

  • Course Handbook PDF Over 300 pages.
  • Large print text easy to read on cell phones.
  • Purchase options are instant download, printed, or both.
  • Printed includes beautiful glossy color cover.
  • Printed handbook comes *3-hole punched.
  • Follow along with Live Class audio recordings.
  • Beautifully recorded exercises.
  • Metaphysical Glossary of Terms.
  • How to Market Yourself eGuide.
  • *Binder not included.

Total Mediumship Certification Training
What You’ll Learn

  • The beginnings of Mediumship development to advanced levels.
  • How to safely open to the spirit world.
  • The psychic “clairs” we use to communicate with spirits.
  • Develop all your psychic abilities.
  • Basic essentials of mediumship development, grounding, cleansing, protection, and meditation.
  • Understanding mental, physical, and rescue Mediumship.
  • Scenarios for conducting a Mediumship reading and working with a gatekeeper and spirit helper guide.
  • Building Your library of symbols.
  • Working with issues of fear and developing confidence.
  • How to start a Mediumship development circle.
  • How to hold a seance or be a Platform Medium.
  • Use of candles, crystals, and quick protection techniques.

Important Questions Answered for Total Mediumship Certification

The best way to practice your newly enhanced skills is to join a development circle on-line or one in your area. Sometimes local Meet-Ups have development circles. Please be discerning. Furthermore, if you don’t feel comfortable with ANYTHING about the group, try another group. Additionally, if you get bullied or criticized in any way, leave the group. 

You can ask friends that are open to Mediumship if you can read for them but be sure to advise them that you are just practicing for now. And yes, you might be nervous at first, but you’ll swiftly get into a comfort zone.

Absolutely! You’ll start out training as a Mental Medium. I say most likely, because most mediums today are what’s called, Mental Mediums. This course will explain in the very first lesson what means. Additionally, some individuals start out as one kind of medium and then switch to style that fits them better. You will learn more about this as you progress through the training.

Absolutely! We have a fail-safe method for how to identify the spirits making contact and how they are related to the person getting the reading. This is an integral part of the course. You can choose to incorporate this easy method into your sittings or continue to use your own method that works for you.

Although a few cheaper courses only feature videos, our Mediumship Course does have a few videos to watch, but instead we provide learning enhancements. For example, the live class recordings that are provided. You will experience what the students learned, hear their questions as they worked through the course with me, and get answers to many crucial questions that a novice medium might ask. It’s like being right there in a real classroom!

Yes, several. In the course I walk you through some complete Mediumship readings from end-to-end. Case scenarios will demonstrate how the Medium validates evidence, and how to work with all kinds of spirits from spirits that come when called. We also cover lost friendly spirits wandering the earth plane and Spirit Rescue techniques.

Positively yes! The course provides numerous ways to do this. However, with just a few proper techniques, negative spirits will be repulsed. Why? Because you’ll learn how a Universal Law protects you from negative spirits.

In 2024, we hope to offer an Advanced Mediumship course. The course will delve more deeply into how safely to do Trance Mediumship and Gallery (also known as Platform Mediumship) readings to an audience. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates about availability.


 $197 USD

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$227 USD + Shipping

Get your course printed with files DVD.

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