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Becoming a Medium has always been my dream. Thank you Carol for making this possible for me.
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  • Self-paced learning with no set time limit to complete. Additionally, rich interactive learning tools are included that will simultaneously boost your psychic senses for spirit communication.

  • Already a trained Medium? Hone your current skills and sharpen spirit communication skills. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to provide positive proof and validation of spirits that come to you.

  • Most important, you’ll gain your certification as a qualified Medium and be listed on our Graduate’s Directory.

  • Be sure to download and view the sample Lesson. In it, you can read the entire Table of Contents and all topics covered in the course.

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Become Certified as a Spiritual Medium – As a Spiritual Medium, offer so much more in readings for your clients. All courses combined provide a robust well-rounded training which is highly attractive for prospective clients. Offer Mediumship, Akashic Records, and Angel Readings all in one package!


Specialized Certification as a Paranormal Medium

Become Certified as a Paranormal Medium– As a Paranormal Medium, be a vital part of Paranormal teams for reading and assessing spirit activity! Accompany ghost hunting teams and be on point to detect and communicate with any kind of spirits present. Determine if spirits are malevolent, benign, attached spirits, residual, or intelligent. And, it’s the perfect training for holding a séance. Ultimately, an exceptional certification for any medium interested in investigating the paranormal.




I want to say thank you so much for this course. It’s so beautiful. Within three weeks of starting, I gave my very first Mediumship reading.

~Phoenix M., UK

Recently, I took the mediumship training from Imagine Spirit and it really helped to solidify my confidence in my abilities.

Jon Almada Professional Medium, Radio Show Host
Steven M.

I am truly grateful for Carol and Imagine Spirit getting me started in my career as a successful Gallery Medium.

Steven Macek, Lawyer, Gallery Medium


What Exactly is a Medium?

 Definition of a Medium from Miriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

A Medium is a…

(4) c: GO-BETWEEN; INTERMEDIARY: an individual held to be a channel of communication between the earthly world and the world of Spirits.

The medium’s sole function is to relay messages from the World of Spirits to the living. Simply put, a medium is the go-between or pipeline of communication between discarnate entities and incarnated persons. A properly trained medium, by utilizing their various psychic centers, communicates with the dimensional plane where Spirits reside. We will touch on these centers later in this lesson.

Special Note:

There are some in this field who have written books on the subject of Mediumship Development and take issue with the fact that Mediumship talent might be termed “a gift”. I really don’t want to quibble on rhetoric; however, I personally feel that the ability for Spirit Communication is a gift that God has given us.

Why People Seek Out a Medium

This answer is very similar to the explanation above but in reverse. Individuals visiting a medium are seeking comfort and some sort of verifiable information that assures them their deceased loved one is still alive and hopefully happy in their new state of being. They want to hear, “It’s really me. I am here with you and I’m OK!” Does this mean the Spirit or deceased loved one will always come through in a Mediumship Circle or private session? Not necessarily. Does this mean they don’t care? No. This only means that they may not able to communicate at that particular time.

In fact, another discarnate Spirit or relative, might show up instead. This can be upsetting for the living person strongly desiring contact and is hard for them to understand. If a Spirit, for any number of reasons, is not able to communicate during a prearranged sitting, they will most likely attempt communication at a later time and in some other way. (We’ll be covering more about this in later lessons.)

Why Become a Medium?

Why would someone wish to communicate with the dead?  The answer for many is clear. Spirit communication helps bring back that which seems to have become separated and lost through what we term death. With the help of the medium, interaction with the deceased can offer encouragement and proof that the love and other emotions present upon passing is not irrevocably lost, but survives after the body has stopped breathing and the brain registers no brain wave response.

Understanding We Don’t Really Die

We in the field of Mediumship understand that individuals do not really die; they continue consciousness in another dimension very close to our own. And by understanding this concept, a developed medium can offer assurance and hopefully bring peace and closure for a person seeking to contact the dead by imparting validation that the seeker’s loved one or friend is not really gone but truly alive and aware on another plane of existence.

Mediumship Involves a Desire to Help

Having the desire to do this wonderful work is why many people take this course. There’s an inner calling to pursue this amazing subject. Some facilitate communication with the other side for personal reasons, spiritually growth, and to comfort others. Also, I wish to state here that not all people who become mediums originally started out in life to do so. Significantly, not all practicing mediums felt the calling at a young age. For many of us, we head in one direction early in adult life, and then for various reasons, decide to pursue another path. I know people who began their Mediumship studies in their 40’s, 50’s and yes, even 60’s.

About the “Veil” and Messages Received by the Medium

Souls who pass over have transitioned to another plane of consciousness and become Spirit once again. Spirits are not far far away, but are, in fact, very close to the living at all times. Mediums understand that this other place (sometimes referred to as “Summerland”, is not separated by a great distance, but actually interpenetrates our own 3-dimensional earth plane.

A membrane, called “The Veil” stands between the seen and unseen and is very thin. Almost anyone can “penetrate” this veil for purposes of communication with proper training. Again, we emphasize there is no real separation between our world and the World of Spirits.

Those Who’ve Transition Before Us

Those who have transitioned before us will always return if called upon to do so. Perhaps not at first, but spirits will eventually attempt to manifest themselves. Spirits will try to communicate to those left behind through dreams, moving things around, leaving a familiar scent associated with them when alive, or other subtle indications showing they wish to be noticed.

When a medium comes into the picture, it’s easier for the Spirit to communicate their messages using the medium as the vehicle for message giving. Messages may come to the medium in the form of symbols, empathic feelings, smell, taste, and inner hearing. This input comes through various energy channels which are called “Clairs”. We will cover the “Clairs” later in this lesson.

One of My Own Experiences

My sister lamented, not long after the passing of our mother, “Where did mom go?” This is coming from an atheist. In her shock and grief, my sister, could not fully reconcile that our vibrant, strong, and loving mother had been suddenly eradicated from our lives.

A Lack of Spiritual Belief

For my sister, despite her lack of spiritual belief, there remained a spark of hope that our mother was not gone forever but still existed somewhere, and my sister was almost desperate for the knowledge that our mother was still alive. In our conversations, I assured her, that mom wasn’t gone—but had just moved to another place of being and was still alive (conscious) residing in that dimension. Although not entirely convinced, I could tell this statement helped to ease my sister’s grief and pain. Ultimately, she was able to move through her grief and later thanked me for helping her to understand. Today, she still asks from time to time if I have “heard” from mom.

From the Spirit’s Point of View

Why would a Spirit wish to communicate with their loved ones left behind? Let me ask you a question. If you were to die and were given the opportunity to contact your loved ones, do you think you would want to? Do you think you might have particular messages to give? The answer for most of us is, yes.

There are many kinds of messages a departed loved one might wish to express. Some are urgent in nature, some asking for forgiveness, and some comforting and offering loving reassurance. There are no absolute rules or guidelines on what Spirits might wish to convey from the other side. Remember, they are still alive in their new dimension with the same thoughts and feelings they had while living on earth.

Unfinished Business

In many cases, a Spirit who comes through a medium has unfinished business they want to help resolve. Maybe their purpose for coming through is to make some sort of amends. Perhaps they’re aware the family is in dire financial straits and want to help. Possibly the passing was sudden, and there were important words left unsaid. The reasons are unique to each situation and are as varied as the number of stars in the heavens. Whoa!

Things People Write and Teach Shock Me

I actually read in one book authored by an alleged medium, where she emphatically stated that discarnate souls only get to give messages to the living if they karmically deserve to do so. Meaning, if they had been an extra good doobie while on earth, they get merit points of some sort and are allowed to give messages. I actually take issue with this statement! If this were truly the case, I hardly think many of us, it is our spiritual right to make a choice whether to communicate or not. And, given the opportunity, we usually choose to do so at least once. In cases where discarnate a soul feels deep anguish, shame, or guilt about how they might have treated or abused their loved ones when alive, they might pass up on the opportunity to communicate— at least at the beginning of their Spirit sojourn.

Death by Suicide

The same applies to cases of death by suicide. Often times, it is the latter. They feel an urgency to come through right away upon passing to set things straight with loved ones left behind that might be suffering from guilt over the desperate act of their loved one or friend. Should they be allowed to do so if the intent is pure? Absolutely! Conversely, it should be noted that in some cases, those still living may not wish to communicate with a deceased relation or friend at all.

Main Difference between a Medium and a Psychic

 A psychic is a person that uses their innate or developed sixth sense abilities to give an intuitive reading to a person by “tuning in” with that person’s energy field. In doing so, they can offer up accurate information to help the individual in their life’s journey, answer pressing questions, and provide overall necessary guidance. A medium usually communicates with deceased persons only. Their primary purpose is to relay messages from a soul in the spirit world to the living. Mediums can also be a trained psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. Many psychics do have mediumistic abilities but choose not to pursue or develop it.

Definition of a Channel

A Channel is an individual who has the ability to access what we term higher beings thus receiving and passing along information. These could be from ascended master teachers, Spirit Guides, angels, or from our higher self. This information is primarily transmitted for the good of mankind and imparts lessons and addresses questions of a spiritual nature.

Messages are often relayed vocally (channeled) or in some cases, obtained by means such as automatic writing (covered in Lesson 10), and even an *Ouija board e.g., The Michael Teachings. These teachings were channeled to a group via an Ouija board. The Seth materials channeled through Jane Roberts while her husband took dictation. And, the entity known as Ramtha, was channeled through J. Z. Knight. There are many more channeled teachings available. These are just examples of some of the better-known channeled teachings.

Definition of a Mystic

A Mystic by definition is a person who seriously follows a mystical path through life. Mysticism is about finding one’s own personal experience with God (the Divine Source) through serious and lifelong study as well as deep inner soul searching. Often a mystic will utilize some form of ritual to help them create potent divine revelations and can produce manifestations of power and prophecy.

The legendary French seer, Nostradamus (1503 –1566), is definitely a good example of someone practicing mysticism. There are both positive and dark sides to the world of the Mystic. It is a matter of choice which road someone chooses to follow.

Mysticism is Not about Religion

Mysticism is not about religion. It is merely a means selected for the independent study of occult practices. On one side of the coin, a few mystics have become foundational leaders for world religions such as Buddha and Jesus of Nazareth. By choosing to follow their own spiritual pathway and the sacrifices they endured, they brought about teachings of peace, love and ultimately established the world religions of Christianity and Buddhism.

Mysticism May Become an Obsession

On the other side of the coin, following mysticism can become an unhealthy obsession which leads to taking a spiritual plunge into darkness. These individuals use their knowledge to gain power over others which is in direct violation of Universal Laws. Such was the tragic case of Alistair Crowley whose son died under mysterious circumstances – supposedly during a ritual gone wrong.  Crowley’s own life ended badly. Some attribute this to his relentless pursuit of the dark arts despite his son’s death

The Benefits of Developing Mediumship

Mediumship has a variety of important reasons for being an integral part of an individual who has come into this lifetime with strong natural Mediumship abilities or who have the desire to learn and develop mastery of Mediumship. Listed here are just a few:

Revelation: There is an innate understanding that this ability is a precious instrument for revealing universal truths about the Divine, the immortality of the soul, Universal Laws, the continuing consciousness of the Spirit, and the actual existence of an afterlife. We begin to actually comprehend that the information coming through can only be from the deceased which in itself is proof that life goes on and this is not all just wishful thinking.

Healing: Important information is provided to individuals who need guidance for their own spiritual progress and/or feel a calling to get the information out to the world about the true existence of spiritual planes. There are volumes of books, holy and otherwise, on the subject of a possible afterlife. Our purpose here is not to initiate philosophical or religious arguments, but to just relay relevant information about the World of Spirits and their connection to us, the living.

Most People Don’t Think about Karma

Karma: Before we come into our physical state from the Spirit state, it is believed that we make choices as to the vehicle used in which to accomplish spiritual lessons during our human lifetime. Those who have chosen Mediumship as that vehicle may have the opportunity to balance out some of their karmic debt by using their ability in a compassionate way to help others.

The Two Most Common Forms of Mediumship Practiced Today

Note: It is very common for an individual to possess some qualities of each. It is up to the individual to make the choice which category of Mediumship they wish to pursue. And even then at some point, they could move into another category entirely.

Let’s begin now by learning about the two most common types of Mediumship practiced.

Mental Mediumship: Considered Subjective Mediumship

Mental Mediumship is primarily accomplished in a fully conscious to light trance state. The term Mental Medium is not about someone considered a “head case” or is mentally ill. In this category of Mediumship, the medium links with the Spirit world without going into a deep trance state. Mental Mediums can be fully conscious and aware while interacting with Spirits. They are able to impart information from a Spirit very much like having a phone conversation with someone and relaying the gist of the conversation to others in the room.

Well-known Mediums Today

Most well-known mediums, as seen on television and heard on radio shows, are called Mental Mediums. This is the form of Mediumship most commonly used today. Mental Mediumship is predominantly demonstrated in broad daylight without the assistance of  ectoplasm, trumpet messages, apports, etc., and is much more believable in today‘s sophisticated society.

The physical hot spots in the body attributed to Mental Mediumship stem from the base of the brain around the area of the cerebellum. The cerebellum is directly linked to our 8th energy center called a chakra (see 8th Chakra in Lesson 3). It’s the center which enables an individual to achieve acute spiritual perception, spiritual wisdom, and a direct linkage to higher realms. Through the developmental process, this linkage strengthens.

You Have a Spirit Helper

Some students are aware of this fact and some are not. Sometimes, a Spirit Helper (Lesson 5),  actually aids in adjusting the medium’s physiology and cause a momentary greater opening into the Spirit World. It is also important to be aware that a medium’s emotional and physical state can either enhance or cloud the accuracy of the Spirit communication process. This is why it is so important to remain focused on spiritual and physical fitness on a daily basis. We will cover how to develop and enhance Mental Mediumship in subsequent lessons.

Next, you’ll be doing your first spirit contact session!

Common Questions Answered

The best way to practice your newly enhanced skills is to join a development circle on-line or one in your area. Sometimes local Meet-Ups have development circles. Please be discerning. Furthermore, if you don’t feel comfortable with ANYTHING about the group or if it seems like just a get-together or is not serious about Mediumship development, try another group.

Or, you can ask friends that are open to Mediumship if you can read for them but be sure to advise them that you are just practicing for now. And yes, you might be nervous at first, but you’ll swiftly get into a comfort zone.

Yes, several. In the course I walk you through some complete Mediumship readings from end-to-end. Case scenarios will demonstrate how the Medium validates evidence and how to work with all kinds of spirits from spirits that come when called. We also cover lost friendly spirits wandering the earth plane and Spirit Rescue techniques.

Absolutely! We provide many ways to do this. However, with just a few proper techniques, negatives spirits will never come through. Why? Because you’ll learn how a Universal Law protects you.

You’ll start out training as a Mental Medium. I say most likely because most mediums today are mental mediums. This course will explain in the very first lesson what means. Additionally, some individuals start out as one kind of medium and then switch to style that fits them better. You will learn more about this as you progress through the training.

There’s More!

Absolutely! We have a fail-safe method for how to identify the spirits making contact and how they are related to the person getting the reading. This is an integral part of the course. You can choose to incorporate this easy method into your sittings or continue to use your own method that works for you.

Although a few cheaper courses only feature movies, our Mediumship Course does have a few movies to watch, but instead we provide numerous effective learning enhancements. For example, the live class recordings provided.

You will experience what the students learned, hear their questions as they worked through the course with me, and get answers to many crucial questions that a novice medium might ask. It’s like being right there in a real classroom!

In 2019, we’ll be offering an Advanced Mediumship course which will delve more deeply into how safely to do Trance Mediumship and Gallery (also known as Platform Mediumship) readings to an audience. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates about availability.

Prospective students often email me asking if they should purchase the Mediumship Training or Psychic-Clairvoyance course first. I usually advise them to focus on each course and then choose the program which, in their heart, they most want to take. In fact, I’ve included the courses discount bundle option to solve this dilemma. Check it out at the bottom.


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