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Most Trusted Mediumship Home Study Certification Training

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Only 12 Weeks to Mastery and Certification

Welcome to our Mediumship Certification Total Training Course!

  • Have you always wanted to train in Mediumship?
  • Do you already sense or see spirits?
  • Want to know how to contact loved ones in spirit?
  • Is helping others something you’ve always wanted to do?
  • Are you already a Medium and wish to hone your skills or acquire solid certification?

Starting today, you can become the brilliant medium you’ve always wanted to be. Just do one lesson a week and you’ll become certified in no time. Make the investment that will last you for the rest of your life!

Cost normally: $197

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Build Solid Trust with Your Clients

Mediumship Certificate

What does Certification do?
It instills trust and provides credibility!


Thank you so much for my certification! You have no idea how much this means to me. It helps me connect with spirits in a better perspective. You are a great teacher. Thanks to you, I learned so much. In my very first readings, I found that making real spirit contact was easy and received validation from my clients. This Mediumship Home Course is just what I needed as there are no Mediumship training schools near me.

Ingrid S., Belgium
  • Self-paced learning with no set time limit to complete. Additionally, rich interactive learning tools are included that will simultaneously boost your psychic senses for spirit communication.

  • Already a trained Medium? Hone your current skills and sharpen spirit communication skills. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to provide positive proof and validation of spirits that come to you.

  • Most important, you’ll gain your certification as a qualified Medium and be listed on our Graduate’s Directory.

  • Be sure to download and view the sample Lesson. In it, you can read the entire Table of Contents and all topics covered in the course.

common questions answered


  • Get course as an Immediate Download or Printed.

  • 12 fully packed lessons with easy read print.

  • Printed handbook comes 3-hole punched with beautiful color cover. (Binder not included.)

  • Printed option also comes with files DVD (except option C.)

  • Also, 16 Live Class MP3 recordings from beginning to end of course. 4 bonus recordings included.

  • Step-by-step written-out exercises.

  • Significantly, many exercises are recorded.

  • More significantly, self-quizzes and answers for each lesson. Quizzes are no-submit.

  • Easy download instructions for Immediate Download Option A. or C.
  • Included: How to Market Yourself eGuide.



Specialized Certification as a Spiritual Medium

Become Certified as a Spiritual Medium – As a Spiritual Medium, offer so much more in readings for your clients. All courses combined provide a robust well-rounded training which is highly attractive for prospective clients. Offer Mediumship, Akashic Records, and Angel Readings all in one super-affordable package!


Specialized Certification as a Paranormal Medium

Become Certified as a Paranormal Medium – Become a Paranormal Investigative Medium just like on TV! Now you can get this fabulous training in one super-affordable package!

As a Paranormal Medium, be a vital part of Paranormal teams for reading and assessing spirit activity! Accompany ghost hunting teams and be on point to detect and communicate with any kind of spirits present. Determine if spirits are malevolent, benign, attached spirits, residual, or intelligent. And, it’s the perfect training for holding a séance. Ultimately, this is an exceptional certification for any medium interested in investigating the paranormal.




I want to say thank you so much for this course. It’s so beautiful. Within three weeks of starting, I gave my very first Mediumship reading.

~Phoenix M., UK

Recently, I took the mediumship training from Imagine Spirit and it really helped to solidify my confidence in my abilities.

Jon Almada Professional Medium, Radio Show Host
Steven M.

I am truly grateful for Carol and Imagine Spirit getting me started in my career as a successful Gallery Medium.

Steven Macek, Lawyer, Gallery Medium

Common Questions Answered

The best way to practice your newly enhanced skills is to join a development circle on-line or one in your area. Sometimes local Meet-Ups have development circles. Please be discerning. Furthermore, if you don’t feel comfortable with ANYTHING about the group or if it seems like just a get-together or is not serious about Mediumship development, try another group.

Or, you can ask friends that are open to Mediumship if you can read for them but be sure to advise them that you are just practicing for now. And yes, you might be nervous at first, but you’ll swiftly get into a comfort zone.

Yes, several. In the course I walk you through some complete Mediumship readings from end-to-end. Case scenarios will demonstrate how the Medium validates evidence and how to work with all kinds of spirits from spirits that come when called. We also cover lost friendly spirits wandering the earth plane and Spirit Rescue techniques.

Absolutely! We provide many ways to do this. However, with just a few proper techniques, negatives spirits will never come through. Why? Because you’ll learn how a Universal Law protects you.

You’ll start out training as a Mental Medium. I say most likely because most mediums today are mental mediums. This course will explain in the very first lesson what means. Additionally, some individuals start out as one kind of medium and then switch to style that fits them better. You will learn more about this as you progress through the training.

There’s More!

Absolutely! We have a fail-safe method for how to identify the spirits making contact and how they are related to the person getting the reading. This is an integral part of the course. You can choose to incorporate this easy method into your sittings or continue to use your own method that works for you.

Although a few cheaper courses only feature movies, our Mediumship Course does have a few movies to watch, but instead we provide numerous effective learning enhancements. For example, the live class recordings provided.

You will experience what the students learned, hear their questions as they worked through the course with me, and get answers to many crucial questions that a novice medium might ask. It’s like being right there in a real classroom!

In 2019, we’ll be offering an Advanced Mediumship course which will delve more deeply into how safely to do Trance Mediumship and Gallery (also known as Platform Mediumship) readings to an audience. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates about availability.

Prospective students often email me asking if they should purchase the Mediumship Training or Psychic-Clairvoyance course first. I usually advise them to focus on each course and then choose the program which, in their heart, they most want to take. In fact, I’ve included the courses discount bundle option to solve this dilemma. Check it out at the bottom.