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Learn How to Directly Connect and Work with Spirit Guides for Yourself and Others!

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Novice to Advanced Levels

Imagine Easily Communicating with Your Personal Spirit Guides!

Spirit Guides are a powerful force in your life and many Spirit Guides are with you right now. Think about what it would be like to know who your spirit guides are and have their loving help anytime you wish.

In this course, I will present to you safe and easy ways to meet and work with these amazing beings that have volunteered to help you in your life’s journey while on earth.

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What You’ll Receive in the Spirit Guides Course:

  • 40 pages of fantastic training.

  • Recordings of live phone classes.

  • Beautifully recorded exercises.

  • Files for electronic devices.

  • Help from Carol by email request.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Who your personal Spirit Guides are.

  • How many guides you have.

  • What your guides do for you.

  • Open a direct channel to your guides.

  • Work closely with your Master Teacher.

  • Different ways Spirit Guides connect.

  • How to know a Spirit Guide is near.

  • Notice the gentle physical nudges from your guides.

  • How to map a new life direction with your guides.

  • How to build a more trusting relationship.

  • How to determine which specific guide is communicating.

  • Different ways to get clearer answers.

  • Know the difference between Spirit Guides’ and Angelic help.

  • How to meet your Ancestor Guides.

  • Discover your Animal Power Guides.

  • How to formally petition your guides for assistance.

  • And much more!

What Graduates Say about the Spirit Guides Mastery Course!

This course is amazing! I truly got tighter with my Spirit Guides and they planned for me unbelievable synchronicities and encounters! Now I feel even more confident as I now personally know my Divine Helpers!

Silvia Lanteri, Italy

I wasn’t sure if I believed in Spirit Guides or not. That’s why I took this program. So glad that I did. Everything came to life for me and in the meditations, my guides came in loud and clear. I even tested them as suggested and got answers to questions that convinced me this is the real deal. So appreciative.

Yuka Hiruta

Get ready for an amazing experience with this program. The teachings are clear and I’ve learned so much about my very own guides that I never knew before. Thanks Carol. Light to you always!!

Amanda Critchley

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  • The minimum age for taking this program is 18.

*Live class recordings are taken from a phone teleconferencing class. They may be a little fuzzy to listen to.

Importantly, we are not accountable for any legal action initiated against you if you teach or use our techniques with others. Also, we’re not accountable for any outcomes as a result of taking this course. And, we are not responsible for any student’s business or consultations provided to their clients. Furthermore, any legal action taken against a student for any of our products or services is strictly the responsibility of the student or graduate of one of our programs or classes and not Imagine Spirit or Carol Nicholson.

When you complete the course, email us and request the Certification Quiz. Importantly, the Quiz questions come right from the course. Following that, send the complete quiz back to us via email. Moreover, upon approval, we will invoice you for the $10 US or $15 International Fee to have your certificate mailed to you. Finally, if you elect not to have the certificate mailed, that’s fine. Ultimately, you will still be listed on our Graduate’s Directory and receive your Certified digital Seal image.

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