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Easily Connect with the Realm of Spirit Guides

Our Spirit Guides Mastery Certification training provides so much more than the average spirit guides course! Above all, we’ve made it highly affordable for anyone wanting to forge a solid connection with their personal spirit guides.

Importantly, Spirit Guides are a powerful force in your life and many Spirit Guides are with you right now. But, more importantly, think about what it would be like to know who your spirit guides are and have their loving help at anytime. 

Perfect for sampling the kind of training that Imagine Spirit offers.

Get on board with this intuitive-based spirit guides training. Connect with your spirit guides on demand and improve your life!

This course benefits anyone. Additionally, you’ll learn the skills and knowledge required to become Certified in Spirit Guides Mastery training.


What Makes Our Spirit Guides Training Different

Firstly, in this course, you’ll learn the different kinds of spirit guides and how they are positioned to assist you. Secondly, you’ll learn how to forge a solid link with your guides. Thirdly, you’ll learn the various ways that spirit guides attempt to get your attention.

You’ll Learn the Symbols Associated with Each Guide

Spirit guides don’t always show themselves as they truly are. Instead, a symbol is often sent to you to provide clues about the impactful functions that each guide has in your life. You’ll learn how to differentiate which guides are signaling you according to their unique symbol.

More importantly, meditation, study, and reflection on each symbol causes a change in your energy field, raising its level so that you more easily attune to each of your guides.

Ultimately, this course also provides practical and easy methods to connect with your guides clearly and form a lasting relationship with them. In addition, you’ll learn how to do Spirit Guides readings by accessing your client’s spirit guides.

What You’ll Receive with the Spirit Guides Mastery Training:

What You’ll Learn with the Spirit Guides Mastery Training:


Important Questions Answered

Although many people believe this, the answer is technically no. You’ll learn more about this in the course.

As stated above, technically no. However, they are definitely with you and help in times of trouble or need. Again, you’ll learn more about this topic in the course.

Yes. Once you have become certified, you will be a qualified Spirit Guides Practitioner and connect with others’ Spirit Guides during a reading to offer guidance.

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 $25 USD
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