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Build a Lasting Relationship with Your Guides!

Our Spirit Guides Mastery Training provides so much more than the average spirit guides course! Above all, we’ve made it highly affordable for anyone wanting to forge a solid connection with their personal spirit guides.

To add to this, the course provides practical and easy methods to better understand your guides and how to form a lasting relationship with them.

Importantly, Spirit Guides are a powerful force in your life and many Spirit Guides are with you right now. More importantly, think about what it would be like to know who your spirit guides are and have their loving help at anytime.

Cost: $35 – $45

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Novice to Advanced Levels

Sample Meditation

A lovely and so profound spiritual course! Amazing, helpful learning and exercises so, what else can I say? I am incredibly grateful!
~Noelia Guerri, Spain

For the first time since I started trying, I”ve been able to connect with my spirit guides. I actually have many more guides helping me than I thought. Thank you Imagine Spirit!
~Kimberly Dawn


  • 40 pages of fantastic training.

  • Recordings of live phone classes.

  • Beautifully recorded exercises.

  • Easy download instructions.

  • Help from Carol by email request.


Your Spirit Guides are beings that have volunteered to help you in your life’s journey. While some believe in spirit guides, others do not. If you believe that you have guides to help you or want to directly communicate with them, then this course is for you!

Firstly, in this course, you’ll learn the different kinds of spirit guides and how they are positioned to assist you. Secondly, you’ll learn how to forge a strong connecting link with them. Thirdly, you’ll learn the various ways that spirit guides attempt to get your attention.

Master Connecting with All Kinds of Benevolent Beings

The kinds of spirit guides you’ll work with are as different as the humans you meet. However, as you connect with the higher dimensions, you’ll encounter both human and non-human entities. Don’t let this scare you. Read the kinds of benevolent non-human entities next.

Significantly, unlike spirit guides, non-human beings are souls that have never incarnated on earth. These types of entities include angels, nature spirits, and totem animals. Using the methods presented in this course, you can connect with these beings as well.

Become an Adept

Various types of energy emanate from the physical body. Specifically, these  energies are light, heat, thermal, and sound.

So, what does this have to do with spirit guides? A lot. A strong energy field enables your spirit guides to make a lasting link with you.

Additionally, having a strong energy field keeps the least desirable spirits, bogus guides, or spirit attachments from entering your space.

Ultimately, those who’ve trained themselves to open to the higher dimensions are considered spiritual adepts. You can be one of these adepts.

You’ll Learn the Symbols Associated with Each Guide

Spirit guides don’t always show themselves as they truly are. A symbol is often sent to you to provide clues as to the functions that each guide fulfills in your life. You’ll learn how to differentiate which guides are signaling you according to their unique symbol.

More importantly, meditation, study, and reflection on each symbol causes a change your energy field, raising its level so that you more easily attune to each of your guides.

There Are Two Categories of Spirit Guides

You have, what is commonly called an inner band and an outer band of guides. Spirit guides that work most closely with you on a day-to-day basis are considered your inner band of guides.

The outer band comes into play when you begin to work more consciously on your spiritual development. These guides usually appear a little later in life when you’ve matured some and are ready to address your spiritual self.

How Spirit Guides Make Themselves Known

Your spirit guides make themselves known in a variety of ways. The techniques in this course are designed to increase your awareness of your guides and help you to identify each one more effectively.

As mentioned, some guides use symbols to announce they are near. With others, you’ll feel gentle touches—often on the top of the head neck, shoulders, and arms.

Gentle Touches by Guides Are Important to Notice

Spirit guides will sometimes gently touch you to get your attention. These touches are usually felt on the top of the head, face, back of the neck, shoulders, and arms. Some describe these touches as being cobwebby-like sensations. Other indications are chills and goosebumps indicating that a guide is near.

Other Ways that Spirit Guides Signal You

Not surprising, spirit guides also connect with you audibly. Auditory signals can range from experiencing a buzzing or ringing sound in the ears. In rarer instances, you might hear whispers and even voices that you know are not coming from people nearby.

Also, just like angels and deceased loved ones, spirit guides sometimes announce their presence with a distinct pleasant odor or fragrance.

Why We Don’t Usually See Our Spirit Guides

Spirit guides rarely appear to us and depend upon the above methods mentioned for attracting our attention. Why is this?

Because, spirit guides are more concerned with our intuitive connection with them. They prefer a more subtle approach so that we’re not influenced by how they look.

I hope you’ll seriously consider getting this fantastic course so that your life is enriched and runs more smoothly because you are working closely with your guides. And your guides will thank you for it. Why? Because the more you spiritually grow, exponentially, so will your guides!

Summary: What You’ll Learn

  • Who your personal Spirit Guides are.

  • How many guides you have.

  • What your guides do for you.

  • Open a direct channel to your guides.

  • Work closely with your Master Teacher.

  • Different ways Spirit Guides connect.

  • How to know a Spirit Guide is near.

  • Notice the gentle physical nudges from your guides.

  • How to map a new life direction with your guides.

  • You’ll build a more trusting relationship.

  • How to determine which specific guide is communicating.

  • Different ways to get clearer answers.

  • Know the difference between Spirit Guides and Angelic help.

  • How to meet your Ancestor Guides.

  • Discover your Animal Power Guides.

  • How to formally petition your guides for assistance.

  • And much more!


This course is amazing! I truly got tighter with my Spirit Guides and they planned for me unbelievable synchronicities and encounters! Now I feel even more confident as I now personally know my Divine Helpers!

Silvia Lanteri, Italy

I wasn’t sure if I believed in Spirit Guides or not. That’s why I took this program. So glad that I did. Everything came to life for me and in the meditations, my guides came in loud and clear. I even tested them as suggested and got answers to questions that convinced me this is the real deal. So appreciative.

Yuka Hiruta

Get ready for an amazing experience with this program. The teachings are clear and I’ve learned so much about my very own guides that I never knew before. Thanks Carol. Light to you always!!

Amanda Critchley


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