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The beauty is –no matter what kind of learner you are—Carol has it all covered with downloads—audios and videos of mediumship, to written material with all –I mean ALL the steps that just expands your spirit connection awareness.
Thank you Carol. Truly Grateful!!
Vivian Aubin
Spiritual Counselor

I wanted to give a big thank you to Carol for offering her classes. Her willingness to share her expertise and experiences is invaluable enough, but she also does this in a way that lets her students know that they can develop their own gifts as well. I’ve gained so many benefits from the Mediumship class that I took, but I think that my favorite is that the class made me pay more attention to information that I’ve been receiving for a long time. It allowed me to see this information as “real” and to learn to use it more effectively by bringing it more fully into my conscious awareness. I highly recommend taking her classes – thank you, Carol, for sharing your expertise and for making this information so accessible!
~ Jennifer Glenn, M.S.

I have been fortunate enough to train with Carol Nicholson from Imagine Spirit. The mediumship and advanced mediumship phone classes were truly guided –with her expertise in mediumship and also with knowing how to assist us in being the best medium we can be.
~Sydney Schyler

I have purchased four of Carol’s courses over the last few years and found her recorded classes and exercises an invaluable tool for learning. Through what I have learned with Imagine Spirit, I am proud to say that I am working as a Spiritual Medium and I continue to learn with all the courses.
~Shani from Cairns, Australia

I’ve been reading tarot for years and been giving reiki also. Mediumship has always played a role but I have always doubted myself. Taking your course has helped me so much, so I thank you for that. My guides and angels are very excited as am I. Everything seems to be coming at me so quickly and much more clearly too.
~Connie Kilroy

My name is Rebecca Gaspard. I am taking your mediumship course, and am just about to start lesson 7. I wanted to say how much I have been enjoying the lessons. I have been growing a lot in my mediumship. I just wanted to say thank you. :)

I recently bought your Mediumship course and would just like to say that I am very impressed with it. I have been amazed at how thorough your course is and the exercises are so much more effective than the ones that are being taught in the circles I go to. I have improved my skills immensely since starting it.
~Diane. R., Billings, MT

Thank you so much for CERTIFICATION! You have no idea how much this means to me. It helps me a lot in seeing things in a better perspective. I’ve told you the first time you did a reading for me that you are a great teacher. Well, I am even more convinced now. It’s true, my western education does make it hard to understand to contact with a spirit, any spirit, but thanks to you, I am learning a lot. The Mediumship Home Course is just what I needed as there are no Mediumship training schools near me.
~Ingrid S., Belgium

I took the Mediumship training from Imagine Spirit and am amazed at how my readings become better with each lesson I finished. I especially loved the Rescue Mediumship as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I now work with lost spirits to cross them to the light. Thanks Carol!!
~Angela, WI

Imagine Spirit is where I really learned how to use my Mediumship with confidence. This training is truly awesome!
~Jeffrey M., Phoenix, AZ

There is nothing that is not covered in her courses. The information –that you received is very detailed, researched and provides you with the best foundation I have ever found. I have looked at many mediumship programs and can honestly and truthfully say I have never received the realms of information, resource and assistance that comes with Carol’s course!!
~Drift Lee


I recently bought your Psychic course and would just like to say that I am very impressed with it. The exercises are so much more effective than the ones that are being taught in the circles I go to. Thank You!
Image of Mark
~DK Phoenix
Pathways to Clairvoyance Certified

I completed the clairvoyance certification course with Carol. She is a great instructor because of her immense patience with all kinds of students. There are a lot of old students who repeat the course usually and it was disappointing for me that they were able to see things I was not as a new student. But Carol made me feel comfortable and kept reassuring me that it takes time and persistence. It does take time but once you get it then visualizing is a matter of minutes.  I am glad I took this course and she shared all the videos and recordings which can be used later. She is a competent and knowledgeable teacher. She is also very in tune with the energy of the students.
~Rimpa G.

Thank you so much your program is wonderful. I can’t say enough about it. I look forward next to doing the Angel program!!
~Carmen S., Costa Rica

I’m only half-way through this course but its’ really helpful for all the space clearing that I do…such a perfect complement!
~Frankie Dams Konkol

This course is so packed full of amazing material that no matter where someone is in his or her development, there is much to be gained from this course. The class recordings are like frosting on the cake and the MP3 exercises are gifts that I will use over and over again. Thank you for making it affordable and for all of the effort you put forth for the benefit of your students.
~Sydney Schuyler, Certified Psychic/Clairvoyant

Back in 2008 my father passed away and shortly after I started to see his spirit. I didn’t know what was happening until I started to research my experiences. I discovered I had the ability to see Spirit. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone to help me develop this new ability. Everyone was miles away or too expensive. Until I came across Carol’s website, Imagine Spirit. She offers very in depth information and exercises. The price for her classes are well worth it. I have enjoyed Carol’s classes so much that I went on to take the Clairvoyance class and several others by her. I highly recommend Carol’s classes if you’re looking to develop your abilities or simply to learn more about the Spiritual side of life.
~Michelle Delgado, Certified Psychic/Clairvoyant

Imagine Spirit classes accelerated my knowledge, growth, and confidence in my abilities. The one on one contact and ability to ask questions, take the time necessary and learn this material, were very important in learning about psychic development. Seeing my own skills really grow, I was astonished at the abilities these classes helped me to realize that I have.
~ L. L., Chandler, AZ

I recently bought your Psychic course and would just like to say that I am very impressed with it. I am a natural medium and have taught myself many things with the help of spirit, I am also a practicing medium, doing readings and helping out at different circles. I have been amazed at how wonderful your course is and the exercises are so much more effective than the ones that are being taught in the circles I go to. Thank You!
~D. K., Phoenix, AZ

Loved taking this program by phone. It answered so many questions for me and my confidence in doing readings has increased so much. Also, I have psychic/medium friends and nobody picked up on the problem I asked about in class except for you, Carol.


If you are looking for a course on the Akashic Records that is comprehensive and workable, this is it! Gaining my certification dear to me and I now do readings for others along with my psychic readings. It was an exciting experience and I love helping others that come to me for a reading from their records.
~Diane Kepros
Akashic Records Graduate

When I started the records and I feel like my psychic gifts have become clearer. My life purpose is so clear. I could stay in the vibration of the records all day it’s so beautiful. The program was very thorough and very well put together. I had so much fun learning and listening along with this course. I have already given 5 readings for people. I’m so excited with my new gift!
~Alyssa George

The phone class training helped me understand and connect better with the Akashic Records. Carol is patient and compassionate. I highly recommend any of her training classes.
~Gladys Francisco Rodriquez

The Akashic Records course was very much in line with my previous knowledge, experience and beliefs. I thoroughly enjoyed the listening to the MP3s and the exercises as well as having the book. Thank you Carol for your time and effort in putting this great course together. I am sure, it will assist many souls to find themselves and transcend their Karma.
~Elke B, Australia

I’ve always wanted to read the Akashic Records. Some of the courses out there are okay but didn’t really get me there. This course did, and I really felt I was in the presence of the records for the first time. Thank you soooo much, Carol!
~Alice Dollé Nicol

This Akashic Records course was phenomenal. It provided me with many answers about my past lives and why my life circumstances are what they are. I was able to heal so many things that have been bothering me for years. Thanks Imagine Spirit!!
~Anamika Mishra


Forget other Angel courses! This one has to be the best one available. I learned to do readings and get positive feedback from clients every time about my accuracy. For sure, people love to get angel readings. And, my angel readings have really grown my business.
Ruth A.
Advanced Angels Graduate

I LOVED IT! Your course is very comprehensive and jam-packed with helpful information. I really enjoyed taking it! I will be recommending it to anyone who is interested in working with Angels!
~Sheila Scott, Canada

I loved this course. It taught me everything I wanted to know and more. It was easy to follow and yet the content was phenomenal. I took another course from a well-known teacher and it wasn’t nearly as effective. Also, I love the fact that I can now add angel readings onto my psychic resume. My clients are loving it!
~Doris Drouin

Taking this course helped me to understand more about the Angelic Realms and work with them more closely. The meditations are fantastic and learning to do angel readings is something I’ve always wanted to do. I love working with the Angels!! Thank you so much for this wonderful program!
~Maria Jensen, PhD.

This was a great course on Angels! If you are looking for a wonderful course all about the Angels, this is it. I’ve taken a couple of other courses and they don’t even come close! Thank you Carol for all the care and in-depth teachings you put into it.
~Dr. Colton Baird-Rowe

If you haven’t taken a course from Carol, I highly recommend starting with the Angels course. It’s beautifully put together with so many helpful aids. You can’t find a better one on this topic anywhere!!! xxxoooo
~Meilena H., N. CA

I never knew so many fascinating things about angels that I learned in this course. The Advanced angels course gave me incredible insights and has helped me with learning how to do readings at a deep level. Thank you so much for this!
~Narkek Pogosayan


~Sarah Jane Kazarian​
Spirit Guides Graduate

Wow, I learned lot about them and how they work. Such a great tool. Thanks so much!
~Lin Millious

I wasn’t sure if I believed in Spirit Guides or not. That’s why I took this program. So glad that I did. Everything came to life for me and in the meditations, my guides came in loud and clear. I even tested them as suggested and got answers to questions that convinced me this is the real deal. So appreciative.
~Yuka Hiruta

Get ready for an amazing experience with this program. The teachings are clear and I’ve learned so much about my very own guides that I never knew before. Thanks Carol. Light to you always!!
~Amanda Critchley

I just finished the Spirit Guide Mastery course! It was a fantastic and well-written course, with lots of detail about what spirit guides are and how to communicate with them. I learned a lot!
~Jason Beauvais


Wow, this course was sooooo much fun!!! Carol brings your knowledge about the paranormal to a whole new level. If you’re a beginner with just a spark of interest or an amateur who has been doing this for years—this course is a must!!!
Rbt. Teach
Ghost Hunter Pro Graduate

The background information on this subject is phenomenal –which Carol has included in this course!! With downloads—audio or videos, extensive written materials and resources is an amazing foundation for this work! And then the exercises and learning how to decipher whether you have a true EPV or got a “ghost” on camera or is it just “residual energy”???? Or is it “just your imagination””—find out for sure!! The answers are all in this course!!!!
~Enzio Garcia

This is an excellent and very enjoyable course. It is suitable for anyone with interest. The course is very entertaining and easy to follow. I look forward to starting and completing the Detect and Release Spirit Attachments course. Thank you Carol…
~Tracey White, UK

This was the first phone course I had ever taken. I’ve always been interested in hunting for spirits so I thought I’d take a chance with it. Within two weeks I was hunting spirits and got evidence at an old abandoned house outside my town. Carol showed me everything I needed to know. And, I started with just my cell phone. We even covered Spirit Lights as I live near the Marfa lights. The class was fun and I enjoyed the learning and resources. Amazing stuff!!
~Juan Tamez, New Mexico

I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in finding ghosts. It gave me step by step instructions and what to look for and the things to avoid. The information was comprehensive and I enjoyed the movies on how to use equipment. So many questions were answered for me. I started in a cemetery and got spirit voices right away. I also got some great orbs and believe they’re authentic with what Carol told me to look for in what spirit orbs really are. Thank you for everything you taught me. Love this!
~John Holliday

10out of 10!
~Ryker H. IN

Imagine Spirit has developed a course that allows you to have the knowledge to scrutinize all you see, all you feel, all you hear and all you know—to know “beyond doubt” if you have been blessed with a “ghost.” Thank you Carol for your dedication to helping the spirit world and being a Phenomenal Instructor and developing such a profound, detailed—professional level course!!!!

~Vivian Aubin 


Because of this course, I got rid of a negative attachment I’ve had for 10 years. I am so very grateful!

The course taught me so much and was absolutely amazing!! I would totally recommend!
~Lindsey Leonard

This is fantastic training!! I am a Reiki Master and have my own practice for many years helping people. I have worked alongside my spiritual guides for many years—and they have guided me in helping clients release attachments.

~Maryann K. Jordan

I wish I would have had this course many years ago –much of which I have learned from my spiritual guides is all detailed in this course by Imagine Spirit. Carol also has provided me with additional knowledge, exercises and techniques to better serve my clients!!!

~Jeanne Wells

Thanks Carol for this course. It’s has helped me so much. I found 3 attachments that have been draining my energy. Family life is better since I got rid of them. Taking this course was an amazing experience for sure.

~Renae Christine S.

I must say, this course is super informative and enjoyed it’s material very much!!! I learned a bunch of new things. Thanks so much!
~Tesa Harster

Your courses are amazing! I really go so much out of the Spirit Attachments and Ghost Hunter PRO courses. Can’t wait to start the Mediumship training next! Thank you.
~Timothy Morrison

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