Carol Nicholson, PhD.
Carol Nicholson, PhD.



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Imagine Spirit is a Worldwide Training School for an Amazing Selection of Certification Courses

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Carol Nicholson, Certified Psychic Medium, personally welcomes you to a wonderful journey into the World of Spirituality with Certifications in Mediumship Training, Psychic-Clairvoyance Development, Reading the Akashic Records, Advanced Angels & Doing Readings Course, Spirit Guides Mastery, Release Spirit Attachments, and Ghost Hunting!


→Mediumship Home Study
→Pathways to Clairvoyance Home Study

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Mediumship Study Training & Certification


Hey guys. Ya gotta do this thing! I’ve always seen and felt spirits and thought I was going crazy. Now I can manage visitations. This course showed me exactly how to do it right. Now I’m doing spirit readings for my friends and family. Looking forward to becoming a professional medium!!

I took a free mediumship course and only became more confused. I was nervous about buying an on-line course but am so glad I got this one. I feel much more confident in my spirit contact sessions and am able to get validation of spirits and their relationship to the sitter.
~D. Hyland

Pathways Psychic Training & Certification


If you are looking for a real psychic development course, I highly recommend this one. I couldn’t wait for each new lesson. I’ve taken cheaper courses and you get what you pay for!
~Jon Wilson

What can’t I say? Taking this course was fulfilling a dream. I have always wanted to be a psychic and quit my job. After taking this course I am thinking of getting started in my own business. Carol gives excellent pointers on how to do this at the end of the course. Now I can do what I love doing! Thank you Carol!
~Jan Delarosa

Access Your Akashic Records Training
& Certification


NEW! Advanced Angels and
Doing Angel Readings Course


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Unique Spirit Guides Training

Your Spirit Guides are a major part of your life. Learn how to really connect with them to help you with all your life’s issues and how to avoid any pitfalls coming your way. See details on how work with YOUR guides. Get your Certificate of Mastery!

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Detect-Release Spirit-AttachmentsRelease Spirit Attachments Now

This is a complete program for finding out what Spirit Attachments are, if you have a Spirit Attachment, how to release them, and to help others detect and release Spirit Attachments. Become certified! See details and find out more.

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ghost hunting trainingStart Your Ghost Hunting Career

Our Ghost Hunting Course is an incredible training program that will teach you everything to start your Ghost Hunting adventures. Learn the ins and outs of Ghost Hunting from interviewing witnesses to how to analyze evidence and all about equipment.

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Get the Akashic Records • Spirit Guides & Spirit Attachment Courses on One Materials DVD

Akashic Records-Spirit-Guides-Spirit-Attachments-Discount

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Ghost Hunting & Spirit Attachments Courses Combined BundleImmediate Download or Get the Materials DVD
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The Benefits of Taking a
Home Study Course


Let’s face it. With the dynamics of our fast moving world, there isn’t always time to attend seminars or in-person classes. Yet many people prefer this and I am one of them. However, it isn’t possible to reach the scores of people who are hungering for quality training and our excellent selection of home study courses can do this!

To help in making the classes more personal, each class provides MP3 recordings so you will feel as though you are participating in the actual class! Listen to Carol answer questions from students that you would most likely have asked yourself. You can listen to these recordings anywhere as we provide the electronic files for each course.

We automatically offer the opportunity for certification or certificates of mastery for all our courses.

6 Reasons You’re Ready to Begin Your Psychic Training

  1. You have been thinking a lot lately about seeking out Mediumship and/or Psychic Development training.
  2. You have been or are having realistic dreams of people, events, and even certain time periods in our history. This is a huge clue that your psychic senses are opening up.
  3. You watch television shows or other kinds of media that you seem to know what is going to happen and you find out you were right.
  4. With all the difficulties going on in the world, you are feeling a strong urge to help other people like never before.
  5. You may have lately felt dissatisfied with your life or career and long for something greater and more satisfying.
  6. You may have taken other classes but felt deeply disappointed with the vague content and not enough training and exercises provided.

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Thanks for all the wonderful classes, YouTube videos, Blog articles, and Freebies.
I love these courses!
~Maryann Jordan

Meditations, Quizzes, Binaural Beats, Videos, & Other Cool Stuff


Founder, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

and Certified Psychic Medium


Watch How Carol Became a Psychic-Medium


Hi! I’m Carol Nicholson and I am truly happy you found Imagine Spirit! I have been a Certified Psychic-Medium for over 30 years and gained my Ph.D. in 2015. I was fortunate to be trained by one of the finest Psychic and Trance Mediums in the United States. I launched Imagine Spirit in 2001 to provide seekers with effective and enjoyable classes and programs. These, I believe, will fulfill your learning needs and further your conscious evolution. Since its inception, I am proud to say that several thousand people from all over the world have taken classes from Imagine Spirit.