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Mediumship Certification Training that’s Affordable


Delve deeply into Mediumship certification training that’s ground-breaking, affordable, as well as engaging. Through this easy-to-follow course, you’ll build a solid foundation for becoming an authentic evidential medium. With the live class recordings provided, it’s like having a Mediumship school right in your own home. 

Why should you purchase a course from Imagine Spirit? Because regardless of your interests, there’s so much more that you can learn on a spiritual level. All training shares something in common. Our courses encompass working with the world of Spirit and opening your psychic channels wider.

Mediumship Certification Training that’s a Cut above the Rest

Most importantly, this Mediumship certification training will take you step-by-step through what we call the unfoldment process. Through it, you will learn skills that take you to more advanced levels in this Mediumship Home Study course. Build confidence and trust that your Mediumship skills will exponentially grow as you work through the course.

In this Mediumship Home Study course, ultimately you’ll find out how to safely open and close your spirit channels and how to communicate with friendly spirits onlyEven more importantly, you’ll be gain mastery at giving messages of love and comfort from the departed. Finally, you’ll learn how to provide definitive validating evidence, which is essential for providing credible Mediumship readings.

And, there’s so much more that you will learn and master in the Mediumship Home Study course! Are you excited yet? See the course details by clicking the link below.

Psychic Pathways to Clairvoyance Training


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Carol Nicholson, PhD.

Carol Nicholson, Certified Psychic-Medium and Ph.D. launched Imagine Spirit in 2001. Since then, Imagine Spirit has been a trusted spiritual learning center that provides certification in a variety of spiritual courses, including the popular Mediumship and Psychic Clairvoyance training. Her goal has always been to pave the way for individuals to open to new heights of sparkling spirituality, acquire deep knowledge and expertise, and ultimately answer their soul’s calling.


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