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Hi! I’m Carol Nicholson, and I am happy you’ve chosen to visit Imagine Spirit!  We offer an amazing selection of courses that will further your spiritual knowledge and enable you to become certified in any number of programs to enhance your credibility.

Whatever your field of expertise is, or even if you are just starting out, we will provide you with just about everything you need from fantastic training to how to start or enhance your business. Begin today with our Mediumship and Pathways to Clairvoyance Premium courses. Or start with one of our popular shorter courses.

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Mediumship Development Training
and Certification


Pathways Psychic Training
and Certification


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Akashic Records Training
and Certification

Akashic Reecords

Advanced Angels Training
and Certification


Spirit Guides, Spirit Attachments, and Ghost Hunting Training

Unique Spirit Guides Mastery Training

Your Spirit Guides are a major part of your life. Learn how to really connect with them to help you with all your life’s issues and how to avoid any pitfalls coming your way. See details on how work with YOUR guides. Get your Certificate!

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SALE ENDS AUGUST 31stDetect-Release Spirit-AttachmentsRelease Spirit Attachments Training

This is a complete program for finding out what Spirit Attachments are, if you have a Spirit Attachment, how to release them, and to help others detect and release Spirit Attachments. Become Certified! See details and find out more.

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SALE ENDS AUGUST 31stghost hunting trainingComplete Ghost Hunting Training

Our Ghost Hunting Course is an incredible training program that will teach you everything to start your Ghost Hunting adventures. Learn the ins and outs of Ghost Hunting from interviewing witnesses to analyzing evidence.  Become Certified!

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Courses Bundled

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Get the Akashic Records, Spirit Guides, and Angel Practitioner Courses on One Materials DVD

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Ghost Hunting and Spirit Attachments Courses DVD!Ghost-Attachments

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6 Reasons You’re Ready to Begin Psychic

  1. You have been thinking a lot lately about seeking out Mediumship and/or Psychic and Spiritual Development training.
  2. You have been or are having realistic dreams of people, events, and even certain time periods in our history. This is a huge clue that your psychic senses are opening up.
  3. You watch television shows or other kinds of media and you seem to know what is going to happen. You discover you are right a majority of the time.
  4. With all the difficulties going on in the world, you are feeling a strong urge to help other people like never before.
  5. You may have lately felt dissatisfied with your life style or career and long for something greater and more satisfying.
  6. You may have taken other classes but felt deeply disappointed with the vague content and not enough training and exercises provided.

Experience a Real Mediumship
Development Circle


More about Me

I was fortunate to be trained by one of the finest Psychic and Trance Mediums in the United States and have been a professional Psychic-Medium and teacher for over thirty years. I founded Imagine Spirit in 2001 to share the insights, secrets, and tips I’ve learned over three decades of doing professional readings and teaching the Psychic Arts.


You can read more about me on the “About Carol” page. Watch a movie on my psychic journey. 🙂

A Recent Testimonial

My name is Etsuko but my psychic name is Ellie Jones.

“As a professional psychic reader in Hawaii, I was always trying to find a REAL mentor for myself. I have attended many spiritual workshops and schools and I have been a hopper for other psychic readers. I spent a lot of money and sometimes was so disappointed.

When I met Ms Carol Nicholson, I knew she was the teacher for me.  I can tell she has a clear energy and very sharp spiritual sense. She works so hard, too. Beautiful smile and sweet personality.

I am from Japan and worried about language barrier. But her materials are experiential as well as academic. I know this experience will become my blood and flesh. I am so thankful to Carol. SENSEI! (master/mentor in Japanese) I highly recommend this wonderful and affordable spiritual learning system to everyone.” ~Etsuko Watanabe


Thanks for all the wonderful classes, YouTube videos, Blog articles, and Freebies.
I love these courses!
~Maryann Jordan