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Mediumship and Psychic Training Certification Programs Since 2001

Imagine Spirit provides Mediumship and Psychic Certification Programs to match your spiritual training goals and has been doing so since 2001. 

Whatever your goals are, the comprehensive training we offer will drive you towards finally fulfilling your inner calling and ultimately your destiny.  You’ll get a mailed certificate of mastery for every course.

We also have wide range of short and easy spiritual certification programs to satisfy your interests and goals. 

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Premier Courses


Fast Track Spiritual Certification Programs

Imagine Spirit is a trusted on-line school featuring spiritual certification programs and short courses that provide unique original content, beautifully recorded exercises, and live class recordings. Don’t take my word for it. Just take a look at our graduates from across the globe!

Founder, Carol Nicholson has spent years crafting and fine-tuning each course. Most importantly, every course programs lends the feeling that it was personally created for you. Additionally, you’ll be elated at the successful results that each course program provides.

“I started with the Mediumship course almost two decades ago. At first, it was meant to be an introduction guide only for Mediumship development, but soon mushroomed into a full-blown course incorporating my experience, spirit communication techniques, and making it something that almost anyone with the desire to learn could successfully master. The Pathways to Clairvoyance soon followed and over the years, our fast track courses came into being–each one lovingly crafted for the world to enjoy.”

Why should you purchase a course from Imagine Spirit? Because regardless of your interests, there’s so much more that you can learn on a spiritual level. All training shares something in common. Our courses encompass working with the world of Spirit, raising your spiritual vibration, and optimizing psychic channels to their fullest potential.

Check out our other courses too. Perhaps start with the Spirit Guides Mastery, Spirit Attachments Release, and Be a Pro at Ghost Hunting for paranormally-minded. Incredible bundle discounts available.

Founder & Your Teacher

Carol Nicholson, PhD.

Carol Nicholson, Certified Psychic-Medium and PhD. launched Imagine Spirit in 2001. Since then Imagine Spirit has been a trusted source for spiritual learning and providing certification in a variety of spiritual courses including the popular Mediumship and Psychic Clairvoyance training.

Carol Nicholson Spiritual Homestudy Courses

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