Carol Nicholson, PhD.
Carol Nicholson, PhD.


Imagine Spirit Intuitive Arts Institute

Trusted Training in Mediumship, Psychic Development, and Metaphysical Classes Since 2001

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Akashic Records TrainingRead the Akashic Records
Complete Training

Connect with Spirit Guides TrainingGetting Tight with
Your Spirit Guides

Detect and Release
Spirit Attachments

Learn to-Be-a-Qualified-Ghost-HunterBecome a Paranormal Investigator

 Founder, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

and Certified Psychic Medium

Come with me and begin your psychic journey today.

My name is Carol Nicholson and I am truly happy to meet you! I  have been a Certified Psychic-Medium for over 30 years.  I was fortunate to be trained by one of the finest Psychic and Trance Mediums in the United States. In 2014, I received my Ph.D. in the Paranormal Sciences and have numerous Certifications to my credit.

Over the last thirty years I’ve  traveled the world giving psychic and Mediumship readings as well as having a thriving practice in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2001 I founded Imagine Spirit Training as an on-line presence. In 2013, I retired from doing readings so I could focus on creating many additional extensive courses.

My journey into the psychic realm has been a fascinating one, to say the least. I’ve taught untold teleclasses over the years and you can hear these very same classes in many of the training programs we offer. People from all over the globe have ordered Imagine Spirit courses since 2001! »More about Carol Nicholson

Carol-Noicholson, PhD., and-Chip Coffey

With an avid interest in the PARANORMAL, Carol has done investigations with such paranormal luminaries such as Loyd Auerbach often seen on the History Channel, Patty Cook, and others. My own investigations have included the very haunted St. James Hotel in New Mexico, the abandoned Ajo Hospital in Ajo, Arizona, and in Prescott, Arizona, the ghost-ridden Hotel Vendome. (See Evidence)

 Other Great Courses You Can Download Today!

Read the Akashic Records Certification Program

Akashic Records Training

Finally! A purposeful course that demystifies and provides easy access to your very own soul life records — The Akashic Records. In just four short weeks, learn the easy but effective techniques and meditations that will rocket you into the Akashic Plane and get answers for your most pressings questions about your current life circumstances and relationships.

»Details and Lesson Sample

Getting Tight w/ Your Spirit Guides Program

Connect with Spirit Guides Training

It’s one thing to believe you have spirit guides. It’s another to actually gain wisdom from them. Get to know all your spirit guides including your own Master Teacher Guide! Discover how to communicate and in a way that you can actually feel their presence and sense vitals messages.  Many beautifully recorded exercises. Listen to real Live class MP3 files.

»Details and Lesson Sample


Our NEW Kindle eBook –
Chakra Healing Made Easy

We will be offering a complete
course on the Chakras with
many exercise meditations
and movies as well.


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Remove Negative Attachment Entities


Detect and release negative attachments with this fantastic and effective course.Spirit Attachments are troublesome spirits that attach to your energy field during times of stress, grief, or vulnerability. Individuals that are susceptible, among others, are doctors, nurses,  lawyers,  ghost hunters, and you!

»Read More and Order

How to be a Paranormal
Investigator Program

Even if you are already ghost hunting, you will appreciate this program. A great step-by-step program for novice and advanced ghost hunters alike. How to start out on a budget, Live Class recordings, easy “how to” movies, how to evaluate evidence, successfully capture EVPs, etc. Gain certification!

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→New 3-In-One Discount Package!


Get the Akashic Records, Spirit Guides, Spirit Attachment Releasing All Together
on One Materials DVD

The Immediate Download Option Does Not Apply

Why wait? You can get your course right now at a discount. Take advantage of our Option A. Immediate Download selection for most courses. If you prefer to receive the printed package, we can do that too!

Why Take a Home Study Course?

Let’s face it. With the dynamics of our fast moving world, there isn’t always time to attend seminars or in-person classes. Yet many people prefer this and I am one of them. However, it isn’t possible to reach the scores of people who are hungering for quality training and our excellent selection of home study courses can do this!

To help in making the classes more personal, each class provides MP3 recordings so you will feel as though you are participating in the actual class! Listen to Carol answer questions from students that you would most likely have asked yourself. You can listen to these recordings anywhere as we provide the electronic files for each course.

We automatically offer the opportunity for certification or certificates of mastery for all our courses.

Open your mind to INFINITE possibilities and get started on a great course from Imagine Spirit today!

6 Reasons You’re Ready to Begin Your Spiritual Training

  1. You have been thinking a lot lately about seeking out Mediumship and/or Psychic Development training.
  2. You have been or are having realistic dreams of people, events, and even certain time periods in our history. This is a huge clue that your psychic senses are opening up.
  3. You watch television shows or other kinds of media that you seem to know what is going to happen and you find out you were right.
  4. With all the difficulties going on in the world, you are feeling a strong urge to help other people like never before.
  5. You may have lately felt dissatisfied with your life or career and long for something greater and fulfilling.
  6. You may have taken other classes but felt deeply disappointed with the vague content and not enough training and exercises provided.

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Thanks for all the wonderful classes, YouTube videos, Bog articles, Freebies, and the APP. I love these courses!
~Maryann Jordan

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