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#1 Ordered Psychic Mediumship and
Spiritual Certification Courses

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Imagine Spirit Universal Psychic Arts Has Been the Most Trusted Psychic, Medium, and Spiritual Certification Training Since 2001

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Complete Mediumship Development Training & Certification

If you are ready to become an amazing Medium or wishing to hone your currents skills and become certified, this #1 ordered program is perfect for you.

The Mediumship Development Program is a self-pace home study with exceptional training. Start communicating with the Spirit World today!  Download Lesson 1 absolutely FREE.
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Professional Psychic & Clairvoyance Training with Certification

If you’re looking to become a Professional Psychic or wish to fully open and master Clairvoyance and your other psychic senses, this extraordinary course provides everything you need.

The Professional Psychic-Clairvoyance program is self-pace home study. Learn clairvoyance opening secrets as well as all the psychic centers. Training and bonus topics will rocket you into new dimensions. Learn to do fantastic readings.
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Each course provides the best and most understandable content for easy and successful learning! Help is always available upon request.
All courses are reasonably priced! Our credo has always been to provide affordable, quality, comprehensive, and effective certification training.
Courses have an instant download option. Premium courses have a printed option. Materials DVD option is available for all courses.
Students love our self quizzes at the end of each lesson which don’t need to be submitted for grading.
Interactive resources are a major part of the courses. Live Class recordings. invaluable exercise meditations, and instructional movies.
Self-paced home study with no time limit to complete. Take a year or even two years. It doesn’t matter. Your course materials are always available to you.

What Graduates Say about Our Certification Courses

I took the mediumship training from Imagine Spirit and it really helped to solidify my confidence in my abilities. I now have a new career as a Professional Medium!

Jon Almada, Professional Medium, Radio Show Host

I am so thankful to Carol. I highly recommend the wonderful and affordable psychic learning courses to everyone! SENSEI! (mentor in Japanese)

Etsuko Watanable, Professional Psychic, Hawaii

I am truly grateful for Carol and Imagine Spirit getting me started in my career as a successful Gallery Medium in MA. Her awesome courses did that for me.

Steven F. Macek, Professional Gallery Medium, Lawyer

I’ve been hunting and searching for evidence on ghost and the paranormal for years. I love how detailed the class is and how it offers accessible hands on experience. The fact that videos, content, equipment tutorials, and case studies are available really makes this class truly unique. Absolutely Brilliant! Many thanks!! Fred

Curious Twins Paranormal Team and Tour Group, San Antonio

Hello Carol. Thank you so much for the Professional Psychic-Clairvoyance course. It’s amazing that a course like this exists. Continue doing your work because it is truly a blessing to so many people. Many blessings to you.

D. Payne, Ex-Combat Soldier

How can I thank you. All my life I have wanted to get in touch with my angels. This class was awesome and I connect with my angels everyday. I believe I also witnessed an Angel visitation! P.S. My clientele has gone up tremendously since I started offering Angel Readings.

Sandi W., Billings, MT

The Akashic Records Training is a great course and I will definitely recommend it to others. It showed me how I was always connected with the source of all past and present knowledge.This course has helped me in many ways. I’m more realigned with my soul’s purpose and the materials provided were easy to follow. The meditations were great, I still use them to practice.

Bibi K., Canada


View the Akashic Records with Clearsight

Find out how to view your own Akashic Records clearer and in more detail.


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Dedicated to Raising the Bar on Psychic and Spiritual Studies

Hi! I’m Carol Nicholson, founder of Imagine Spirit. I’ve been a professional Psychic-Medium and Spiritual Teacher since 1984.

Since starting Imagine Spirit in 2001, I’ve been dedicated to providing the very best and most affordable Mediumship, Psychic, and Spiritual programs on the Internet.

My credo has always been to offer intuitive certification courses almost anyone can afford. A large number of intuitive programs today are priced so high, a majority of prospective students are left with virtually no alternatives for outstanding training and certification. Imagine Spirit fills that gap!

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