Carol Nicholson, PhD.
Carol Nicholson, PhD.

Set Yourself Apart

Comprehensive Distance Learning Classes in:
How to Become a Medium, Total Psychic Development,
The Akashic Records, Spirit Guides,
Spirit Attachments, and Professional Ghost Hunting
all with Certification Options


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What We Offer

Welcome to an exciting and powerful journey for psychic and spiritual training. Through the combination of Downloadable or Printed Documents, Materials DVDs, Live Class Recordings, Video Training, and Original Recorded Exercises with long-time spiritual teacher, Carol Nicholson, you’ll be taken through many comprehensive psychic courses.  All our courses offer valuable certification options. Start below.

How to Become a Medium Training
Including Spirit Rescue Techniques

Complete & Total Easy Training
Beginning to Advanced Levels

How to Become a Professional Psychic-Clairvoyant Training and & Do Readings

Open & Boost  All Your Psychic Centers
Techniques for How to Do Professional Readings

4 Other Great Courses You Can Download Today!

Akashic Records TrainingRead the Akashic Records
Complete Training

Connect with Spirit Guides TrainingGetting Tight with
Your Spirit Guides

Detect and Release Spirit Attachments

Learn to-Be-a-Qualified-Ghost-HunterGhost Hunting
Complete Training!

3-In-One Discount Package!

3-in-1-CoursesGet the Akashic Records, Spirit Guides, Spirit Attachment Releasing

All Together on One Materials DVD

 Founder, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

and Certified Psychic Medium


My name is Carol Nicholson and I am truly happy to meet you and glad you found Imagine Spirit! I have been a Certified Psychic-Medium for over 30 years. I was fortunate to be trained by one of the finest Psychic and Trance Mediums in the United States.


Growing up, I had no idea I would become a Psychic/Medium. My primary interests were in my musical studies to become an opera singer as I was blessed with an amazing singing voice. I had experienced seeing, hearing, and feeling spirits from a very young age. Because of this I avidly read every book I could find on anything spiritual or psychic in nature never dreaming all this would someday shape my future. Looking back, my journey into the world of psychic counseling and teaching has been an amazing ride…


Understanding the Chakras

Coming in May!

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Why Take a Home Study Course?

Let’s face it. With the dynamics of our fast moving world, there isn’t always time to attend seminars or in-person classes. Yet many people prefer this and I am one of them. However, it isn’t possible to reach the scores of people who are hungering for quality training and our excellent selection of home study courses can do this!

To help in making the classes more personal, each class provides MP3 recordings so you will feel as though you are participating in the actual class! Listen to Carol answer questions from students that you would most likely have asked yourself. You can listen to these recordings anywhere as we provide the electronic files for each course.

We automatically offer the opportunity for certification or certificates of mastery for all our courses.

6 Reasons You’re Ready to Begin Your Psychic Training

  1. You have been thinking a lot lately about seeking out Mediumship and/or Psychic Development training.
  2. You have been or are having realistic dreams of people, events, and even certain time periods in our history. This is a huge clue that your psychic senses are opening up.
  3. You watch television shows or other kinds of media that you seem to know what is going to happen and you find out you were right.
  4. With all the difficulties going on in the world, you are feeling a strong urge to help other people like never before.
  5. You may have lately felt dissatisfied with your life or career and long for something greater and fulfilling.
  6. You may have taken other classes but felt deeply disappointed with the vague content and not enough training and exercises provided.

Meditations, Binaural Beats, Videos, & Other Cool Stuff


Thanks for all the wonderful classes, YouTube videos, Blog articles, and Freebies. I love these courses!
~Maryann Jordan

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