Candle Color Meanings Ultimate Guide

Candle Colors Symbolize Various Meanings and Intentions

Since the invention of wax candles, almost every culture on Earth has used candles to send prayers to the higher realms. Because of this, candles in various colors became essential to their rituals. The energy produced by a burning candle is spiritual and metaphysical. Another significant aspect of candle-burning rituals pertains to the colors used.

The use of candles in religious ceremonies dates back to ancient times. It’s believed that the energy produced by a burning candle is spiritual and metaphysical. The use of candles in religious ceremonies dates back to ancient times. In ancient Egypt, candle-burning honored the many gods and goddesses. Specifically, the power of fire in the candle brought transformation and aided the dead in transcending to the afterlife.

Many churches today burn candles on alters or somewhere within the sanctuary, at funerals to honor the dead, and at weddings to bring a happy life together for newlyweds.

Candle Color Rituals

Candle color rituals involve understanding what the different colors of candles symbolize and their meanings and intentions. By using particular rituals, solutions and resolutions for an individual’s specific needs are initiated.

Typically, many believe the element of fire has magical properties and is used for noble purposes, including someone’s or a group’s betterment. One may need help understanding the scientific aspect of candle burning. However, understanding the different colors of candles symbolizes a number of meanings and intentions that bring forth solutions and resolutions for an individual’s specific needs. 

Candles Used in Different Religions

In the Catholic Church, candles are essential to sacramentals since they assist the Sacraments’ liturgy. Catholics also use candles called ‘votive candles,’ to offer prayers. 

Candle Use in Buddhism

In Buddhism, the light from a humble candle symbolizes the enlightenment of the Buddha. Often placed before Buddhist shrines to indicate great respect, candles and incense evoke the state of impermanence and change, thus fulfilling the cornerstone of Buddhist beliefs.

Candle Use in Judaism

Like Christianity, Judaism uses candles to evoke a quiet, calm atmosphere. However, Jewish candles play a far more significant role in the home.  The best-known example is during the celebration of Hanukkah. During this celebration, most Jewish homes light a nine-branched candelabrum. The candelabrum is lit on eight consecutive nights to commemorate the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in the 2nd Century BC.

Candle Use in the Wiccan Religion

Unlike what many think, the religion of Wicca is not witchcraft. Instead, Wicca is an earth-centered religion with roots in the ancient practices of our shamanic ancestors–primarily out of Europe. Its practitioners, calling themselves Wiccans, honor Nature’s life-giving and life-sustaining powers through ritual and a commitment to living in balance with the Earth. 

In the Wiccan Religion, rituals take place to invoke certain outcomes. The element of fire is highly crucial in Wicca. Therefore, colored candles invoke whatever is needed. 
Whether religiously oriented or not, many individuals have used various colored candles for millennia to achieve their strongly desired wishes. Various rituals are often performed in various colors, each signifying something different. In the section below, different colors of candles symbolize varied meanings and intentions.
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Color Candle Meanings

Using a White Candle for Rituals:

White candles are the most commonly used for invoking purity, innocence, spiritual healing, peace, and calm. When used with a black candle, it’s believed to remove negativity.

Using a Black Candle for Rituals:

For the most part, burning a black candle is not a bad thing. However, it does have both a positive and negative meaning attached to it. Black candles are said to represent patience, self-control, and endurance. In religion, a black candle symbolizes the mourning of a loved one’s death. A black candle helps alleviate something emotionally painful deep inside one’s heart.  
More crucially, burning a black candle is associated with removing or reversing negative energies, spells, curses, and unwanted spirits. Some use black candles for protection, which can help to eliminate confusion, discord, and evil. 
On the more negative side, black candles are also associated with black magic, witchcraft, and satanism and may be used to attempt to harm or destroy enemies. These are not good things to mess with, as any evil intent could backfire and come back to harm the intender.

Using a Yellow Candle for Rituals:

Burning a yellow candle can symbolize knowledge and mental well-being, stimulate the mind, improve memory, happiness, and success, and induce more confidence, intelligence, and logic. Thus, burning yellow candles can help overcome adversity and achieve great things. For those suffering from depression, burning yellow candles is said to help improve this condition.

Using a Blue Candle for Rituals:

Burning a blue candle is a favorite of many. The color blue is often associated with inducing a peaceful and calm ambiance. It symbolizes various spiritual aspects and carries profound symbolism. Blue also aids in meditation, seeking truth, and winning court cases. Also, use a blue candle for tapping into your creativity, enhancing focus, memory, prophetic dreams, and inspiration.

Intriguingly, some even claim that a blue candle will draw a good spirit near who is willing to hear your prayers and pass them to the higher realms. Ultimately a blue candle holds the power to heal, sooth the mind and body, and promote spiritual protection.

Using a Purple Candle for Rituals:

Purple candles are associated with ambition, power, business success, and wisdom. Moreover, purple is known as the color of royalty and can elevate one’s status in life.

Burning a purple candle also promotes increasing psychic powers, obtaining spiritual wisdom, opening your third eye, and deepening your spiritual awareness. Want to immerse yourself in powerful spiritual energies? Burn a purple >Using a Red Candle for Rituals:

Red candles symbolize energy, self-confidence, passion, and magnetic attraction. This is why red candles are usually associated with love and marriage.

Burning red candles brings about purification, emancipation, and remembrance. They help release inner tension, increase one’s energy, and promote strength and determination.

Using a Green Candle for Rituals:

Green candles have their meaning rooted in growth, like plants. Burning a green candle can also help increase wealth through financial gain, overall good fortune, healing, fertility, positive magic, new beginnings, and how others view one’s generosity. One of the most potent uses of green is to initiate healing.

Using an Orange Candle for Rituals:

Essentially, orange candles represent energy absorption from the sun, promoting life, energy, and endurance. They also provide a desire for sexual stimulation, attraction, energy, control, and prophetic dreams. If you want to promote creativity, use an orange candle. Finally, burn orange candles if you are going through bad times with your partner.

Using a Brown Candle for Rituals:

Although the color of brown is not known by most as being associated with the angelic realms, burning a brown candle is excellent for communicating with the angels. A brown candle also brings about the aspect of practicality and neutrality. Looking for a job or want to buy a house? Burn a brown candle. Brown candles are excellent for seeking employment and to find lost items.

Notably, if there is someone you wish to banish but not to harm from your life permanently, burn a brown candle.

Using Gold and Silver Candles for Rituals:

Burning a gold candle is excellent for acquiring wealth, success, power, and instantaneous good luck.

Silver candles act like a magnet to attract energy. Silver candles may also represent feminine energies. Many use silver candles to evoke good decision-making and inner reflection. Silver candle burning is also excellent when seeking to gain knowledge and wisdom.

The color of silver also has a particular connection with the moon, nurturing, and psychic energy and is associated with Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt, wilderness, wild animals, nature, vegetation, and childbirth.

Can Different Candle Colors Be Used at Once?

The answer to this is absolutely! Just make sure you set the intentions for each candle as you light them. Putting your wishes on a piece of paper and putting it safely under the candles is an excellent way to use numerous candles in a ritual. However, it’s best not to light more than three candles simultaneously.

Safety First!

Leaving a candle burning unattended can cause a fire. Only burn a candle in a proper holder, on a fireproof surface, out of reach of children or pets, and away from anything flammable. 


As you can see, different candle colors have different meanings. Additionally, using candles in religious ceremonies has a long and rich history, dating back to ancient civilizations. Nowadays, candles still play an essential role in many spiritual practices, providing an aura of peace and a connection to the divineWant to bring good into your life? Burn the appropriate colored candles!

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