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4 Powerful Ways Angels Send Us Messages

Our Angels as well as our spiritual guides are always looking out for our well-being and will frequently communicate messages to improve our lives. What is so wonderful is that the Angels will use many methods to communicate important messages to us.

Messages from Angels always offer a different perspective and guide people to perform actions that benefit their present and future. Divine guidance may come for issues regarding health and lifestyle changes such as improving a person’s diet, increasing their exercise level, or being more in tune with nature. Angels also help us with our relationships of all kinds. Whether it involves our partner, children, relatives or co-workers, angels are there to help. Help can also come in the form of spiritual guidance such as learning how to quiet the mind and meditate and acquiring peace and serenity.

The nature of Angels is that they cannot intercede in our lives unless invited to do so but they will offer beneficial help. Sometimes we have cried out for help and then forgotten all about it. However, the angels never forget and will endeavor to help in any way they can.

Sharing your concerns with Angels creates a direct link to them. Concerns might include expressing your fears, disappointments, joys, sorrows, worries, and even grief. Keep up your efforts, and with time, you will experience the difference between your own mind chatter and the guidance you feel is coming from a loving angel.

Divine guidance can extend into careers and financial matters. This is where angels will assist you in overcoming money fears, reduce stress related to work, and instead, learn to follow your passions. Their help can also involve emotional clearing. When you have big fears about, “Will I get fired?”, “Will I get that raise?”, “Will I lose my home?” or, “Did I make a big mistake with that financial investment?”, with the help of the angels, you can overcome these worries and let them go. You will be reminded to forgive yourself for your past mistakes and even be advised on how to move through tendencies of procrastination for fear of a negative outcome.

There are different ways to increase the clarity of the communication that you have forged with Angels. Pay attention to your breath. Stress causes people to frequently hold their breath due to fear or anxiety. Make it a habit to be aware of your breath and to breathe more slowly and deeply.

1. Angels Send Visions

You may experience visions or dreams where you encounter Angels. You may also experience seeing images in your mind, sparkling lights, vivid colors, and bright white flashes of light. Your natural ability Clairvoyance enables you to see little pieces of information about your future which provides guidance. People who are psychically sensitive, often experience a strong awareness of light and colors appearing in their mind’s eye. Additionally, individuals who are strong in clairvoyance (and most of us are), can often visualize what they want. For example, someone might ask for help in creative endeavors, and as they are more visually oriented, they may see the answers in a dream or waking vision. Pay attention to your dreams and to any visions that you experience. These may come as the result of communicating with your Angels, and the Angels answered.

2. Through Awareness

Awareness of something may come through divine guidance via experiencing the psychic sense of claircognizance or “clear knowing.” These unique insights for receiving such divine revelations can be accomplished just by asking the Angels. The more you become aware, the more you will find that knowledge of helpful insights is coming to you every day.

People often experience certain awarenesses without having to be taught but will often receive knowledge of things previously unknown to them. For example, these may come in the form of brilliant ideas for inventions, various processes, and creations. No thought creation is too small for the angels to offer assistance. You can ask for help for anything from sewing a new dress to building a new bridge!

3. Words and Sounds

This can involve “hearing” words and music that come from somewhere else. This is called clairaudience or “clear hearing.” You might also notice high-pitched sounds inside your head, in one or both ears, or just outside of you. These words might come in the form of just a syllable at first, a whole word, or eventually entire sentences. Words will always be positive, uplifting, and encouraging.

Angels-Comminicate4. Channeling and Inspirational Writing for Angel Guidance

There is an excellent technique called Inspirational Writing where you can channel direct messages from your Angels by writing them down. All you need to do is to find some quiet time alone, have a notebook handy, and put yourself in a very relaxed state. Then ask the Angels to communicate a message. You might also follow this by asking a particular question. Wait for a bit and then start to notice any words coming through and start writing them down. Or, you can use a digital recorder and record the words coming in as they fall into your inner thinking.

At first you may think it’s just you that providing the answers, but eventually you will learn to trust and understand the message(s) you are receiving. Don’t be shy about doing this. It is a wonderful way to build a reliable and trustworthy link with your angelic guidance.

Finally, make it a daily habit to be aware of your angels or document anything you believe might be a message from them. Record your dreams. Write letters to them. Have an angel box to hold your written requests that you can refer back to. All these things will create a strong linkage with your angels and will provide you with the divine assistance that you seek. You will begin to notice miracles that start to happen whether they are seemingly insignificant or have a larger impact in your life.

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