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How to program crystals. Are you seeking a powerful tool to support your spiritual healing and psychic work? Crystals have been used in metaphysical practices since ancient times, offering the practitioner access to divine energy. Through crystal programming, we can amplify this potential even further!

When programmed according to your intention, crystals become active participants in the manifestation of the energies that you desire. In this blog post, we’ll explore why it’s important to program a crystal for healing and psychic work – as well as how you can go about doing it! 

Why Crystals Are Powerful Tools

 Essentially, crystals are conductors of energy. More specifically, crystals are known to be powerful tools for healing and amplifying psychic abilities. Many believe that crystals can heal both physical issues, as well as spiritual ones. They can help access higher levels of consciousness and open up intuition.

Which Crystals Are Best to Use

The following crystals may be beneficial in developing your psychic abilities and healing endeavors: 

  1. Clear quartz – Clear quartz is often referred to as a “master healer” and is believed to be a powerful amplifier of psychic energy. It can help clear mental and emotional blocks while protecting against negative energy.
  2.  Amethyst – This violet-colored stone is often used for spiritual healing purposes. It can open the mind and intuition, allowing access to deeper realms of consciousness. 
  3. Selenite is believed to be a powerful protection stone. It can be used to clear negative energies and open the Third Eye, making it ideal for amplifying psychic abilities.
  4. Lapis Lazuli – This azure-colored stone is known as a great tool for mental clarity and insight. It’s believed to help awaken intuition and can also be used for psychic protection. 

Ultimately, using crystals can be a great tool to help open up your psychic abilities and access higher levels of spiritual awareness. It’s crucial to understand how each crystal works and what it’s best suited for to get the most out of them. Once you’ve become familiar with the different stones and their healing properties, you can begin to explore and unlock the power of crystals for your spiritual practice.


How to Cleanse Your Crystal of Any Negativity

So, you’ve just bought your new crystals or want to utilize some you’ve had lying around. To clean and care for your crystals, you’ll want to wipe away dirt, dust, debris, and any negativity it’s absorbed to maintain its cleanliness. Therefore, keeping them clean is vital to ensure they function smoothly and adequately conduct the proper energy it’s intended for.

  1.  Simple soap and water is excellent to use for cleansing crystals. Simply mix together some mild soap with warm water and dip the crystal in for a few minutes. Then dry it off with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  2.  Another option is smudging, which can be done with either sage or palo santo sticks. To do this, light the stick and move it around the crystal while saying an intention like “I cleanse you of negative energy”. Whichever method you choose, make sure to rinse off any excess residue afterward. By taking the time to properly cleanse your crystals, you can help ensure that they are working to their full intended potential. 

Recharging Your Crystal

Also, learn how to recharge crystals. Sometimes crystals require recharging. Recharging a crystal helps it to reconnect it with its own natural energies. To recharge your crystal, place it in the sunlight to dry, or for more feminine energy, some place their crystal under a full moon.

Programming Your Crystals

Programming crystals is a reasonably straightforward process. Firstly, to program your crystal, you will need a clean, clear space where you won’t be disturbed. Essentially, you’ll be focusing your intentions for it and directing its energy towards a specific purpose

As mentioned, Crystals are powerful tools for amplifying and protecting your energy. When used correctly, they can help you heal, manifest your desires, and open up to spiritual guidance. Thus, programming a crystal is an important step in the process of using it effectively.

Just so you know, this is not performing magic or doing a spell. It is a proven way to direct the energies of the crystal.

  1. Begin by relaxing and taking some deep breaths to ground yourself and open your connection with the crystal. 
  2. Hold the crystal firmly in your hands and clearly visualize the desired outcome for working with the crystal. If you are distracted, doing this will accomplish nothing so stay focused on the task at hand.
  3. Now, using a commanding tone of voice (but not yelling), speak aloud or in your mind any words that express your desires and visualize the energy flowing from you into the crystal. Try to be as specific as possible as to what you wish the crystal to do for you.
  4. You can also use your crystals for doing affirmation prayers, so please don’t be shy about using prayer when programming your crystals.
  5. Finally, place the programmed crystal on an altar or anywhere around your home to continue its energetic work. And that’s it!


Crystals for healing work or increasing psychic abilities have been used for centuries. Many crystals can be used such as Clear Crystals, Amethyst, Selenite, and Lapis Lazuli.
Programming crystals is a reasonably straightforward process. The first step is setting the intention of what you wish the crystal to do. Secondly, visualize and speak authoritatively into the crystal stating the intention you wish for the crystal. Then place the crystal where you think it will benefit you most.
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