How to Develop Your ESP

Improve Your ESP

What ESP Is and How to Practice It

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How to develop your ESP reveals excellent tips for increasing your sixth sense abilities. ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception. The term ESP, implies receiving information not obtained through the standard five physical senses. Instead, it’s perceived by the mind.

ESP primarily indicates *telepathic powers and includes the ability of Psychokinesis (PK), or mind-over-matter. ESP, also known as mind-reading, is receiving information without speaking, writing words, or signaling. Moreover, information is passed between individuals either consciously or unconsciously or even remotely.

This information can be anything from sensing another’s emotions, knowing what’s going on with another person, group, or situation, to perceiving images or symbolic references. The bottom line? Someone high in ESP is telepathic.

Ever Wonder If You Have Strong ESP Abilities?

Have you ever watched TV game shows and correctly guessed what’s behind Door Number 3 — a lot? Do you know what is going to happen in a television episode or book before the end? Have you thought of someone you haven’t heard from in years, and then they Facebook you out of the blue? These are just simple examples of your ESP at work.

“What can I do to increase my psychic powers of ESP?” you might ask.  The simple answer is strengthening your ESP through concentrated exercises.

Develop ESP Zenner

Zener Cards Created by J.B. Rhine

A Little Back History on ESP

Extra Sensory Perception was once considered impossible and only happened in comic books. In fact, psychic powers such as ESP, Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, and the concept of Astral travel, were in the early stages of burgeoning into Western thought.

ESP Explored by One Daring Pioneer

Until Parapsychologist J. B. Rhine, no one had bothered to do extensive laboratory experiments to determine if ESP was a reality or could even be measured.

Rhine recognized that no real experimentation was being done on ESP. In 1936, Rhine bravely opened a research laboratory at Duke University.

Rhine immediately set about creating a method for exploring ESP. Soon after, Rhine believed he had one. This came about through his invention of the now-famous collection of symbols named Zener Cards (pictured above).

A “sender” took shuffled cards, and one-by-one focused on the symbol pictured. The sender then mentally sent this image to someone else, in another location, who would then jot down what they thought the symbol was. All these readings were statistically documented and measured for hits and misses. Amazingly, this simple test showed that the concept of telepathy had merit.

Hundreds of ESP Test Subjects

Through tireless effort and over time, Rhine eventually accumulated data from hundreds of test subjects. Under his guidance and with the help of a growing team of graduate students and colleagues eventually, a new pseudo-science called telepathy emerged. Not only that, but government agencies quickly caught on.

Seeing the enormous potential, a hush-hush project was formed to use a form of ESP to *spy on other countries. (See about Project Stargate at the bottom. Not to be confused with the 1994 movie or television series.)

Are You Ready to Start Boosting Your Powers of ESP?

The first step towards developing your ESP is a positive attitude about ‘the unknown.’ Having a negative attitude towards psychic phenomena tends to prevent our sensitivities from awakening. It may also have the effect of closing them down. Having an “I can do it!” attitude is the best mindset for developing any psychic sense.

Ways to Increase Your ESP

Meditation is One of the Ways the Sixth Senses are Accessed

One way to develop ESP is to be more in touch with your innermost self on a deep level. This can be accomplished through meditation.

Many individuals understand that practicing meditation increases intuitive awareness. Additionally, affirmations are another great way to improve psychic powers. One might think of affirmations as being a re-programming of the mind and energy field.

Also, affirmational statements help us to solidify our desires and can open the doorway for greater opportunities.

Specifically, an example of an affirmation for developing your ESP might be, “I am now increasing my powers of extra-sensory perception, and every day my powers of ESP grow stronger.”

After that, make this statement daily for about 2 minutes over a two-week time period. Simultaneously, keep watch on your sensing and feeling psychic abilities. Particularly, notice any increase in picking up unusual insights or pieces of information.

Most importantly, before doing any practice, make sure that you’re thoroughly relaxed and your surroundings are quiet. (No TV blaring in the other room, making sure the kids are in bed, etc.).

Getting into a daily routine for doing meditation and using affirmations can benefit your life. So why don’t you give it a try?

Words of Caution for Novices Practicing ESP Skills

First, know that initially getting average to poor results while doing any psychic test or exercise is expected. On the other hand, please don’t go in with the attitude you’re going to ‘ace’ tests every time. It’s just not possible.

Additionally, don’t become too quickly discouraged at results. Eventually, with practice, your powers of ESP will rocket.

Finally, strengthening and mastering ESP takes time. It’s rare to score a 100% all of the time.

Excellent Practice Exercises for Developing Your ESP

Develop Your ESP

Test  #1

You will need a partner for this first test. Choose someone that has the same interest as you in furthering psychic abilities. Importantly, any doubt or sarcasm expressed around you will only cause you to freeze up. Thus, you could end up doing miserably.

More importantly, a negative atmosphere keeps you from realizing your full potential. Finding a like-minded partner will cause you to feel expansive, comfortable, and safe. You should do much better in your ESP test results. Write these steps down if you wish:
  1. Ask your partner to thoroughly shuffle the deck and then place it in front of them, cards face- down.
  2. Taking the top card from the deck, your partner will focus on it and then ask you first if the card is a red or black suit. Then they will ask if the card is a numbered card or a royalty card including Aces. The final question might be what is the card they are gazing at? They can give you results after each card or keep track of hits or misses on a pad of paper. When you’ve done several cards, you might trade off.

Believe it or not, you can also do this test by phone or via Skype. Psychic powers do not exist in space and time. Doing a test like this is almost like doing remote viewing.

Don’t Have a Partner?

If you don’t have a partner, with paper and pencil handy, do this test for yourself. Shuffle and pick a card, either from the top of the deck or, fan them out randomly, and choose one but keep them face down.

Next, place your non-dominant hand on the card, focus, and start asking yourself the same questions as above.  Write down your impression. Place the “viewed” card aside but keep them in order.

Test  #2

This will take a little work but is an excellent practice exercise for building on your ESP skills.

Get a set of color felt pens from the dollar store in the kid’s section. Take some 3 x 5 blank index cards and make a generous scribble of a color on the blank side using the most commonly known colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, deep purple, and brown.

    1. Have a notepad by you, and make a column numbering 1 – 7. Each test run through will require a new column of numbers.
    2. Shuffle and place the index cards face down. Start from the top and attempt to tune in with the color marked on that card. I often close my eyes with my mind blank and then notice what color pops in. Or, I might “feel” the color instead. Sometimes your clairsentience will kick in, and you will actually feel what the color is. (If you get the same color twice when you know this is impossible, just write down your impression anyway.)
  1. Finally, place that card aside face down, keeping the order of the cards without mixing them up with the first try on the bottom. After going through all the cards, flip them over and check your guesses. Importantly, try not to peek at each card as you go through them. This will only contaminate the process and dilute your efforts.

Take Needed Breaks

Significantly, strengthening your ESP can be tiring, so please don’t overdo it. Make sure you rest in between tests. Additionally, doing some deep breathing will help clear your mind and relax your body.

Without a doubt, if you perform both of these exercises at least three times a week for about 15 minutes each, I guarantee that your powers of ESP will significantly improve.

In Conclusion:

The Psychic Pioneer, J. B. Rhine, proved that ESP, or telepathy, exists with years of test subjects and data accumulated. As you’ve learned in this post, one way to develop ESP is through meditation. The other is to use devices such as cards and practice with a partner to boost your ESP powers. Have fun!

*The word “telepathy” was coined by Frederick Myers, an original member of the British Society of Psychical Research, SPR, in the 1800’s.

Further reading: (Gov. Stargate Project for Remote Viewing)


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Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.
Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

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  2. I understand what you’re saying. However, it’s not ESP, it’s your magnetic field. Somehow it’s gotten so strong, it attracts serious magnetism and disrupts currents. It should pass.

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