Mirror Gazing to See Spirits, Guides, and Angels

The Art of Mirror Gazing Dates Back Millenia

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Learn How Ancient Civilizations Could See Spirits

Did you know that you can use a mirror to see all kinds of spirits? In this post, you’ll learn how to do mirror gazing step-by-step.

A technique that I teach students is Mirror Gazing, which is essentially scrying. In fact, it’s one of the best tools for actually seeing spirits, and the essences of angels and spirit guides.

Mirror gazing goes back to ancient times. For instance, the ancient Greeks used mirror gazing to contact departed loved ones. The practice was so widespread, temples were built to accommodate priestesses, also known as oracles. These were usually young women who gazed into a cauldron, rather than a mirror,  to deliver messages to hopeful relatives.

Dr. Raymond Moody and Contacting the Dead

Dr. Raymond Moody, physician and psychologist, is famous for his work on NDEs (near-death experience). Moody is also known for introducing the concept of the *psychomanteum for contacting the dead through the use of a mirror.

A Psychomanteum is a small, enclosed area set up with a comfortable chair, dim lighting, and a mirror angled so as not to reflect anything but darkness intended to communicate with spirits.

Although his method is somewhat different from the steps I provide here, the result can be the same.

Mirror gazing can be a little scary at first, but, if done correctly, you may get fleeting glimpses of friendly faces and Spirit lights. Some of my students have reported occasionally seeing twinkling lights often in various colors.

Or even more exciting, you might witness what Spiritualists call, *Ectoplasm.

Mirror Gazing to See Spirits
Mirror Gazing to See Angels and Spirit Guides

Movies that Show Mirror Gazing to See Spirits

I really enjoyed the movie, “The Conjuring.” It was well done, and for once, the idea of spirits, demons, and witches wasn’t treated cheaply or exploited.

The most chilling and compelling part for me was when Lorraine Warren (played by Vera Farmiga), looked intently into a vintage wind-up music box mirror. Somehow her intuition told her there would be something to be gained by this, and she wasn’t disappointed. It was truly a spooky moment. No spoiler here. You ‘ll have to watch the movie to see what I’m talking about.

Do This to Master Mirror Gazing to See Spirits:

It’s best to practice this method in the late evening, thus ensuring there will be no interruptions. Additionally, use a good psychic protection technique.

  1. For beginners, the best time to try mirror gazing is at twilight. This is when we transition into a slightly altered state of consciousness.
  2. Clean your mirror if you just bought it. Consecrate it by touching it and infusing white or gold light and angel blessings into it. Imagine you are mentally cleaning this mirror too. Now say out loud, “I am now clear of any previous energies and ready to do highly spiritual work.”
  3. Always always call on your angels, spirit guides, religious protectors, or deceased loved ones to be with you. Ask them to help and protect you with what you intend to use the mirror for.
  4. Next, gaze at the point where your Third Eye is which is just above your eyebrows in the middle of your forehead. Now soften your gaze. Keeping your eyes relaxed, gaze at this point for as long as you can.
  5. With your peripheral vision, notice any energy waves begin to manifest around your shoulders and/or head. While still looking at the point, allow your peripheral gaze to focus in on the glow around your body. This is your Etheric Body. You may also begin to notice or sense flashes of color.
  6. Again, if you are staring too hard, soften your gaze. Intense staring makes your eyes tire quickly. Therefore, you won’t put strain your eyes.
  7. Note: If it’s too hard to look at the point between your eyes, you can move your eyes towards the top of your head and then down around your shoulders.
  8. Ask friendly spirits to visit with you and see what happens. It may take a few weeks to begin seeing results, but you will eventually make visual Spirit contact. You may not know what they want initially, but you will learn how to speak with them (how to do this in the Mediumship Home Study training).
  9. Now close down the session. You do this by emphatically stating “Any portals opened during this time, are now closed.”
  10. At this time write down in a notebook what you’ve seen or experienced. If you don’t see anything at first, please don’t get discouraged. You will eventually start to notice various phenomenon happening. Be open to what you see, hear, or sense. Again, this is a wonderful technique for making contact with spirits!
  11. Please be patient. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, stop what you are doing.
  12. When you are done with your session, clean your mirror and put it away in a closet. As added protection, place a black velvet cloth to cover it when it’s not in use.

In conclusion:

Mirror gazing to is not dangerous if you invoke proper protection techniques. However, as you begin to open up to the Spirit World, unusual occurrences may start to happen.

You may notice knocking or rapping sounds, whisperings, musical instruments when none should be playing, feeling light touches, or seeing Spirits when you didn’t see them before. If you use the proper protections I mention, you’ll be fine. If you still feel uncomfortable, stop everything and try again later. Read this post about how to initiate protection when doing Psychic or Mediumship work.

Also, use your common sense. There’s a lot of disinformation and scare tactics on the Internet, television, and some books. Most importantly, be confident and sure of your intent to achieve authentic Spirit connection and to initiate communication with the Spirit World.

*You may also be interested in: What is a Psychomanteum?

*Ectoplasm: A white to milky substance emitted from different bodily orifices of a medium or produced by a spirit control.


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