What Our Spirit Guides Do – It’s More than You Think!

Belief in Spirit Guides

According to recorded history, mankind has known about spirit guides for millennia. In ancient and indigenous cultures, priests and shamans have been known to go into a deep trance state and petition help from spirits. The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates (469–399 BC) had a unique guide named Daimon that he was in constant contact with and offered him sage advice and protection.

In more modern times, an example of a helpful spirit guide comes from Bill Wilson, one of the co-founders for Alcoholics Anonymous, who would often meditate and connect with a guide while writing his book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (July 17, 1952). Records show that Wilson enthusiastically wrote to his Catholic priest friend Father Ed Dowling about the help and guidance he was receiving from a medieval monk named Boniface who provided the framework for much of the book’s spiritual insights.

Skepticism Regarding Spirit Guides

Some individuals scoff at the idea of spirit guides and assert they are nothing more than one’s higher self or conscience providing insight. This may be right part of the time, but guides do exist, and having them available to us is a great spiritual resource that, if tapped into, can be invaluable!

So, What Exactly Are Spirit Guides Anyway?

Spirit guides are beings that come to us to assist in our life’s journey. They are spirits of those who were once human and have attained a higher level of spiritual mastery. They retain an awareness of those living on Earth and volunteer to help individuals in all facets of life.

Unlike our guardian angels that protect us, spirit guides are primarily interested in our spiritual growth and are available to us when we are seeking advice. They act as mentors, in a sense, as they have already mastered many of life’s painful lessons and in turn help us as we struggle through similar experiences.

Our Guides are Like Best Friends

Spirits guides act as our trusted friends and confidants. They have a loving, compassionate, and supportive attitude toward humans. Spirit guides have our best interests at heart but can only help us if we allow them into our lives. They do not offer advice unless it is asked for. Although spirit guides are very sincere, some make better guides than others.

Spirit guides are nonjudgmental. They allow us to make mistakes, even after going against advice offered. They will not say, “I told you so.” They will always be there the next time to assist, no matter how often we make the same mistakes. They understand the human conditions and realize that sometimes mistakes need to be made to learn valuable spiritual lessons.

 New Age Woo-Woo?


Every human soul has spirit guides no matter who we are or where we come from. However, many people are either not aware of their existence or choose to ignore the idea of spirit guides entirely, placing them in the category of New Age woo-woo. There are some who would like to believe in spirit guides, but the idea of spiritual guidance being readily available to them is beyond their capacity of understanding. Nevertheless, each person’s guides are often present to provide help as the individual travels through life.

Your Guides are Aware of Your Troubles

Often times, when a person feels desperate, they will cry out for Divine Intervention. This call is always heard, and the help will come from their guides and angels, even if there is no conscious awareness of these beings being present. Little to big miracles seem to happen just at the right moment. Or, assistance may come in the form of healthy thoughts dropping into our mind or unusual and even bizarre occurrences which solve a problem or even save our lives when we’re in immediate peril.

Your Guides Come and Go

Spirit guides are not present 24/7. But they keep close tabs on their human charge, Guides will come and go as they have other people to help.

Spirit Guides will not tell you what to do. They want you to be able to stand on your own feet and not rely on them for guidance on every little thing. They will, however, provide subtle advice and practical courses of action for any situation.

How Many Guides Can We Have?

We usually start out in life with at least five spirit guides that have accompanied us from the spirit plane, but more will arrive in to our lives when needed. Our inner band of guides remains with us for our entire lifetime and is closest to us on a day-to-day basis. Our outer band of guides can come and go. They are like personal trainers that mentor us. These specialist guides are only present for certain times in our lives for specific endeavors we take on. Example of this might be when learning how to play piano, learning a sport, working with computers, learning how to draw, going to school, writing a book, becoming a medium, and just about any other kind of creative, spiritual, or mental efforts. They’re also available if we go through trauma, grief, or illness.

Do We Have an Exact Number of Guides?

Some people find the number of guides to be between 1 and 8, but I believe this number fluctuates constantly. For example, if we go through something new and unusual that entails just one afternoon, a new guide may be present for just that time period and then leave when they are no longer needed.

What Do Our Guides Look Like?

It’s interesting to me what I hear people often imagine when picturing their spirit guide. More often, people do not imagine their spirit guides as modern-looking but rather as an exotically dressed individual. Yet, there are times when guides appear as a more ancient personage or in some cases, animals. The point is, the guides you have with you may not have the appearance you expect. However, their wisdom is great and not to be taken for granted.

How Spirit Guides Communicate

Spirit guides are known to provide insight or answer questions by way of dreams or meditation.During the day, we might repeatedly feel a nudge to go in a particular direction or do something not previously thought of. We might also be aware of some kind of synchronicity that is too obvious to be ignored. This depends upon the awareness of the individual. Those who are aware of and connected with their guides will go into meditation to ask and receive answers. Some people use automatic writing as a way to communicate, some a pendulum by asking questions, and some even verbally channel their guides. Your intuition will often signal a spirit guide is trying to get through to you by that little voice that tells you to “slow down” or “get your oil checked.”

Do You Sometimes Feel an Invisible Touch?

Sometimes a gentle touch is felt when no one else is there, or a high buzzing sound may be experienced. Another way spirit guides get our attention is by appearing as little twinkling lights in the room. Other indicators could be feeling a slight pressure on the head, somewhere on the arms, or the back of the neck. There could be a sudden chill or goosebumps when thinking about a particular issue or a slight jerk of the body like we often experience when falling asleep.

Can We See Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides are usually never seen with the physical eye. Mostly, their presence is sensed or seen with inner vision. However, there are rare instances when a person does see one or more of their spirit guides while awake or in the state between sleep and wakefulness.

Are We “Penalized” if We Don’t Do as Our Guides Suggest?

Absolutely not!  Our guides are here to suggest only. We are not “spiritually dinged” if we decide to pursue our own course of action. Yet, thanking our guides for the time and energy they expend trying to help us is important. They were once humans as we are and appreciate the gesture.

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