What Are the Five Psychic Senses?

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Do You Know What Your Five Psychic Senses Are?

What are the five psychic senses explains the intuitive senses that we all have, which are grouped under the umbrella of what’s called our sixth sense.

Importantly, your extra-sensory psychic abilities, or sixth sense, have been with you since the day you were born. These are the five psychic senses that help you to navigate through life on an intuitive level.

These innate abilities manifest in numerous forms such as insights into people, sensing information in general, a gut feeling, to somehow knowing about a future event.

We All Have Psychic Abilities

All individuals have psychic abilities to some degree. However, some people have stronger psychic senses than others. Moreover, every school child knows about the five traditional senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. However, it seems that most of the world paid little attention to the psychic senses. That is, until the explosion of Psychics and Mediums entered the mainstream awareness in the last thirty years.

These sixth senses helps us by instilling sensitivity awareness. Furthermore, our sixth senses provide us with useful and sometimes powerful intuitive insights.

Specifically, these include imagination, imaging pictures, sensing the truth in matters, or significant events about to happen. More important, they also warn us of dangerous situations.

The Psychic Clairs

The Psychic Senses are also known as extrasensory perception. To help individuals new to psychic studies understand them, I’m  listing what these psychic abilities are below.

Foremost, you’ll see that each psychic sense listed, begins with the word ‘Clair.’ The prefix ‘Clair’ comes from the French word meaning clear. Combined with a root word, it stands for exceeding the limits of available sensory data, which is inherent in the conventional five senses.

Example: Clair (clear) plus Voyance (to see or observe).

Clairvoyance’ appears to be the first such pairing in the mid-19th century, making its initial appearance in texts concerned with a supposed ability to ‘see at a great distance.’ This involved the viewing of objects, scenes, far away events, obstructed by physical barriers, or even glimpses into the past and future by using the mind’s eye.

 Here are the five psychic senses more fully explained:



The art of psychically seeing in your inner mind. Associated with the Third Eye, or Sixth Chakra.


The art of psychically hearing with your mind’s inner hearing. Associated with the Throat, or Fifth Chakra. The Earbud chakras are tied to the Fifth Chakra.


The art of psychically feeling through your physical body. Associated with the Solar Plexus, or Third Chakra.


The art of psychically feeling others’ emotions. Associated with the Heart, or Fourth Chakra.


The art of psychically knowing is an awareness or thought previously unknown to us that bears truth. Associated with the Crown, or Seventh Chakra.

INTUITION (Our Bonus Sense):

Another sense that we have is intuition. This sense is perhaps the most important psychic sense of all. Our intuition is a feeling or sensation in the gut area which subtly tells us something which reveals itself as being true. Intuition is associated with the Third and Sixth Chakras.

Things We Can Do with Intentioned Use of Our Sixth Senses

Our sixth senses allow us to perform certain abilities that normally we would not be able to perform. Examples of these are as follows.

Apportation – The ability to teleport an object into thin air.

Astral projection – The ability to project the astral body and its associated (consciousness).

Aura reading – The ability to see “energy fields” surrounding objects or people.

Automatic writing – The ability to write or draw using the unconscious hand.

Divination – The ability to gain insight into a situation by using the psychic senses.

Dowsing – The ability to locate underground water and minerals using a wooden or copper dowsing rod tool.

Energy manipulation or energy work –Having the ability to alter physical or non-physical energy with mind power.

Energy medicine – The ability to heal others with personal spiritual energy.

Levitation – The ability to lift up, float, or even fly by supernatural means.

There’s more!

Mediumship – The ability to communicate with spirits in the Spirit World.

Precognition or premonition – The ability to foresee future events.

Prophecy – The ability to predict future events.

Psychic surgery – The ability to remove disease within the body with an “energetic” incision.

Psychokinesis or telekinesis – The ability to move objects mind power.

Psychometry – The ability to obtain information about a person or an object touching or holding it.

Remote viewing– The ability to see a distant places using the powers of extrasensory perception.

Scrying – The ability to look into a reflective object to find out pieces of information.

Telepathy – The ability to transmit or receive thoughts with the mind.

Thoughtography – The ability to imprint images from one’s mind onto physical surfaces. Primarily this attribute refers to imprinting on photographic film by psychic means.

In conclusion:

As you can deduce from the above, the psychic senses are used in countless psychic modalities. See our Psychic-Clairvoyance Certification Training. Learn how to fully develop any of the above exciting psychic skills.

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