What Are the Five Psychic Senses?

//Five Psychic Senses Explained

Five Psychic Senses Explained

The Incredible Five Psychic Senses Explained

The five psychic senses explained reveals how everyone has psychic abilities to some degree. Yet most are unaware of this fact.

Every school child knows about the five traditional senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. However, some additional senses, called the psychic senses also exist. These sixth senses helps us navigate through life by instilling sensitivity awareness. Furthermore, our sixth senses provide us with useful intuitive insights. Specifically, these include imagination, imaging pictures, sensing the truth in matters, or significant events about to happen. Importantly, they also warn us of dangerous situations.

Additionally, to help individuals new to psychic studies, I’m am listing in this post exactly what these psychic abilities are.  Firstly, you’ll notice that each sense begins with the word “Clair”. The prefix “Clair” comes from the French word meaning “clear. The five psychic senses revealed:


    The art of psychically seeing in your inner mind. Associated with the Third Eye, or 6th Chakra.


    The art of psychically hearing with your mind’s inner hearing. Associated with the Throat, or 5th Chakra. We also have Earbud chakras tied to the 5th Chakra.


    The art of psychically feeling through your physical body. Associated with the Solar Plexus, or 3rd Chakra.


    The art of psychically feeling others’ emotions. Associated with the Heart, or 4th Chakra.


    The art of psychically knowing is an awareness or thought previously unknown to us that bears truth. Associated with the Crown, or 7th Chakra.

  • INTUITION (Our Bonus Sense):

    Another sense we have is intuition. This sense is perhaps the most important psychic sense of all. Our intuition is a feeling or sensation in the gut area which subtly tells us something which reveals itself as being true. Intuition is associated with the 3rd and 6th Chakras.

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