What Are the Five Psychic Senses?

//What Are Your Five Psychic Senses?

Everyone has psychic abilities to some degree. Yet most are unaware of this fact.

Every school child is taught about the five traditional senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. However, man was endowed with some additional senses, called the psychic senses, the sixth sense, or the extra-sensory perception that helps us navigate the waters of life. Our six sense can provide us with useful intuitive insights such as, imagination, imaging pictures, sensing the truth in matters, warnings of certain people being dangerous or duplicitous, or the sensing of significant events on the horizon to name just a few of the things our sixth sense can do for us.

To help individuals new to psychic studies or any kind of energy healing,  I am listing in this post what psychic abilities are  along with a brief explanation of each. You will notice that each begins with the word “Clair”. The prefix “Clair” comes from the French word clair meaning “clear”.

 I am not listing any of the following commonly recognized psychic senses in any particular order of importance although many claim that Clairvoyance is the most common of extra-sensory abilities.


    The art of psychically seeing in your inner mind or Third Eye


    The art of psychically hearing either with physical hearing or with the mind’s inner hearing


    The art of psychically feeling with the physical body


    The art of psychically feeling others’ emotions


    The art of psychically knowing is when we have an awareness or thought previously unknown to us that presents itself as being truth


    Another sense we have is intuition. Not mentioned as one of the five psychic senses, it is perhaps the most important of all. Our intuition is a feeling or sensation in the gut area which subtly tells us something which reveals itself as being true

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