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It’s Not Difficult to Connect with Your Own Master Teacher Guide

It Just Takes Three Easy Steps

We all have at least one main spirit guide which many call a Master Teacher Spirit Guide.This unique guide an elevated soul that once lived on earth and is assigned to be our earthly mentor.

A Master Teacher Guide is our primary guide among the many guides we might have. Some spirit guides will come and go dependent upon our life situations. Their purpose is to inspire us, support us during decision-making, and to collaborate with us for our  creative ideas. This guide might have been with us during numerous past lives or is brand new to us in this lifetime. How this guide comes to be with us is determined by our needs and projected spiritual lessons for this incarnation. They are ever-present from the time we are born until we die. In some instances, we can have more than one Master Teacher Guide.

Master Teacher Guides Are Like a Wise and Loving Parent

Master Teacher Guides are patient, loving, and do not judge us for our deeds or failings. Your Master Teacher Guide will not make things perfect in your life or keep bad things from happening. They are not protectors like the Angels. However, they are present to help pick up the pieces after tragedies and to aid in moving us forward in life with healing energies and new insights. Although this particular guide is always present, it helps when we make the concerted effort to be in frequent contact with them to reap the benefits of their teachings and daily guidance. I like to think of my own Master Teacher Guide as some kind of life coach or mentor. This makes their essence seem more real and accessible.

Students ask me if they have to do anything or make decisions based on their perceived Master Teacher’s advice. The simple answer to this is that we have free will. If we decide to do something contrary to what we think our guide is advising us to do, we are not penalized in any way. This guide, having lived on earth at least once, understands the trials we humans go through and how we experience life based on our decisions, actions, and thoughts. Like a loving parent, this guide allows us to make mistakes and hopefully, to learn from them.

Are you familiar with your Master Teacher Guide? If not, here is one process through which to engage, connect and communicate with our nurturing and guiding spiritual teacher in three easy steps.

1. Finding Out Your Master Teacher Guide’s Name

Generally, Spirit Guides are not overly concerned if we have a specific name to call them. For some, however, having a name for their guide helps to personalize the connection.

To personalize the relationship with your primary spiritual guide, it is helpful to think of their presence as a loving teacher, ally, and companion.  You can learn your spirit guide’s name one of two ways: in a dream or contemplatively. You can ask for your guide’s name to come to you in a dream. If you wake up hearing a particular name that is someone you don’t already know, it may be your guide’s name. Or, you may wish to invest some meditation time in sensing the spirit energy around you — does it feel more masculine or feminine? Are you feeling pulled to a particular name? Whatever you do, settle on only ONE name for your guide. Don’t worry if it’s correct or not. Your guide will always answer to this name.

2. Formally Connect with Your Master Teacher Guide

I strongly recommend that this is done in the context of a simple prayer. The reason is that if you’ve come this far in your spiritual awakening, then you are in the act of becoming. In the prayer, you can use language similar to the effect of, “For the greater good of the highest order, I ask you to please step forward to take an active role in my life as my spiritual guide and mentor and thank you for helping me in my life. Support me in making authentic decisions, impress inspiration within me and aid me as I move forward in service to others.” Or you can create your own prayer that is sacred and comfortable for you and aligns with your own belief system.

Get used to how your guide feels to you. Is there some sort of feeling you get when their presence is strong? Are you consciously aware of where this feeling usually happens in your head or body. Do you smell a scent or see sparkly light. Perhaps you notice certain images that pop into your mind. Get to know these indicators that your guide is strongly connected with you and is either ready to communicate, or is just letting you know that they are right beside you.

3. Get More Validation from your Master Teacher Guide

Once you’ve set the intention to connect with your Master Teacher Guide, and have done so with sincere commitment, pay attention. In about 3 days to a week, you should receive validation of their presence–perhaps even validation of the very name you’ve been given for your guide.

You may sense a higher-vibration or strong presence near you, especially when you are manifesting your personal gifts and talents (such as teaching or care giving, psychic endeavors, artistic or musical expression, or forms of athleticism). You may get a ringing in one ear or both ears when in high thought. You may see or “hear” signs and envision symbols that you would only associate with their loving presence.

Keep a Journal Tracking Your Progress

Keep a daily journal with insights and direction perceived from this primary teacher guide. It doesn’t need to be lengthy. Sometimes just a few sentences will suffice.

Consciously connecting with your Master Teacher Guide will be a significant enhancement in your life that you can trust. This guide is only focused on your highest and best good. If you think the presence you feeling is negative in any way, or it seems to be scolding you, it’s not your Master Teacher Guide. Just empty your mind and again say the prayer given above to make an authentic and secure connection with your guide. Then start enjoying having your Master Teacher Guide in your life!

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