Easily Create a Strong Psychic Protection Field

Three powerful psychic protection techniques are presented for safely doing readings. Keep your energy field strong!

Psychic Protection is a must for safely and securely connecting with other dimensions. This hold true for when you’re doing:

  • meditation
  • performing developmental exercises
  • linking with spirits
  • or any kind of intuitive session

A Near Total Collapse Convinced Me

In my early days of giving psychic readings, I was so charged up, I neglected some of the essentials my teacher, Dr. Alice Bowers taught me. Specifically, this was making sure my energy field was protected. I carelessly neglected to do this and subsequently paid the price.

As word spread about me, there were days that I did anywhere from ten to fourteen readings.

As a result of being neglectful of my own energy wellness, I began to experience burn out. There’s one night I’ll never forget. After a long day of doing readings. I walked into my house, and my legs nearly gave out from underneath me. I was so exhausted, that I even had to call in sick to my regular job the next day.

I’ll never forget how depleted and awful I felt for about a week. In fact, I seriously contemplated not doing readings for a while. Indeed, this watershed incident taught me some valuable lessons.

First and foremost, I had to keep my energy field highly protected at all times. Additionally, I realized that I had to space out the time in-between readings. The experience taught me that doing readings one right after another after another is definitely not a good practice. Moreover, accuracy suffers.

All Levels of Expertise Benefit

There are many protection methods which can be utilized by both novice and experienced psychic practitioners. These methods can be quick or more in-depth for ultra-strong protection. Included in this post are three excellent energy field protection techniques that you can easily master.  Incorporate into your regular psychic preparation or daily routine.

Who Should Practice Energy Field Protecting?

First off, everyone! We live in a tumultuous world with a lot of negative vibes all around us. For example, just watching the news and the daily bad happenings reported, is enough to wear anyone down.

It seems overall, people seem are stressed than ever. And, with the advent of technology, believe it or not, life has gotten harder and more complicated.

Consequently, over time, our energy field gets worn down. Without a doubt, this opens the way for negative influences, entities, and sometimes spirit attachments to sneak in and make our lives even more difficult.

Those Most Affected:

If you live in or work in a place that is dangerous or life threatening, using daily protection is an absolute must. For example:

  • Being in a war zone
  • Stuck in a volatile or unstable environment
  • Construction
  • Utilities or frequently around power stations or power grids
  • Mining operations
  • Police, firemen and similar professions

You get the idea.

Who Else?

  • Psychics, mediums, and energy healers
  • Anyone actively working in a hospital setting
  • Working in the court system
  • Counselors of all kinds
  • A chaotic work environment
  • Jails and prisons
  • Overwhelmed young mothers or fathers
  • And yes, working for government agencies

Protecting Energy Success Story

I have a Graduate of the Mediumship training course that works as a therapist in the jail system. She deals with all kinds of inmates during the day. Moreover, she loves being a counselor, but the awful things and tragic stories she has to listen to were dragging her down. In fact, there were days when she barely had the energy to drive home.

After taking the course, she began practicing some of the protection methods she learned which are included in this post. Recently, she confided in me that rather than dreading going to work, she feels robust enough to face the day. Significantly, the negative environment she works in no longer depletes her energy, and her energy levels are way up.

 The Ball of White Light

The most practiced protection technique is the Ball of White Light. There’re many variations to this method that people use. This technique entails mentally wrapping oneself in positive light energy. The result of this is to deflect unwanted malevolent intentions, thought forms, and vibrations from external sources both in the material and astral worlds.

Method 1. The Ball of White Light

This method is perhaps the simplest and most often used psychic protection methods. It establishes an impervious psychic shield of light around you.

  1. Implementation of a ball of light involves visualizing a bright white globe of light energy drawn from the God, or the Universal Source Field, surrounding your body and extending out to approximately 3 feet in diameter. This white light represents protection in its highest form.
  2. Secondly, allow this globe of light to envelop you from all directions, making sure to immerse yourself within its potent embrace and the loving energy of the universe within it. Not only are you surrounding yourself with this light, but you are also imagining that it’s permeating every cell, organ, and tissues in your body.
  3. At this time, you may sense a warming sensation in and around you. Most significantly, feeling this warmth lets you know that you are creating a powerful field of light. More importantly, if you don’t feel the warmth initially, don’t worry. The warmth will eventually flood in.
  4. Finally, make sure that you visualize the globe of light for at least a full minute. This light bubble protects you from negative entities and malicious thought forms which will flow over or around the ball of light, leaving your physical and psychic being untouched. Importantly, when you practice this technique, keep your breathing deep and natural. Surprisingly, that’s all there is to it!

A Great Variation on the Ball of Light Protection

Here’s a variation of the “Ball of White Light” that is one that I love to add to my protection practices. After placing the ball of light in and around me, I visualize filaments coming down from the very top of the sphere, encasing it, and connecting at the polar opposite point at the bottom. The threads are made of a strong cord of gold light that sparkle. Doing this simple thing keeps my shield firmly in place. Additionally, gold is another fantastic color for protection.

Method 2. More Potent Is the Fire Within Technique

This is an impressive Psychic Protection Technique especially for those in need of powerful protection.

  1. Firstly, to initiate the protection, sit erect, take a deep breath. Then visualize a small loving blue-orange flame within your Third Eye (6th Chakra) which is situated between the brows and up just a bit.
  2. Secondly, don’t be afraid to focus on this flame as it will cause no harm. Now, visualize it filling your head and growing larger, spreading down through your body to the chest area, abdomen, and finally down your legs and feet. Make certain this flame is burning intensely. Thirdly, now mentally and visually wrap this flame all around you.
  3. Next, focus on your breathing in and out. The flame should become exponentially larger each time you exhale. Repeat four times. Great!
  4. Finally, now consider the protection complete once it engulfs a three-foot space in all directions. This spiritual Flame of Protection will repel all negative elements that attempt to approach and burns them down mercilessly.

Note: This 2nd method is excellent for a quick clearing of the aura which will accomplish two goals at once–clearing and protection.


This last method is a favorite in my classes!

When you need a quick uplift, a fast clearing before doing a reading or to erect immediate protection for any reason, use this:

I AM the Light. The Light is in me. Light surrounds me. Light protects me.

Repeat as often as needed and then finish with:

and so it is. In fact, say it several times a day if you wish!

Finally, practice these methods and determine how they work for you. You can even combine two or more techniques for mega protection!

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Space!

Amazingly, one thing individuals don’t think of, is to clear and protect their working space, or any space they frequently occupy. Specifically, use these same methods for clearing the spaces you work and play in. You’ll begin to notice a huge uplifting change in how your energy feels day to day.

You may have some favorite shielding practices of your own. Add these techniques to your toolbox and you’ll find that you’re feeling great after doing readings or after any type of psychic endeavor. Your energy levels stay optimized and you’ll find that you’re able to accomplish much more during the day.

A conclusive note:

In conclusion, it’s amazing how many practicing psychics and mediums forget simple grounding and protecting before doing a session. Always doing these to simple things may be even more important than the session itself!

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by Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., and Certified Psychic-Medium

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