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How You Can Make Clairaudience Skills Stronger

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Develop Clairaudience Psychic Hearing, reveals important information about this often misunderstood psychic sense. Also, learn in-depth knowledge about Clairaudience that many don’t know about. Moreover, you’ll find that developing Clairaudience is not that difficult.

Clairaudient people are keenly aware of the sounds going on around them. It’s almost as if they have a primeval sense of danger lurking nearby.

Additionally Clairaudients may be highly sensitive to sound. In other words, strong or unpleasant sounds are irritating and sometimes even painful to hear. (This is Me!)

Interestingly, Clairaudients often experience strange sounds like the buzzing of bees or an extended high-pitched  tone in either ear.

More Indicators of Clairaudience

When Clairaudients need an answer to a question, they often hear the words spoken as the answer in their inner mind.

Clairaudients like to do things that involve listening. An extreme example would be someone that works for the government listening to phone conversations between alleged terrorists listening for specific words or phrases.

Clairaudients try not to analyze but just want to “hear” a straightforward answer or solution.

Surprisingly, Clairaudients may have higher mental activity beyond the average brain wave levels.

Clairaudients easily get confused or ahead of themselves. This is due to with all the brain activity going on. It’s a good idea for them to clear their mind often.

Finally, Clairaudients can carry on conversations with the spirit world while not consciously realizing they are doing so.

The downside of Clairaudience is that it’s so similar to your mind chatter when you talk to yourself. This constant inner dialog is what confuses many individuals when it comes to an understanding of what Clairaudience is and if they have this particular psychic ability.

Because hearing through the sixth sense of Clairaudience is so close to thinking to yourself, many Clairaudients don’t realize when they’re actually hearing psychically. They assume that they’re merely thinking out loud.

This is why a large percentage of psychics and mediums don’t realize they are actually hearing through the psychic sense of Clairaudience.

Develop Clairaudience: The Psychic Echo

When the mind has a thought, it bounces off the universe and they are receiving an “echo”–a psychic response via Clairaudience. Those strong in Psychic Hearing become so used to this psychic echo, that it becomes second nature to them.

Because the thought is mental and not heard with the physical ears, it becomes an instance of Clairaudience or, a Clairaudient event.

Develop Clairaudience: Psychic Hearing Reception Spot

Both Psychic Hearing and one’s inner dialog use the same wiring and internal sound system. The “speaker”, like in a stereo system, is the Psychic Reception Area for Clairaudience. Are you wondering where this speaker is? Simply stated, it’s located on either side of the head, just above the ears, in the temporal lobe areas.

Develop Clairaudience Tips by Author

In the book by Pete A. Sanders Jr., You Are Psychic, 1989, Sanders writes that, a Dr. Wilder found that electrically stimulating portions of the temporal lobes during surgery caused patients to hear music or remember bits of conversation while under anesthesia.

Stimulating these areas seems to bypass the need to hear physically, as in sound waves.

Furthermore, focusing at ear level, which is what you tend to do naturally inhibits Psychic Hearing.

If you wish to become more attuned with your ability of Clairaudience, you’ll need to work with it.

Develop Clairaudience Abilities Simple Steps

  1. Position yourself in a tranquil spot and relax. Now, only in your mind, count from one to ten. While you are doing this, listen intently for anything in the background behind your voice. Now count down backward from nine to one while still listening. Repeat this process a couple of times.
  2. While doing this exercise, did you hear another voice? Perhaps a favorite song was playing in the background of your awareness. Or maybe, you noticed faint whispers or other unexplainable sounds going on while you were counting. 

All in all, Clairaudience can be elusive for some and happens easily for others. If you fall into the first group, don’t worry. It just takes some focused practice to boost your psychic sense of Clairaudience! It worked for me!!

In conclusion:

Now that you’ve learned what Clairaudience is, perhaps you’ll want to work on strengthening and recognizing instances of this important psychic sense. Finally, if you’re going to boost this ability, always remember to focus your efforts above the ears in the temporal lobe areas, and not directly focusing on your physical ears.

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Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

Carol Nicholson is thirty-five years a professional Psychic Medium and author of numerous Psychic and Spiritual courses since 2001. Subscribe for more posts like this, get a FREE Psychic-Medium Starter eGuide, and notification of fantastic coupon deals.


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