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Moving You Towards Exceptional Clairaudience Skills

Want to increase your Clairaudience abilities? Here are five easy steps for exceptional Clairaudience skills that will enhance your Mediumship and Psychic readings. Guaranteed safe and easy methods for boosting Clairaudience–also known as “psychic hearing.”

So, What Exactly is Clairaudience?

We all have five primary extrasensory senses, often called the “Psychic Clairs,” or sixth sense abilities. Clairaudience is one of these extrasensory senses. But, even more important, our innate sixth sense abilities are naturally instilled from birth to a greater or lesser degree.

Adding to this, the psychic sense of Clairaudience manifests as a subtle voice inside the mind. A clairaudient physically hears voices, ambient sounds, or strange music with no apparent cause. Dictionary.com defines Clairaudience as: “the power to hear sounds said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity.”

The Psychic Echo Phenomenon

When the mind has a thought, it bounces off the universe and receives an “echo”–a psychic response via Clairaudience. Those strong in Psychic Hearing become so used to this psychic echo that it becomes second nature.

Because the thought is mental and not heard with the physical ears, it becomes an instance of Clairaudience or what’s called, a Clairaudient event.

Who Might be Strongly Clairaudient?

Simply put, almost anyone can be highly Clairaudient. Psychics and Mediums often have a powerful sense of Clairaudience, although some may not think so. However, understanding that this sense will automatically kick in just by performing readings or doing Mediumship sittings, is essential. Furthermore, it’s strengthened by the very act of tuning in for obtaining psychic information. In fact, this occurs with all the sixth senses simultaneously through each corresponding chakra.

Clairaudient people are keenly aware of the sounds going on around them. It’s almost as if they have a primal sense of danger lurking nearby. Additionally, Clairaudient people may be highly sensitive to sound. In other words, strong or unpleasant sounds are irritating and sometimes even painful to hear.

Clairaudient People Often Experience Strange Sounds

Even more profound is that individuals who are highly Clairaudient often experience strange sounds like the buzzing of bees or an extended high-pitched tone in either ear. Ringing in the ears without physical cause is a sign of higher awareness, or that something important is going on.

Significantly, most individuals believe that Clairaudience originates from the physical ears. That’s an easy assumption. However, the actual location of Clairaudient events occurs in the temporal lobe area on each side of the head just above the ears. Moreover, this may seem like splitting hairs, but to be genuinely knowledgeable about Clairaudience, is good to know—especially if you teach psychic development to others.

Clairaudience Is Linked to the Throat Chakra

Principally, Clairaudience is linked to the Throat or 5th chakra, and also the earbud chakras. This surprises some people who believe that Clairaudience is somehow linked to the 6th chakra. It is not.

Clairaudience is enabled by the throat and earbud chakras.

My Personal Struggle with Clairaudience

For some, Clairaudience is one of the most elusive of the psychic senses to master. It’s just not as strong for some individuals as it is for others. I thought I was one of these people.

One day it hit me that I sometimes get a voice or whisper in my ear a little bit after going to bed. It happens occasionally and doesn’t frighten me at all. It goes with the territory of being a Psychic and Medium. I realized that I was using my Clairaudience skills a lot. Yes, a lot of it was mostly mind chatter, but I realized that I was receiving messages that weren’t coming from my own brain when giving readings. I was jubilant!

Clairaudience ear
Ways to Increase Clairaudience Psychic Hearing

The Importance of Clairaudience for Psychics and Mediums

As mentioned, developing a keen sense of Clairaudience is essential for practicing Psychics and Mediums. Although these groups of individuals use their other sensory “clairs,” Clairaudience is necessary for hearing messages of importance for a Sitter or obtaining pieces of information from a spirit entity for validation purposes.

For example, a client is asking a question to a psychic, and the psychic actually hears an answer rather than sensing it. Or, if a Medium is tuning in for a Sitter, they might “clairaudiently hear” a specific song and then asks the Sitter if the spirit linked to has any attachment to the song. Often, the Sitter will perk up and exclaim, “YES! That was my mom’s favorite song.”

Easy Steps for Exceptional Clairaudience Delving Deeper 

In my earlier years of psychic development, I heard stories about how other intuitives were considered Clairaudient because they could hear things others could not. Namely, having the ability to listen to conversations between people or music that, upon investigation, has no apparent source. Admittedly, I thought this was the true definition of being Clairaudient. But, again, I didn’t consider myself to be Clairaudient. However, as you learned above, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I Did Some Serious Research on Clairaudience

What I learned upon further research is that there are three kinds of Clairaudience. To begin with, the first two are our ordinary sense of hearing.

  1. Firstly, Internal Clairaudience is the ability with which we hear in our inner mind.
  2. Second, is the ability of External Clairaudience, which is the hearing of sounds with our physical ears.
  3. And third, is where we get to the heart of the matter of Psychic Clairaudience aka Psychic Hearing. Psychic Clairaudience combines the internal and external modes of hearing but involves hearing things on both levels of sounds, but others don’t hear.

What Is True Clairaudience Versus Mind Chatter?

The difference between hearing inner thoughts or natural sounds as opposed to something of a Clairaudient nature is when you ‘hear’ things that have no explanation behind them. For example, thoughts or ideas might drop into your mind that was not part of your line of thinking at that particular moment. Or, you hear a distinct voice talking to you, and no one else is around. These communications may actually be originating from:

Your Personal Higher Self Guidance
Your Spirit Guides
The Ascended Masters
or even from your Guardian Angels

Are Clairaudient Individuals Merely Schizophrenic?

What Science Says:

People throughout history that experience hearing invisible voices have often been accused of being “in league with the Devil.” In modern times, Psychiatry tells us that this often indicates a form of mental illness.

Today, those in the field of the psychic arts are aware of the 6th sense ability of Clairaudience. We know that hearing voices, etc., does not automatically suggest that something evil is going on or that someone is necessarily mentally ill.

Having said this, it’s true that some individuals do have the unfortunate mental disorder of *Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia, loosely explained, is when voices and people are witnessed that are not really there.

I like what Anthon St. Maarten has to say about this on his blog post, “The Divine Ear:”

Professor Ralph Hoffman, a researcher in Psychiatry at Yale University, argues that the hearing of voices is known to occur during states of religious or creative inspiration and is not necessarily a sign of mental illness. Hoffman also cites the example of the renowned mystical poet and novelist Rainer Maria Rilke, who one day heard the crystalline voice of an angel carried by the ocean wind. This profound experience inspired the writing of Rilke’s famous work, Duino Elegies.

Clairaudience and Your Dreams

Have you ever suddenly awakened with clearly hearing a voice talking, if only for a brief moment? This happens through your natural Clairaudience. Oftentimes, the only way our Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels can penetrate the band of our beta thinking and get a message to us is to come to us during dream time. This is because we are in a ***Theta brain wave state and are more receptive to those in the higher realms communicating something important to us.

The Silent Witness that “Talks” to Us

In his book, “Awakening Your Psychic Powers,” 1988, Henry Reed, Ph.D., talks about the still silent voice we all have. This is the voice we hear in the inner mind behind our own conscious thinking. Then there is another other voice, or sounds, behind that voice. That other voice is the Silent Witness. Some call this voice:

The Voice of God
The Still Small Voice
The Voice of their Higher Self or The Voice of Inner Guidance

On the website, Great Western Vehicle, Clairaudience is addressed in Buddhist-Vedic terms:

… What the Buddha called “Dibba-sota” (Pali) is generally translated as the Divine ear, which indicates the ability of clairaudience hearing. 

Moreover, Clairaudience is primarily a hypersensitivity of the brain lobes that are related to hearing. This hypersensitivity can give someone uncanny hearing ability, it can also produce meditation induced tinnitus…

Interesting Character Traits of Clairaudient People

  • When Clairaudients need an answer to a question, they often hear the words spoken as the answer in their inner mind.
  • Clairaudients like to do things that involve listening. An extreme example would be someone that works for the government listening to phone conversations between alleged terrorists listening for specific words or phrases. More indicators:
  • Clairaudient people try not to analyze but just want to “hear” a straightforward answer or solution.
  • Surprisingly, Clairaudients may have higher mental activity beyond the average brain wave levels.
  • Clairaudients easily get confused or ahead of themselves. This is due to with all the brain activity going on. It’s a good idea for them to clear their mind often.
  • Finally, Clairaudients can carry on conversations with the spirit world while not consciously realizing they are doing so.

Easy Steps for Exceptional Clairaudience: The Downside of Clairaudience

The downside of Clairaudience is that it’s so similar to your mind chatter when you talk to yourself. This constant inner dialog is what confuses many individuals when it comes to an understanding of what Clairaudience is and if they have this particular psychic ability.

Because hearing through the sixth sense of Clairaudience is so close to thinking to yourself, many Clairaudients don’t realize when they’re actually hearing psychically. They assume that they’re merely thinking out loud. This is why a large percentage of psychics and mediums don’t realize that they actually are engaged in psychic hearing with the psychic sense of Clairaudience.

Both Psychic Hearing and one’s inner dialog use the same wiring and internal sound system. The “speaker”, like in a stereo system, is the psychic reception Area for Clairaudience. Are you wondering where this speaker is? Simply stated, it’s located on either side of the head, just above the earsin the temporal lobe areas.

The Good News? Clairaudience Can Be Developed and Improved!

Despite what many people think, Clairaudience is a psychic sense that can be developed and improved. Now that you’ve learned what Clairaudience is, perhaps you’ll want to work on strengthening and recognizing instances of this all-important psychic sense. Finally, if you’re going to boost this ability, always remember to focus your effortsabove the ears in the temporal lobe areas, and not on your physical ears.

Clairaudience Expert, Pete Sanders: “You Are Psychic”

In the book by Pete A. Sanders Jr., You Are Psychic, 1989, Sanders writes that a Dr. Wilder found that electrically stimulating portions of the temporal lobes during surgery caused patients to hear music or remember bits of conversation while under anesthesia.

Moreover, stimulating these areas seems to bypass the need to hear physically, as in sound waves. Furthermore, focusing at ear level, which is what you tend to do, naturally inhibits Psychic Hearing.

All in all, Clairaudience can be elusive for some and happens easily for others. If you fall into the first group, don’t worry. It just takes some focused practice to boost your psychic sense of Clairaudience! It worked for me!!

While many individuals struggle with clairaudient psychic hearing, you won’t have any difficulty just by practicing a few easy exercises. If practiced faithfully, for even a few weeks, you’ll begin to notice subtle sounds and perhaps even faint voices or music.

So, if you wish to become more attuned with your ability of Clairaudience, you’ll need to work with it. Below are five easy but powerful exercises to promote your psychic sense of Clairaudience.

Five Easy Exercises to Increase Your Clairaudience

1. Focus on Normal Everyday Sounds and Voices

What you can do every day to heighten your Clairaudient abilities:

  • Listen for everyday sounds. These sounds can be the singing of birds, cars going by, sirens in the distance, or anything for that matter. Becoming more aware of the sounds in the background of your hearing will help increase “clairaudient hearing” in the long run.
  • Imagine hearing in your mind a relative, friend, co-worker, media personality, or child’s voice that you have heard often. Can you actually hear what their voice sounds like in your mind? Doing this activity is a wonderful way to start exercising your Clairaudience muscles.

2. Start Sharpening Your Psychic Hearing

  • This activity is best performed in the late evening. Find a secluded spot where very little noise can get through.
  • Now, set the intention of working with increasing your clairaudient hearing and ask your spirit guides and angels to help you.
  • Do some deep breathing and relax. Straining or trying too hard will only impede your progress.
  • Imagine your ears growing overly large. Now, turning your head gently from side to side, begin listening for sounds that are the farthest away from you. These sounds could be a siren in the remote distance, a plane taking off, or anything. Just notice the sounds. You don’t have to do anything else.

3. Increase Your Clairaudience with Sound Vibration

  • Blue is the color of relaxation. Close your eyes and relax until you sense you are in a deep state of relaxation. Now “breathe in” the color blue; a cobalt blue is best. First, send this light to your throat (5th) chakra and then wrap yourself entirely in this blue light.
  • This part will exponentially increase sensitivity to vibration and sound. Start with chanting some AUMs. The correct pronunciation is “AHH – UUUUU – MMMM.” Focus the sound of the AUMs in your nasal cavity and then extend the vibration throughout your body. Do several repetitions of this.
  • Lastly, stop and listen for any echoes of the AUM that you’ve chanted. You may still notice the AUMs repeating in your inner mind. Just let them fade away. Now stop thinking about the AUM to close it off.

4.  Once Again, Focus on Where Clairaudience Occurs

First off, behind the ears and on each side of the head are several points vertically placed in a curve that affects Clairaudience.

  • Get comfortable, relax, and focus on psychic hearing inside your head. Now move your awareness to slightly above the ears. While doing this, make sure that your breathing stays deep and rhythmic.
  • Next, focus on different areas of your head without touching them. Take your time doing this.
  • Now, shift your focus upward and sense the area of about 1 1/2 inches above each ear in the temporal lobe area. Do this first on one side of your head, and then the other. You may notice these areas have increased levels of sensitivity, like a built-in microphone ready to amplify any sound vibration.
  • Finally, picture two megaphones that are facing outwards from each side of the head and originating in each ear. Imagine these megaphones are channeling psychic waves directly into the temporal lobes. This unique visualization gets you in the habit of noticing unusual sounds or voices.
  • Most important, keep relaxed and allow Clairaudience to naturally occur. If nothing seems different at first, just keep at it. Sometimes, exercises take a while to show expected results. You’ll soon notice a distinct improvement in your clairaudient skills.

5. Listen Up!

  • That’s right. Just get in the habit of listening upwards and focusing on the temporal lobe areas above your ears. Similar to the “Looking Up” exercise in our Psychic-Clairvoyance course, get in the habit of thinking upwards and listening from that area. Besides, it’s fun to do!

Practice these exercises every day for two weeks. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes. Remember always to have a notebook handy and write down everything that occurs—whether something you hear out of the norm makes a whole lot of sense to you or not. It takes time to start getting aligned with your unique frequency of clairaudient hearing.

Congratulations! You’ve started to hugely increase your psychic sense of CLAIRAUDIENCE!

In conclusion:

There are varying degrees of Clairaudience. Some individuals naturally have this ability as an extremely heightened psychic sense and others to a lesser extent. The good news is that Clairaudience can be developed to a much higher degree of proficiency.

Now that you’ve learned what Clairaudience is, perhaps you’ll want to work on strengthening and recognizing instances of this important psychic sense. Finally, if you’re going to boost this ability, always remember to focus your efforts above the ears in the temporal lobe areas and not directly on your physical ears.


Wikipedia on Schizophrenia


*Clairaudience is not schizophrenia.

**Mediumship Sitting-The act of providing messages and information from the Spirit Realm to a client or a group. A group sitting is often called, a Séance. A Sitter is someone who is receiving messages from a Medium.

***Theta Brainwaves-Theta brainwaves are considered the subconscious mind. they govern the part of our mind that lies between the conscious and the unconscious realities.

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