Easy Ways to See the Human Aura Revealed

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Find Out Why Seeing Auras Is Crucial

Did you know that you can see auras, aka energy fields, with the five psychic senses? If you don’t know what the aura is, it’s the energy field that interpenetrates and surrounds the physical body of every living person on earth. Even more significantly, this energy field can tell us much about a person. 

Our world is made up of colors and colors permeate everything that we see. When people think of a prism of colors, they most likely think of a rainbow, or a crystal casting a kaleidoscope of colors against a wall. The human body is exudes these same colors, although these colors are invisible to most. Additionally, for those who don’t know, rainbow colors in the aura, are created by the chakras.

Basically, the aura has different layers, or levels, and dimensional planes that have various meanings and functions. The various colors that the aura presents, reflect one’s personality, emotions, and lifelong patterns. Even more importantly, the aura can be seen, felt, heard, smelled and tasted by those who are sensitive to its presence. 

You can have your aura read, or learn to read it for yourself or others to gain insights. The aura can also reveal past lives. Here’s how you can detect a person’s aura with your five psychic senses, or your usual senses.  

Easy Beginner Ways to See the Aura

Sight: The most common way of perceiving auras is through sight, either directly or through the use of tools such as a Kirlian camera. In direct perception, the aura appears to be an ethereal mist that surrounds and outlines the physical body, usually having different colors and shapes associated with various aspects of the person’s energy field.

Touch: A sensitive practitioner can detect a person’s aura with their hands, by feeling for the energy within the field. This is done either through direct contact or at a distance. The sensation often reported is of a tingling or vibration in the hands that can be used to detect and interpret various aspects of the aura.

Hearing: Some people are sensitive to hearing changes in sound when a person is present. This can include subtle changes in sound quality, such as an increase or decrease in pitch or intensity, or even the presence of certain tones that correspond to different aspects of the aura.

Smell: An experienced practitioner may also detect changes in scent related to a person’s energy field. This is often associated with the presence of a specific type of fragrance or scent that can be used to interpret certain aspects of the aura.

Taste: People who are sensitive to taste may also detect changes in flavor related to a person’s energy field. This can include subtle nuances in taste, such as sweetness or bitterness, that may correspond to different aspects of the aura.

Significantly, by combining these five senses, you can gain a holistic understanding of a person’s energy field and its associated aspects. This can help you gain insight into their character and life path, as well as provide you with valuable information on how to best interact with them. With practice and dedication, anyone can learn to detect auras using their five psychic senses!

More about the Aura

When you see colors, you are actually seeing frequencies of light! Think of a banana. We all know a banana is yellow because we can see it with our physical eyes. So, how do we know what yellow is? Way back in our childhood we learned the names of colors. However, we didn’t learn about wavelengths determining color. What small child would understand wave lengths anyway? Don’t worry. You won’t need to memorize anything about wave lengths in this course. We’ll just refer to colors as well–colors.

Sadly, Most Individuals Have a Dull Aura

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that most of us have very weak, dull auras.. This is a direct consequence of possible life-long learned patterns which negate and suppress the development of spiritual consciousness, non-judgement, and freedom from negativity. Thus, having a dull aura can happen through a poor diet, stress, childhood trauma, and similar life experiences. 
Dull Auras are also a result of giving into fear and feeling envy, jealousy, anger, and other similar emotions over a long period of time. Such long-held emotions suppress our true nature, and our Auras becomes weakened and dark. We are all human, but knowing the truth of this fact can help us to generate a much cleaner, brighter, and clearer energy field.
Upon diligently working on this for a while, you will find people are more drawn to you and you will feel infinitely better. 

Our Aura Reveals Who We Are!

Our aura is our spiritual signature. When noticing a person’s Aura that is bright and clear, you can be sure that such person has a good heart and is somewhat spiritually advanced–even if he or she is modest or unaware of it.
When we realize that our Aura is “on display” and people are able to sense it, we will be more apt to watch what we think. This is why it’s a good idea to practice clairvoyantly seeing and improving our own Aura. In fact, this can be done by looking in a full-length mirror with a light plain wall behind us and the lighting dim. 
By working with this process, we can become emotionally and physically healthier. Practice looking at yourself when having good thoughts and feeling good. Practice dredging up negative thoughts, real anger, resentment, bitterness, etc. and see the difference. If you become ill, notice the changes in your aura and make note of it. 
Crucially, we are what we think and our aura colors and the clarity of them is absolute proof in the pudding. It helps us, as well, to recognize the true intentions of other people. 
Colors and the intensity of the aura, especially around and above the head, have a special significance. Watching someone’s aura you can actually see the other person’s thoughts before you hear them expressed verbally. For example: you can learn to effectively see a lie every time. No one can lie in front of you undetected. We cannot fake the Aura. It always shows our true thoughts and intentions.
Note: Of course, it depends on the situation if you wish to confront that person or not. It’s best to use this ability very carefully and not to always blurt out, “You’re LYING!” 


As you can see, our aura is are spiritual signature. And now that you’ve learned a bit about auras, you can start the process of improving its condition. 

Seeing the aura field of others helps us to recognize the true intentions of others. Therefore, it’s the absolute proof in the pudding that seeing the auric field of others is crucial. Surely, the world has the potential to become a much better place if all people could see and read Auras.  


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