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Talk to Spirits on Your Own

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A question I’m often asked is how to conduct a solitary seance. Conducting a seance on your own is relatively easy. In this post, I’m providing some simple steps. If you follow these steps and have already done some work to enhance your mediumship skills, you should succeed in making authentic spirit contact.

Conducting a solitary seance is excellent for contacting any loved ones who have passed, or even more crucually, help lost spirits who need your help. 

1. Preparation: Choose a secluded location: 

Select a quiet, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Designate a room in your home or even your kitchen.  Try to avoid an outside setting. There’s no way you can control noisy neighbors, children playing, or barking dogs, etc.  But perhaps you know of a rural setting in nature that you can visit without the worry of people intruding in on you.

 2. Set the mood: 

If indoors, dim the lights or use candles to create a mystical atmosphere. You may also want to burn some incense or play soft, ambient music to enhance the atmosphere. If you are outside, before you connect with the spirit world, listen to some soothing music with headphones.

3. Setting Up-arrange the space:

Set up a table or altar in the center of the room. Place items on the table that hold personal significance or are traditionally associated with seances, such as candles, crystals, and a pendulum

4. The issue of using Tarot Cards during a seance:

Frankly, I discourage using tarot cards. Tarot cards are excellent for psychic readings but not for spirit contact. Using tarot cards during a séance is not real Mediumship, even if famous people in the field sell them because it’s a quick money maker. Tarot cards will only confuse you and make you doubt the actual messages you get from spirits.

 5. Clear your space before each session:
Locations and even pockets of locations can pick up negative or heavy energy. You may not think your chosen space for spirit communication has these energies, but to be safe, do a quick cleansing before each session to be sure your space is clean of any previous residual spirit energy that’s unwanted. You can burn a white sage stick or use camphor. Camphor is an easy, effective way to cleanse a space and banish residual energy. 

You can also dissolve a small piece of camphor in water and sprinkle it in the room’s corners for extended protection. Or, add a few drops of camphor oil to an oil diffuser. It’s okay to leave windows open.

6. Clear your mind: 

Take several moments to relax and clear your mind of self-talk, worries, or distractions. Next, do some deep breathing or meditation to center yourself and enter into a receptive state. Significantly, a receptive state is an altered state of consciousness that helps to elevate your aura’s vibrational level, which is essential for spirit communication. Performing some deep breathing or meditation will help you achieve your desired altered state.

7. Create a protective circle: 

Visualize a circle of white light surrounding you and your space. You can also physically mark the circle using salt or a line of candles to delineate the sacred area. Now, invoke protection. Call upon spiritual guardians, such as angels or spirit guides, to protect you during the seance. You can use a simple prayer or invocation to invite their presence.

Conducting the Seance

8. Open the session: 

Begin by stating your intention for the seance. Clearly express your desire to communicate with spirits or receive guidance from the other side. 

9. Invite spirits: 

 Speak aloud or silently invite any benevolent spirits or loved ones who have passed away to join you in the seance. Be open and receptive to their presence. Additionally, find a way to be aware of spirits who have entered into your vibrational circle.

10. Initiate communication: 

Use a method of communication that feels comfortable to you, such as automatic writing, using a pendulum, or simply speaking aloud. Trust your intuition and allow the communication to flow naturally. Recording a session is an excellent way to remember what has come through. Using a cell phone to record works fine. It is highly recommended that you stop incoming calls or chime notifications during the session.

11. Ask questions:

Pose questions to the spirits, keeping them clear and specific. Listen for any subtle impressions, feelings, or messages that indicate a response. If you begin to suspect that the spirits showing up are either negative or bogus, stop the session immediately and then re-initiate protection when you are ready!

12. Closing the session:

When you sense communications have come to a natural conclusion, thank the spirits for their presence and guidance. Close the protective circle by visualizing the white light dissipating or extinguishing the candles. Do not blow out the candles. Use a candle snuffer instead.


Now, ground yourself. Practice grounding techniques, such as touching something close by made of real wood, eating a snack, or going for a walk to re-center yourself after the seance and bring your energy back into balance. Importantly, remember to drink water as spirit communication tends to dehydrate people.
Take some time to reflect on your experience. Journaling can be helpful to in processing insights or messages received during the seance. Review your notes if you used automatic writing, draw any spirits that came in if you are an artist, or listen to your recordings. Remember to accept calls or notifications once again if you used a cell phone to record the session.


I hope you enjoyed this post and got some valuable information from it. Spirit communication is doable for just about anyone who is sincere in their efforts. Treat spirit communication not as something to entertain but as a real effort to speak with the spirit realm to receive messages from spirits that you either knew in life or perhaps to help some spirits who are lost and need assistance in crossing over.
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