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Have What it Takes to Be a Rescue Medium?

Rescue Mediums dedicate themselves to freeing trapped earthbound spirits. These Mediums have trained to do spirit rescue safely and effectively. In fact, there are organizations committed to doing this kind of spiritual service. However, some Mediums naturally detect lost souls and can move them to the Light without having any training whatsoever.

Reading Photographs Is a Great Way to Contact Spirits

Did you know that you can contact spirits by reading photographs? One way to conduct a spirit reading is to “read” a photograph of someone who is now deceased. Reading a Spirit photograph entails looking at a picture of someone who has passed into the Spirit World and connecting with their spirit to convey messages.

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The Fox Sisters: Famous Mediums of the Past

In 1848, the Fox family began hearing mysterious rapping noises in their Hydesville,, New York home. The two younger daughters, Kate and Margaret , believed this was a spirit and devised a way to communicate with it. The events started one of the most fascinating documented cases of spirit communication and the advent of the Spiritualist movement which is still going strong today.

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12 Ways to Improve Mediumship Skills

Mediumship training requires patience and a willingness to go through the different stages of development. Mediumship development cannot be rushed. If you find that you suddenly reach a point where spirit communication seems to stop. there are few simple things you can do to get it started again.

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