Enjoy articles covering all facets of Mediumship, also known as Spirit Communication. Learn the many facets of Mediumship and how to achieve Mediumship mastery. Also discover the many secrets about being a Medium that most people don’t know about.

What Are Billet Readings in Platform Mediumship?

Approx. Reading Time Seven Minutes Is Reading Billets a Thing of The Past? Reading Billets is a practice that many spiritualist churches incorporated into their church services for years and still do. So, What Exactly Is a Billet? Specifically, a Billet is a folded piece of paper that contains a question for a spirit provided by

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Platform Mediumship In Spiritualism

Approx. reading time 7 minutes. Understanding Platform Mediumship Have you ever wondered, “What is Platform Mediumship?” Here’s a little history on Platform Mediumship that will begin to answer your question. Currently, the latest trend in the spiritual world of spirit communication is platform demonstrations by mediums! These events are the perfect opportunity for mediums to showcase their talents

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