Articles covering all facets of Mediumship also known as Spirit Communication.

Beginner Mediumship Quintessential Guide

In beginner Mediumship and during serious development of Mediumship and/or psychic training, your body will be going through some mental and physiological changes. This is because the body and mind are adjusting to the higher frequencies needed for making conscious spirit contact and/or increasing psychic skill sets.

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Find Out Your Best Mediumship Psychic Sense

Mediumistic skills are like any other skill. Significantly, everyone has inherent spirit communication abilities to some degree. Through training and experience, these skills are developed and refined into a consistent set of reliable steps for determining the best psychic senses for making spirit contact.

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Create Clear Channel for Spirit Communication

Mediumship Spirit Channel clearing is essential when making spirit contact. How to get clear messages from spirits is done by using focus and setting intention. Focus is a key ingredient tuning into your spirit channel for successful Mediumship. You'll discover that fine-tuning your spirit channel as a Medium is essential for successful spirit communication.

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What Is Rescue Mediumship?

Rescue Mediums dedicate themselves to freeing trapped earthbound spirits. These Mediums have trained to do spirit rescue safely and effectively. In fact, there are organizations committed to doing this kind of spiritual service. However, some Mediums naturally detect lost souls and can move them to the Light without having any training whatsoever.

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Who Was Edgar Cayce?

For forty-three years of his adult life, Edgar Cayce gave readings for medical diagnosis and eventually “Life Readings” aka soul readings, from the Akashic Records. Cayce possessed the ability to put himself into a deep trance state to access medical and spiritual information.

Who Was Edgar Cayce?2020-03-09T10:29:11-07:00
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