Why Mediumship Training Works

///Why Mediumship Training Works

Why Mediumship Training Works

Properly Trained Mediums Have the Edge

People that contact me about their natural Mediumship abilities often ask one central question: “Why do I need training  to become a medium if I already see and sense spirits?” What I usually say to them is that there are many important reasons to formally train in Mediumship as you will find out in this post.

If you happen to read biographies of people such as James Van Praagh, John Holland, Chip Coffey, and other well-known mediums, most of them undertook some kind of extensive training in Mediumship. Many also mention attending a development circle for quite some time in their early stages of development.Without the understanding and knowledge of the workings of spirit connectivity, you may feel like a ship without an anchor riding upon a tumultuous ocean.

Untrained natural mediums can have their problems. It is common for new mediums to haphazardly experience spirit visitations, “see” blurry and sometimes scary faces flying at them, have spirits popping in at inconvenient times, hear voices or music that can’t be accounted for, or even experience feelings of overload or feeling scattered much of the time. They may even think they are crazy! Tendencies to isolate may become the norm. They may decide not to closely interact with people as they are afraid individuals or friends will think they are strange or might ridicule them. Even worse, the novice medium might fear they could be ostracized from their inner circle or support group. Training in Mediumship should build a strong foundation or not only good training, but also provide confidence and a feeling that being a medium is a very natural thing and nothing to be ashamed of.

There is a lot that goes into developing Mediumship. It is not a complicated process, but it does require focus, dedication, and a sense of divine purpose for helping others. People who enter into some kind of formal training usually end up performing the best and most successful readings. They are able to fall back on their foundational learning when feeling stuck or dealing with a spirit that is having trouble communicating. They understand the importance of grounding and protection as well as proper breathing techniques. These are the mediums who get the most clients because of their ability to give readings that are precise, accurate, and can be substantiated by a client or group.

Excellent Mediumship training involves taking each student’s natural inborn abilities into consideration. Rather than changing how a growing medium might perceive spirits, the current skills should be encouraged and enhanced. And, new specialties might even surface. This is where many Mediumship training schools fall short. They may insist upon the student doing it the school’s way often resulting in confusion and setbacks for the student. At Imagine Spirit, we specialize in considering each student is unique and should build on their personal skill sets.

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As you begin to safely develop your Mediumship abilities, you will learn how to manage the changes that will start to happen, such as:

  • Physiological changes in the body
  • Temporary aches and pains in the body that weren’t there before
  • A sudden influx of symbolic images coming into the mind
  • Feeling strong emotions or sadness that may be foreign to you
  • Your chakras opening wider and the feeling of psychic senses being heightened
  • An overload of spirit visitations

Without the understanding and knowledge of the workings of spirit connectivity, you may feel like a ship without an anchor riding upon a tumultuous ocean. Training should always be encouraging and safe.

When you launch into your own Mediumship training, you begin the process of Mediumship “unfoldment.” Unfoldment simple means that you are developing your natural skill set step-by-step to feel comfortable progressing through each stage of attainment. Each successful spirit contact event will help you build on that foundation of confidence and open the door for even greater communication experiences. You will be able to sort out what emotions are yours and what emotions are caused by spirits. Any strange, new sensations felt in the body may be due to spirit contact. All this may sound a little scary and prohibitive, but I assure you it is only temporary as you will learn how to manage your natural abilities to a greater extent.

Students Should Feel Safe and Encouraged During Training!

Training should always be encouraging and safe. Novices should be allowed to experiment with their own abilities without worry of being picked on or told they are doing things incorrectly.

Structured Mediumship training lets you understand and become comfortable with the changes that happen within and around you as you consciously open to the spirit world. It allows you to build a trusting relationship with helper guides and your gatekeeper who keeps you safe. It also helps you to forge a telepathic link with spirits to gain evidential information, which can be proof for identifying the spirit wishing to communicate to those on the earth plane. Unfoldment also monitors the progress of your psychic senses, which are naturally being heightened, and the progress of you learning to trust the information you are receiving.

Where to Start Training

What kind of Mediumship training should you get? I suggest any reputable school or well-regarded teacher. When exploring possibilities, please do not put any person or school on a pedestal just because they seem to have excellent knowledge and demonstrate strong abilities. It’s O.K. to ask a lot of questions before signing up. I also recommend, rather than paying a large sum of money up front, to see if you can take a mini-course to determine if their way of teaching is the right fit for you. There are a lot of great teachers out there, and some who are not so great. You will find many online who don’t really know what they are doing. This is a fact.

Can you learn just as well from a home study course as opposed to training in-person? Absolutely! Our Mediumship Home Study Course was created just for this purpose. It allows those who do not have a school close by to safely and successfully develop their Mediumship skills. There are also real live recordings to listen to as individuals work through the course. We have students from all over the world, from Iraq to South America. So, if you are interested in true Mediumship training, give our course a try. You can read or download Lesson 1 FREE.

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