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Twelve Beginner Steps to Master Mediumship

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Want to Boost Your Mediumship Skills? You can starting now!

The Novice Mediumship Quintessential Guide provides twelve vital steps to noticeably boost your Mediumship skills.

Not surprising, when I began my Mediumship training in the early 1980s, I had a lot of doubts. It was true that many times throughout my life, I’d experienced spirit contact. But, the question loomed, could I elicit spirit communication on demand?

Over time, I learned that I could. How? By believing in myself and trusting in the impressions that I received.

Overall, Mediumship development is a fascinating journey. However, along the way, self-doubts and nervousness can block opening the channel to the Spirit World.

Therefore, if you are a novice Medium and just beginning your training, or currently a practicing Medium, it’s easy to lose confidence when spirit contact doesn’t seem to happen right away. To overcome this, just believe in yourself. That’s right. Believe that you have what it takes to become a qualified and profound Medium! Here are the twelve essential steps!

1. Begin with Knowledge of Your Craft

Firstly, to improve Mediumship skills, it’s important to understand some essential definitions. Frequently you will run across words and phrases such as the Astral Plane, Spirit Operator, Transfiguration, Direct Voice Medium, and the like.

2. Dedication and Practice

Interestingly, just as a musician, artist, or athlete might practice for improving their skills, making a commitment to Mediumship development and practicing developmental exercises will likewise enhance successful spirit communication.

More to the point, I always say to students, “Practice, practice, and more practice!” If life seems to get in the way of your Mediumship studies, or if you are feeling stressed about not practicing, put your studies aside for a while and return to them when you are more refreshed and rested.

Mediums in a Group

Foremost to realize, there is no hurry. Spirits will always be waiting and ready for you to make contact with them.

3. In Beginner Mediumship, Develop Patience

To begin with, Mediumship training requires patience and a willingness to go through the different stages of development. Mediumship unfoldment cannot be hurried. If you find that you suddenly reach a point where the flow seems to stop, and messages don’t seem to be readily forthcoming, this too may signal it’s time to take a break from your studies.

Notably, the duration of feeling blocked could last a few days to a few weeks. Be assured that the flow will eventually resume again if you are patient and do not allow yourself to become concerned about it.

4. Be Serious and Sincere

Clearly, if you are looking for something frivolous to do on a weekend afternoon or just want to impress your friends, you will be significantly limited in successful spirit contact.

Of greatest significance, by having a sincere desire to grow and progress in your Mediumship skills, you will have a greater connection with the world of spirits.

Ultimately, by having a genuine sense of humility about your efforts for contacting spirits will significantly increase your chances of enhanced spirit communication.

5. Watch What You Eat and Drink

In beginner Mediumship and during serious development of Mediumship and/or psychic training, your body will be going through some mental and physiological changes. This is because the body and mind are adjusting to the higher frequencies needed for making conscious spirit contact and/or increasing psychic skill sets.

Here are excellent eating tips to assist you in your Mediumship developmental process:

  1. Eat plenty of protein or boost up with protein bars or protein powder.
  2. On days when you are doing serious spiritual work, try to avoid red meat. This is because your system is using a lot of energy to digest the meat.
  3. Drink lots of water to keep hydrated. Spirit communication and even meditation can dehydrate the body so keep plenty of water close at hand.
  4. Get plenty of sleep. Again, when psychically or spiritually developing, there may be a temporary depletion of energies.
  5. Try and avoid excessive sugar intake. The desire for sweets is typical for most of us but for some reason in psychic or Mediumship development, the desire for sugar increases.
  6. Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol. Alcohol will just cloud results. The same applies to mood-altering drugs and smoking. Essential medications should not be abandoned. Always consult your Dr. before stopping prescribed medications.

6. Set an Intention

Significantly, an intention is directed thought of purpose. For any session geared towards communicating with the Spirit World, psychic readings, or even meditation, etc., you will need to hold focus on what you desire to accomplish. For example, think to yourself, “I am putting myself in the right frame of mind to communicate with spirits.”

Unquestionably, this shifts the body and mind into a spirit contact mode. Also, saying any kind of prayer for protection and expressing gratitude before any spiritual session will set the stage for safely receiving spirit messages.

7. In Beginner Mediumship, Have a Sense of Responsibility

Equally important, it’s imperative for you to understand that you’ll be using your newly enhanced Mediumship abilities to enrich the lives of others and, more importantly, to bring them peace, comfort, and healing. Mediumship is a great responsibility; especially when working with the public.

To add to this, always have the mindset that you are operating from the highest and best intentions.

8. Set Aside Some Daily Meditation Time

Above all, even if it’s only ten minutes a day, meditation will go a long way for your psychic senses to be honed and ready for spirit contact. If meditation is hard for you, listen to some meditation music. Amazingly, you’ll will find the time going by quickly and decide to increase the amount of time spent in meditation.

9. Build Trusting Relationships with Your Spirit Helper Guides

A budding medium will automatically have unique Mediumship spirit guides that flock in to help them develop. In terms of Mediumship, these supportive entities are called Spirit Helper Guides. If you truly believe that your guides are always with you to aid and assist, this certainty provides an excellent foundation for greater confidence to work with them.

Additionally, going into meditation and asking who these guides are is always beneficial for starting to build a trusting and lasting relationship with them. Keep a journal of your findings and insights.

10. In Beginner Mediumship, Learn Strong Spirit Protection

A universal law states: “Like attracts like, therefore having good intentions and keeping your energy high during spirit contact needn’t worry too much about harmful spirits from intruding. Importantly, by erecting a shield of protection is standard practice for anyone either psychically developing or for making contact with the realm of Spirits.

More importantly, there are many wonderful ways a novice, or advanced level Medium, can protect themselves from unwanted spirits crashing a session or wanting to attach. At the same time, using the energy of white or gold light and by envisioning this light surrounding you, is one of the best ways to immediately erect a boundary of reliable protection.

11. Adopt an Attitude of Kindness When Doing Spirit Communication

Another key point, having an attitude of respect combined with kindness and understanding goes a long way for more fulfilling and fruitful sessions with spirit. Moreover, spirits have the same emotions as we do. Clearly, if certain spirits are treated with disdain or scorn for any reason, spirits, in general, may begin to withdraw from you. Why? Because spirits will begin to be afraid of you. Always treat any spirit with kindness no matter what their disposition.

12. Always Trust Your Psychic Impressions

My students will often hear me say, “Trust what you get.” It is human nature to forget this crucial advice when in actual sessions or participating in a development circle. In my classes, I often hear concerns like, “I think I made contact with a spirit but it was probably my imagination.” Strike these thoughts right away!

Although your imagination does play a role in priming the pump for spirit conversations to begin, you will soon start to notice that an authentic connection has been made. Then it’s up to you to open up and receive information forthcoming from the spirits you’ve connected with.

In conclusion:

Perhaps the Most Important Tip of All!

Now that you have read about and hopefully adopted these 12 very simple but essential tips, there is one more indispensable tip I’d like to mention. This is key for boosting your self-confidence and sense of accomplishment.

Below is a key phrase I’d like you to incorporate into your daily regimen:


Write it on your bathroom mirror, post it on your refrigerator, tape a note on your coffee maker, or insert it into your cell phone theme!

This, along with practicing the twelve essential tips for Beginner Mediumship, provides the solid foundation for your Mediumship career. May it be long and prosperous!

Now, enjoy a video on how to go into a Theta Trance just by gazing at a candle flame.


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