Personality Traits of Mediums and Psychics

What Are the Primary Traits of Mediums and Psychics?

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What Defines a Medium’s Personality?

Telltale personality traits of mediums is that budding Mediums typically show Mediumship abilities early in life. Adding to this, personality traits of mediums and psychics share specific attributes.

Surprisingly, a study at Duke University claims that psychic people are often extroverts. Using Zener cards, Psychic researcher Betty Humphrey, from Duke University discovered the extroverts scored significantly higher in ESP than introverts. Does this mean that introverted people are not good psychics or mediums? The answer is no

Other Personality Traits of Mediums and Psychics

Deep Sensitivity: Curiously enough, regardless of having an extrovert or introvert personality, psychic and mediumistic individuals are often extremely sensitive individuals. Additionally, they are often empathic and influenced by the moods of others. Some psychics can even sense moods even before meeting.

High Creativity: A large segment of psychic and mediumistic people have some sort of artistic background. I spent several years and a graphic designer and writing and editing self-help courses. So, why is this? Psychics and Mediums have a highly developed right brain—the side of the brain that’s responsible for intuition.

To add to this, many psychic people can visually project imagined images into random shapes. Scrying, sand reading, and tea-leaf reading individuals all use this part of the brain.

Vivid Dreams: First off, psychic and mediumistic individuals often have lucid dreams. These dreams are so vivid; they believe they are conscious while the dream is taking place. Secondly, dreams connect us with the unconscious mind and its psychic intuition. I have this happen to me a lot. Just before awakening, I get images and scenes of events that take place exactly as I saw them in the next day or so.

Thirdly, if you do not share the personality traits described above, don’t worry. All types of personalities share psychic and mediumistic abilities.


Bonus Content: What Mediums Do

We Give Proof

A medium provides proof of survival of the personality after death. We demonstrate that not only does life continue, but also that memory and self-awareness persist beyond death.

We are the link between worlds—the earthly plane and the astral plane. This is similar to a telephone line with a spirit person at the other end. It’s important to realize that we are intermediaries working in Spirit service and the possessor of spiritual power.

Mediums Connect to a Higher Philosophy

With our spirit guide helpers‘ aid, we share the brilliant philosophy given to us from the next world. In the world of spiritualist Mediumship, spiritual mediums often give talks from a platform inspired by the higher teachers from the other side. Although this is channeling, it doesn’t mean that a medium is, in actuality a channel. It only means that they are using their abilities to provide wisdom and enlightened information to others. 

We Enable Spiritual Growth

Much like above, Mediumship and the knowledge that it brings inspire us to become better individuals. We become more sensitive to others’ situations, become more tolerant, less judgmental, and inspire others to make the vest of their lives. 

About Mediums and God

As mentioned, Mediumship is a spiritual modality that proves the existence of an afterlife. Mediumship also implies that there is a God but does not attempt to prove that there is a God. Surprisingly, Mediums come from many diverse faiths. However, Mediumship is not a religion, as mentioned previously. It’s a philosophy and way of living that transcends race, creed, and dogma.

In Conclusion:

Authentic Psychics and Mediums come in all shapes, sizes, and genders. If you do not share the personality traits described above, don’t worry. All types of personalities, whether one is an extrovert or introvert, often display strong psychic and mediumistic abilities. What’s more important, is building a strong relationship with Spirit, and dedicating part of your life towards helping others, is one of the most spiritual things one can achieve in a lifetime. 


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