How to Use a Pendulum to Communicate with Spirits

The Easy Way to Communicate with the Spirit Realm

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How to communicate with spirits using a pendulum is an easy way to initiate spirit contact. They are especially effective when it comes to asking a quick question to spirits.

The use of a pendulum for communication with spirits, or deceased loved ones, is a practice known as pendulum dowsing. It’s important to note that the effectiveness of such practices is subjective, and beliefs surrounding communication with spirits vary widely. 

Essentially, pendulums have been used since ancient times as a tool for divination and connecting to the spirit realm.  This is because the pendulum amplifies vibrations or frequencies in the atmosphere. Moreover, by forming a question for a particular spirit and focusing on the subtle movements of your pendulum, you can receive answers from the spirit realm quickly.

How to Obtain a Pendulum

Pendulum can be obtained by ordering online or at a metaphysical bookstore. Or,  you can visit a craft fair and find one there. Most importantly, choose a pendulum that resonates with you. This could be based on personal preference, intuition, or spiritual beliefs. In addition, some individuals prefer pendulums made of materials, such as crystals or metals, believing that these materials enhance spiritual connections.

How to Make a Pendulum

Creating your own pendulum is a great way to open up communication with spirits. And it can be used as an ongoing form of divination. When used correctly, your pendulum will bridge the gap between the physical and non-physical realms and allow us to communicate with our deceased loved ones.

To create your own pendulum get these items: A string,  a very small flexible chain, or monofilament nylon wire. Some individuals use a ring and add small weight just above the stone or crystal. Many wrap a piece of thin jewelry wire around a crystal. And it’s best if you can attach a loop at the end to attach your chain.

Cleanse and Your Crystal or Stone

It’s best before using your new pendulum to wash it with soap and water (if it’s a stone or jewelry, or place it in a bowl of sea salt overnight.) Putting it in the sunlight is also an excellent way to cleanse it. For the feminine-minded, putting the pendulum in the light of the moon is a common practice. A full moon is best.

Creating a Sacred Space

Some practitioners prefer to create a calm and sacred environment for the communication session. This might involve lighting candles, burning incense, or engaging in meditation to raise spiritual awareness.

Before starting a session, it’s common to set clear intentions for the communication. This could involve focusing on a particular question or connecting with a specific spirit or energy.

Once you have your pendulum, you are ready to begin communicating with spirits! This is the main purpose of a pendulum: to answer yes or no questions from the deceased. But first, always surround yourself in the warm embrace of white light, then call in your spirit guides and angels for protection. Or, you can call on the creator source directly. Basically, any prayer that you like to use for help and protection is sufficient. Doing this is essential for keeping negative spirits from crashing your session!

Achieving Clarity in Messages

The clarity of the messages that come through depends on how closely you focus and determine the signals. With practice, you can learn to use a pendulum effectively for spirit communication and unlock the mysteries of the afterlife.

Asking Questions

Start with simple questions like “Are you a spirit?” or “Do you want to communicate?” before proceeding with more complex inquiries. If you have a particular spirit in mind, call on them. This is better then asking any ole’ spirit to show up. Sometimes, if you don’t specify a particular spirit, you may inadvertently get a negative energy intruding on your session.


Yes or No Pendulum Swings to Answer Questions

If you are a novice at using a pendulum, you’ll want to work with your pendulum first by putting your energy into the stone or crystal. 

Then, placing your elbow on a flat surface, lightly hold your pendulum keeping it still at first. Hold the pendulum by its chain or cord, allowing it to dangle freely. Ask simple yes/no questions. Some practitioners believe that spirits or energies influence the pendulum’s movements to provide answers. 

Interpreting the Movements

Now, interpret the movements of the pendulum based on your pre-established understanding or a guide you may have. Keep in mind that interpretation is subjective, and results may vary from person to person.

Typically, a back-and-forth motion may indicate a “yes” response, while a side-to-side motion may indicate a “no” response. Some practitioners use circular motions for more complex answers.

When ready, ask your pendulum to show you a Yes answer. The pendulum will start to swing in a particular way such as back and forth sideways or in a clockwise or counter-clockwise manner. Remembering which way it swings is paramount. Then do the same by asking your pendulum to show a No answer. It should swing differently.

Try Not to Influence Your Pendulum!

Be aware that it’s easy for novice pendulum users to subconsciously direct their pendulum. This is especially true for those who desperately desire a particular answer. So, be aware of this. Your session answers won’t do you any good if you are impacting how your pendulum acts. 
To ensure the best results, keep an open mind and take your time. Remain focused on the task at hand, and try to clear your head of any other thoughts or distractions. Once you’ve completed your session, express gratitude or use a specific ritual to close the communication.

Can You a Pendulum When Reading for Others?

The answer to this is, absolutely! However, using a pendulum to pry into another person’s life without their knowledge can lead to a confused answer with the pendulum not knowing how to swing. Or, it may it will not swing at all and just stays still.

Once you are satisfied with the answer, thank the spirit or spirits that came through before saying goodbye. Say thank you and goodbye is how you should end a session.
What if nothing seemed right and the pendulum gave conflicting answers? This is usually due to confusion within the mind of the user or even a spirit that shows up. If this is the case, just put your pendulum away and try again later or on another day. With a little practice, you will soon be able to use your pendulum as a powerful tool for communicating with the spirit world.

In conclusion:

As you’ve learned, pendulums are especially effective when it comes to communicating with spirits on the other side. By focusing on a specific question and interpreting the subtle movements of your pendulum, you can receive answers from the spirit realm with just a few simple steps.
It’s crucial to approach using a pendulum with an open mind and a healthy dose of objectivity. The movements of the pendulum may be influenced by factors such as involuntary muscle movements, the user’s subconscious mind, or environmental conditions. If you find the experience comforting or meaningful, it can be a personal and spiritual tool, but it’s essential to maintain an open perspective.
Remember that beliefs, both modern and ancient, vary widely. Always approach these practices with respect and sensitivity to individual beliefs and experiences.

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