Five Ways to Avoid Psychic Reading Mistakes

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Best Practices to Avoid Beginner or Seasoned Psychic Mistakes

It is crucial for any beginner or seasoned psychic to learn how to avoid psychic reading mistakes. Five steps to avoid novice or seasoned psychic blunders reveal the most crucial errors that psychics often make. Most importantly, these mistakes can be easily avoided. Find out which ones may be negatively impacting any kind of psychic readings.

In a Nutshell, Five Common Mistakes Psychics Make:

  1. For beginners, not enough practice time going in. This shows in your readings.
  2. Relying too heavily on book meanings and not your own intuitive insights.
  3. Not having a clear and concise method for conducting your readings.
  4. Telling clients what they want to hear, even if the information is wrong.
  5. Cramming in too many readings in one day, which results in burn-out fast!

Wait! There’s More!

  1. Cold Reading Errors: Cold reading involves making educated guesses or general statements that could apply to anyone. Sometimes, psychics unintentionally rely too much on cold reading techniques, leading to inaccurate readings.
  2. Projection of Personal Bias: A psychic’s own beliefs, experiences, and biases can influence their readings. They may interpret information in a way that aligns with their own worldview rather than accurately reflecting the client’s situation.
  3. Misinterpretation of Symbols or Signs: Psychics often rely on symbols, signs, or visions to provide insights. However, misinterpreting these symbols or signs can lead to incorrect readings. Different psychics may interpret the same symbol differently.
  4. Overconfidence: Some psychics may become overconfident in their abilities, leading them to make bold assertions or predictions without sufficient evidence or accuracy. This can result in misleading or inaccurate readings.
  5. Lack of Ethical Conduct: Ethical considerations are crucial in psychic readings. Some practitioners may fail to maintain ethical boundaries, such as respecting client confidentiality or avoiding giving advice beyond their expertise, leading to misunderstandings or harm.
  6. Influence of External Factors: External factors, such as the psychic’s mood, environment, or distractions, can impact the quality of a reading. A psychic who is tired, stressed, or distracted may not be fully attuned to the client’s energy or may misinterpret information.
  7. Client Misinterpretation: Sometimes, clients misinterpret or misremember the information provided during a reading. This can lead them to believe that the psychic made a mistake when, in fact, the error lies in the client’s perception or memory.
  8. Failure to Connect: Not every psychic will be able to connect with every client. If there’s a lack of connection or rapport between the psychic and the client, the reading may be less accurate or insightful.
  9. External Pressure or Expectations: Pressure from clients or the desire to meet certain expectations can inadvertently influence a psychic’s reading. This pressure may lead them to make hasty or inaccurate interpretations.
  10.  Self-fulfilling Prophecies: In some cases, psychics may unintentionally influence the outcome of events by predicting them. Clients may subconsciously alter their behavior or decisions based on the psychic’s predictions, leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy rather than an accurate reading of future events.
 I Didn’t Know How to Avoid Psychic Reader Mistakes Initially

I was fortunate and had an excellent teacher. However, she wasn’t hovering over my shoulder when I gave my first professional psychic readings. As a result, I made many beginner psychic mistakes.

I clearly remember the day I did my first professional readings. My teacher and her partner were hosting a psychic fair in downtown Phoenix. I’d set up my reading table, but because I was so nervous I hid, afraid to go out on the main floor.

My teacher finally located me in the back supply room. After some words of encouragement , I slithered out to my table.As it happened, a friend who had come down to the fair immediately sat at my table. I felt that I was saved — at least for the moment.

After giving my friend her reading, someone else took her chair right away. It seemed I was off and running. And, as it turned out, I had one client after another for the entire day. At the end of the day, I counted my reading slips. I’d done it! And the best part? I helped many people that day and made money at the same time.

My Psychic Reader Education Didn’t End There

For the next thirty years, I did professional psychic and eventually Mediumship readings alongside my corporate career. I did readings at night and some I squeezed into the weekend. Simultaneously, I accumulated vital tips and at the same time, learned from some disastrous mistakes. Now, I’m passing along these insights to others. 

By my calculation, I’ve done psychic readings and Mediumship sittings for more than 3,000 clients! Currently, I’m retired from doing readings and am focused on teaching and creating new self-paced courses.

The Psychic World Has Changed Significantly

The world is much different than when I started out in the early 1980s. And, there is much more positive exposure available to the psychics starting out today with the inception of the Internet. Before the Internet, I had to rely on print advertising, which was costly. Now there is social media and YouTube for getting a psychic reading business started.

Before you get too far into your psychic career, you might like to know about some essential lessons I learned right out the gate.

You Can Learn How to Avoid Beginner Psychic Mistakes


Confidence and accuracy comes from practice, practice, and more practice. Because I’d first begun doing practice readings with a Tarot book in hand, I realized it made some folks uncomfortable. So, I stopped giving readings for a while and intensely studied the the cards’ meanings and garnered my own intuitive insights.

>Over time, I realized that the cards spoke to me in an intuitive language of their own. This revelation was the beginning of trusting and relying on my intuitive insights without having to memorize meanings from a book.

You can do the same. Learning card meanings from books, or cheat sheets, are a good starting point. However, the best and most accurate readings come from within us if we listen to our inner psychic senses.

In Conclusion:

It’s essential to have a clear idea of how to conduct a reading and avoid making beginner psychic mistakes. Additionally, let your client know how you work and what to expect in the reading.

Do you use Tarot or Oracle cards? Or, do you begin a reading by doing some psychometry, astrology, or numerology? Do you connect with a client’s energy to give a reading without the use of divination tools? Whichever way you prefer to do readings, let your client know what to expect before the reading commences.

As mentioned earlier, don’t get into the trap of telling your client what they want to hear. This will always come back at you later like a boomerang nightmare.

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