When Spirits Don't Know They're Dead

Sometimes Spirits Live In a Dream World

Some Newly Passed Spirits Don’t Know They’ve Died

There are instances of persons that have died but stay unaware that they are actually dead. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Time in Spirit is different from ours, and their reality is stuck in time for decades.
  • They might attempt to live their lives as before but think those close to them are ignoring them
  • Spirits will often refuse to believe they’ve gone through the death experience
  • Death was so sudden and traumatic, the spirit ignores the signs of having died
  • The idea of dying was always terrifying for them
  • and there are most likely many other reasons

This might be hard for those of us who are living to comprehend. Yet, time after time in my ghost investigations and attempting contact, I have found this to be a common occurrence with spirits stuck in a location. An excellent Rescue Medium can help in situations like these.

Usually Spirits Are Very Aware that They Are Dead

There are many reasons why a Spirit does not cross over when the physical body dies. One of the most common but tragic reasons Spirits stay earthbound and haven’t crossed into the light is through sudden death.

If I, for instance, suddenly keeled over dead, I might not know anything was wrong. I would go about my business as usual. I might even go shopping for food but then have no memory of bringing it home. As strange as this seems, this is how an unaware spirit might behave. While writing this, I recall the 1999 movie, The Sixth Sense”, (spoiler) when actor Bruce Willis is suddenly shocked into the realization that he is actually dead at the very end of the movie.

When we leave our physical body at the moment of brain death, our consciousness jumps the physical shell and then enters the Etheric body for a short time. If all goes well, then we progress to the Astral body for the crossing over experience. It’s like we “wake up”. One might liken it to waking up from a very long realistic and detailed dream.

Not Everyone Has the Tunnel of Light Experience

Many people who have clinically died and come back don’t always report the proverbial tunnel and white light. In cases of a severe traumatic death, a soul might be initially confused and keep their reality the same as it was before. Just because we have died does not mean we are spiritually cured of all our human tendencies, frailties and learned thinking patterns. Initially, survival instincts and coping mechanisms have not changed one iota.

When in this predicament, we might think in ways that keep us from going into shock. One of these mechanisms is “extreme denial”. Just as many repress traumatic events and erase them from their conscious memories, so might a Spirit who has just had the unthinkable happen. This often occurs with sudden death. There is no time to know one is getting ready to leave their body, as in the majority of cases; they just depart.


This brings up a very important point. If God is so supreme, all-powerful, and loving, how is it that some Spirits do not make it across to the other side after dying? I do not pretend to have the perfect answer for this. I have often wondered in cases of children who are stuck in between worlds why this is allowed by the divine higher-ups. And it continues to bother me. I have even asked my own guides this troubling question and their answer is vague. (Believe it or not, our guides do not have all the answers either.) When one encounters one of these hapless souls under any circumstances, the only thing that can be done is to try to make them aware of their surroundings, what has occurred, and let them know it’s time to move to the light.

More and more research and evidence is being compiled on the subject, and perhaps one day we will have a better understanding to the how’s and why’s of this phenomena. You could be the one who finally discovers the answer.

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