What Psychometry Is and How to Do It

///What Psychometry Is

What Psychometry Is and How to Practice It

Psychometry is a form of divination used since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Psychometry is simply the reading and interpreting the vibrations contained within in an object. These objects can be an erring, a watch, or something that the owner came in contact with. However, larger objects can also read.

The word Psychometry stems from the Greek words for “spirit, soul” and, metron, “measure”. It is also known as “token-object reading”. In fact, the classical Greeks used Psychometry often for prophesying events by gazing into the innards of animals.

People that practice Psychometry hold objects in the palm of their hand (usually smaller objects) or place their hand on an object and begin to glean information from them. The sensitive, or psychometrist, has the ability to “pick up on” the vibration, or electromagnetic impulses, emitted from various objects held or simply gazed at. Some refer to the the energy contained within and around an object as a”force field imprint.” or psychic trace. Perhaps a strong imprint was instilled in an object due to someone experiencing extreme emotional stress.

Imprints may reveal themselves to the adept as a series of pictures, movies, or the intense emotions felt while in possession of the owner. In more recent times it has been used in psychic archaeology and psychic criminology. A psychic investigator, for example, might hold the picture of a missing person and be able to tell others what happened to that person–even recounting the last moments of their death! There have been amazing cases recorded where a psychic was able to help solve a crime, just by gazing at the picture and relaying much of what occurred prior to death.

Not all uses of Psychometry have to do with a grim crime or major catastrophe. Common everyday objects which were once beloved or constantly worn  by a person, give off a great deal of information about that person. It’s as if the thoughts and emotions are encapsulated in the object. People might bring in rings, earrings, watches, and even clothing for a psychic to get trace impressions. The reasons people want an item psychometrized can vary. In cases of Mediumship sittings, for example, a relative might bring in a much-loved article to assist the medium in making a strong connection with the deceased person.

Almost anyone can do Psychometry. It just takes some practice and not becoming discouraged if nothing comes in right away. Just stay with it and you will soon find that you are becoming very proficient at doing Psychometry readings. A lot of Psychics and Mediums use Psychometry at the beginning of their readings. It’s a great way to make a connection with the Sitter!


1.  Take several deep breaths and clear your mind. Allow yourself to be relaxed and not tense.

2. Place a chosen object in the palm of your hand.

3. Notice any pictures, words, or feelings that happen right away. These are called impressions.

4. If nothing comes at first, be patient. Impressions will start flowing in.

5. If you still can’t seem to get anything, try again later or pick another object to work with.

6. If you did receive impressions, try to get validation.

7. If you have a digital recorder, record your sessions or annotate them in a journal.

8. If you have access to the person that provided the object, ask them if your impressions are correct.

It’s really that simple. The more you practice Psychometry, the better you will become at gathering accurate impressions.

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