What Are Malevolent Elementals?

///What Are Malevolent Elementals?

You’ll Never Want to Encounter One

According to folklore, the malevolent variety of Elementals are supernatural entities that have existed long before mankind and are frequently connected to ancient places and burial sites. An Elemental might also attach to antiquated ruins.

Evil Elementals are claimed to be a bizarre mix of an animal with human-like facial features. They can appear as being diminutive to quite large. They are described as having a freakish appearance with relentless malevolent eyes that follow your every move. They might look partially decomposed, and in most reported instances, are incredibly foul-smelling.

Evil looking Elementals are claimed to be a bizarre mix of an animal with human-like facial features. Some are diminutive in size while other are quite large. They have been described by witnesses as having a freakish appearance with relentless malevolent eyes that follow your every move. These kinds of Elementals might even look partially decomposed, and in most reported instances, are incredibly foul-smelling.

It’s said that when an Elemental makes an appearance, the temperature falls drastically and there is an overwhelming feeling of dread and evil.

The British Isles has had its share of Elemental sightings and Elementals in residence over the centuries. One instance of a resident Elemental is at Leap Castle in Ireland. This infamous Elemental even has a pet name, “IT.” The one-time occupant, Mildred Darby, witnessed the Elemental IT and in an article she wrote for The Occult Review in 1908, Mildred describes her horrific encounter.

“…its face was human, or to be more accurate — inhuman in its vileness. The lust reflected in the “It’s” eyes, which seemed half decomposed in black cavities, stared into mine. The horrible smell… (See link to my article on the “The Spooky Beast of Leap Castle” at bottom.)

An encounter with what seemed to be a classic Elemental is described by a Mr. Geoffrey Hodson in 1922 when climbing in the mountainous region of the Lake District in North West England. This particular account from the book “Ghosts” by Roger Clarke, made my hair stand on end.

“After a scramble of several hundred feet up a rocky glen we turned to one side on to the open fell where it faces a rocky crag. Immediately on reaching the open we became aware, with startling suddenness, of the presence of a great nature-deva; who appeared to be partly within the hillside.”

“My impression was of a huge, brilliant crimson bat-like thing which fixed a pair of burning eyes upon me.”

“The form was not concentrated into the true human shape but was somehow spread out like a bat with a human face and eyes, and with wings outstretched on the mountain-side. As soon as it felt itself to be observed, it flashed into its proper shape (shape is not explained) as if to confront us, fixed it’s piercing eyes upon us, and then sank into the hillside and disappeared.”

Peter Underwood (1923 – 2014), is one of my favorite authors on ghosts. As a paranormal researcher and prolific writer on spirits of all kinds, Underwood asserted that Elementals are ‘ghosts connected to burial grounds, and are primitive race-memory manifestations.’ While American ghost hunters of today would most likely slot Elementals into the category of demons, no Elemental has even been known to attempt to possess a human being.

Robert Aickman (1914 – 1981), another foremost ghost story writer, describes the more malevolent variety of Elementals in this way:

“Elementals are, it is thought, exceedingly primitive entities: they squat in a simple pale, and to start at one, even in the dusk (though it seems they can appear in the fullest horror of daylight), is instant insanity.”

It’s told that a prominent British statesman, some suspect as being former Prime Minister of England, Arthur Balfour, had an encounter with an Elemental. With a profound interest in psychic phenomena, he once accompanied a group to witness an Elemental that was said to occasionally materialize in the cellar of an old manor house in Somerset. The story goes the Elemental did appear on that occasion, and that one of the party gazed too long in the face of the creature. The man was never the same after that.”

Although accounts such as these may seem absurd and fantastical, primitive indigenous peoples through the ages have believed in the existence of some kind of Elemental. For certain shamans, Wiccans, and paranormal researchers of modern times, sightings of creatures like these are accepted as being real. Whether an Elemental is a ghostly apparition made up of etheric substances or is actually comprised of flesh and blood, it’s anybody’s guess.

(Balfour: above-left) Balfour, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1902-1905 and Member of the British Society of Psychical Research (SPR)

Malevolent Elementals are not just part of the mythology of the British Isles. Accounts of similar beings have actually been reported in countless places around the world, but, the phenomenon attributed to them is eerily similar.

Elementals are a part of some Native American myths and have been witnessed by early settlers in America. In 1817, one such sighting of an Elemental seemed to herald the fatal events of the Bell Witch Poltergeist in Tennessee. The story goes, that while out hunting, John Bell and his grown son reported seeing an unusual looking beast on several occasions. Bell Sr. described it as being part rabbit, part dog (facsimile image below), and something else unidentifiable. Not long after, terrible things began to happen to the Bell family. (See link to my article on the “The Bell Witch” at bottom.)

Image: blog.privateislandparty

Although I am an avid Paranormal Investigator, I would not care to encounter an Elemental of this kind. I can face down a ghost any time. But a spooky Elemental? Well…


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