Are Beloved Spirits Trying to Contact You?

What Are the Signs?

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There is no definition of beauty, but when you can see someone’s spirit coming through, something unexplainable, that’s beautiful to me.
~Liv Tyler

Signs of spirit contact are something that many people miss. When our loved ones pass, they sometimes let us know that they are near. Often they will find ways to let us know they are okay. So, if you wonder if a loved one is close by, look for the following signs. 

I originally had eight signs listed here, but I’ve saved them for a future post.

1. Family Photographs are Moved or Tipped Over

Signs of spirit contact are something that many people miss. When our loved one passes, they know we are grieving and give us signs to comfort and assure us that they are still with us. For example, photographs and other objects that mysteriously move or fall to the floor are not always indicators of an earthbound spirit. 
Often these signs signal that a loved one is trying to get your attention. If they can’t, they may move to more drastic measures. This usually means there is some kind of urgent message they wish to get across. See if you can tune in with a loved one you suspect is causing the activity. You will most likely get a message that will come out of the blue.

2. Electronic Devices Act Up

Things electronic are relatively easy for spirits to manipulate. Often, spirits will use electronic items to signal you. Lights may inexplicably turn on and off, Radios and televisions sometimes switch channels on their own. Or, they use radio frequencies to deliver a message. 

Additionally, appliances could mysteriously be turned on or off. Or, cell phones ring with no one on the other end, or you might hear a staticky noise. Incredibly, some individuals have reported a phone call with their loved one’s voice briefly saying something and then disconnecting.

If things like this have happened to you, try not to panic and immediately jump to the conclusion that something of a darker nature is going on. Instead, if you’ve recently lost a loved one and think of them often, it may just be that they are trying to signal you electronically.

3. Seeing Orbs & Flashes of Light

Phantom lights such as orbs, twinkly lights, or a brief flash of light in a room can indicate a deceased loved one is present. Interestingly, although anyone can experience spirit lights, it’s usually animals, young children, and babies that most commonly witness the light phenomenon. For example, babies that giggle at something and you can’t see anything may indicate that a spirit is present. Or pets follow something with their eyes that’s invisible to you. 

So, try taking pictures with your cell phone or other cameras. These will capture the lights digitally or on film even when you can’t see them in real-time. It may just be that a deceased close relative is causing the phenomena.

4. Spirits Often Send Familiar Smells

If you happen to notice a familiar smell associated with a deceased loved one, it’s a strong possibility that they are trying to contact you. For example, if a relative loved a particular flower, you may smell that flower. For example, my mother loved gardenias, and I sometimes notice that glorious scent. When this occurs, I smile and thank my mom for being near me.

 5. Other Odd Occurrences


As mentioned, signs of spirit contact are when something miraculous happens that you know is a sign that someone deceased is sending you a message.

For instance, several years ago, a dear friend died of cancer. There was a significant age difference, and she was like an older sister to me. Actually, my friend had been instrumental in helping me through some very dark times, and therefore we were very close.

After attending her funeral, I came home and sat on the back porch. To my surprise, there was a balloon gently bobbing up and down underneath the tree to my right. I suddenly realized that this was a sign. The color of the balloon was pink—my friend’s favorite color. I think she was telling me that she was okay and not to grieve.

Signs of Spirit Contact Conclusion:

Signs of spirit contact is when our loved ones and even pets in spirit find ways to let us know that they are near. These indicators could be through moving objects, leaving familiar smells, making their presence felt, to even causing electronic devices to act up.

If you are unsure of who or what’s causing the phenomena, rely on your intuition. Are you feeling dread, or are you feeling unperturbed by what’s going on? Your intuition and feelings will always let you know if the spirit activity is friendly or not.

Additionally, if you wish to make contact with a loved one in spirit, let them know. They will find a way to signal you that they are around. Then it’s up to you to notice any signs.

Finally, if you’ve had experiences with a relative or friend trying to contact you, let me know in the comments below.

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Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.
Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

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