How to Contact Loved Ones Passed

Want to Connect with Loved Ones Passed?

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How to Connect with Loved Ones Passed Easily

Losing a loved one can be one of the most heart-wrenching experiences in life. However, if you believe in a spirit world, you can find comfort in the thought that your loved ones who have passed may still be close to you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could learn how to contact those who have passed on?

It is important to understand and accept that the process of grieving is different for everyone, and there is no one correct way to experience it. Death is a natural part of life, but if we take the time to cherish the memories of those who have passed away and hold them dear, their memory will live on forever.

Overwhelm Is Normal

Significantly, it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed after the loss of a loved one. However, it is important to remember that you are not alone in your grief. Sharing stories and memories about the person who passed away can help bring comfort and peace during this difficult time. No one can replace our loved ones, but talking to friends, family members, or even a therapist can provide essential support during this time of sorrow. Taking the time to remember our loved one, share stories about them, and speak with others who are also grieving can help us begin the healing process. With time, we will learn to accept our loss and move forward with hope for the future.

What If You Hated a Parent Who Died?

It’s common to have conflicting emotions towards a parent or even hate them, especially if your relationship with them was complex. This can make forgiveness even more complicated when they pass away, especially if they were abusive towards you or someone close to you. In some cases, you may find it difficult to forgive them and never want to communicate with them again. It’s important to remember that this is a common experience, and you’re not wrong in feeling this way.

Interestingly, when a significant amount of time has passed, you may have second thoughts and just want to let that person know you weren’t happy with them, but you may want to send some token of forgiveness. This is more for you than for them as you heal over time. 

You Can Connect with Loved Ones Passed  at Any Time

As you get better at making contact and come to believe that you are actually communicating with the person of your choice, connecting with them can happen quickly.

At first, it’s hard to believe that we are in touch with someone who has died. This is because we’re told from early childhood that it’s impossible to communicate with someone in the afterlife. Yet, over time, as you practice these methods, you may hear words, sentences, or phrases that you know is coming from your loved one!

And, don’t forget to read all of the post as we talk about how Mediums can communicate with the dead below.

Easy Things You Can Do to Start the Communication Process

Prayer and Meditation: For many, prayer and meditation offer a way to connect with the memory of their loved ones. Whether through traditional religious practices or personal reflection, these quiet moments can provide a sense of peace and connection.
Visiting Gravesites or Memorials: Some people visit the gravesite of their loved ones to find comfort. Doing this serves as a way to feel close to them and to honor their memory.
Keeping Mementos or Creating Memorials: Keeping objects that belonged to the deceased or creating memorials such as photo albums, scrapbooks, or online tribute pages can provide a tangible way to remember and feel connected to them.
Writing Letters or Journaling: Writing letters to the deceased or journaling about memories and feelings is an excellent way to express emotions and maintain a sense of connection.
Dreams and Signs: Many people report feeling visited by their loved ones in dreams or experiencing what they perceive to be signs or messages from them in the world around them. While these experiences are subjective and open to interpretation, they can bring comfort and reassurance to those who experience them.

A Deeper Way to Start the Communication Process

Firstly, if you try too hard or are in a deep funk, it won’t work.  Or, if nothings seems to occur while doing this, shelve it, and try later. 

1st Step: Relax and clear your mind.

  • Clear your head of all the problems and concerns of the day. You want to focus on just one person who has passed to the other side.
  • Close your eyes and say that person’s name as you read this exercise.
  • Say out loud or mentally, “I am open to communicating with you.”
  • Finally say,” Thank you for the blessing of communicating with you again.”

2nd Step: Picture the person you wish to contact.

  • Breathe deeply and relax. As you exhale, allow all of the tension to leave your lungs.
  • Remember a picture of your past relative or remember a scene in your life when your loved one was present.
  • What kind of clothes were they wearing?
  • What is in the background of the picture?
  • As you focus on this picture, remember the personality.
  • Did your past relative tell a unique story?
  • Is there a funny story about your relative that makes you laugh?
  • Remember all the good things about this loved one.

3rd Step: Use all of your senses.

  • Is it difficult picturing a deceased relative? Many people cannot create a visual picture and yet are able to make contact.
  • How? They accomplish 2this by using their other senses.
  • You can employ your other senses to communicate effectively.

Questions to ask yourself…

  • Did your beloved relative smoke a pipe or wear a certain kind of fragrance?
  • As you breathe deeply and relax, try and remember the smell. You may be able to pick up the fragrance shortly.
  • Did your loved one like to eat a certain type of food? As you think of her, remember the type of food she liked. Pay attention to your salivary glands. Are you beginning to salivate? Can you taste her favorite food?
  • Now, focus on your sense of touch. Do you feel their presence? Are the hairs standing up at the back of your neck?
  • Use your sense of hearing to listen for clues your past relative is around. Do you hear her favorite song on the radio? Can you hear his voice as that little voice inside your head?
  • Always remember that you never alone. Your past relatives are still with you every day. It is easy and fun to keep them with you always.
  • Share your joy and your sorrow with your past relatives. They always want to be a part of your life.
  • The darkness that you felt up to now from a death will soon turn to a new light that will brighten all of your days.

Try to Be Patient

Again, at first, you make not feel that you are making any contact whatsoever. But, in time, if you persevere, you will intuitively know that you are getting through. It may not be obvious at first, but soon, making contact may feel like a warm inner glow, or tingles of excitement.

Once you’ve felt it, you’ll sense that real spirit communication feels different from the thoughts or wishes produced by your mind.

Contacting Loves Ones Passed Difficulties

So, what if you still can’t make contact? This is where a qualified Medium can help.

A Medium Helps those in Grief

Mediums can take your communication efforts much further. If you have questions or want to communicate with loved ones in a more tangible way, a Medium can assist with this. A Medium can receive even more information and let you know that your communications are getting through.  Furthermore, a Medium provides ways to help someone come to terms with loss in a positive way.

Understanding that Our Loved Ones Live On

Understanding that our loved ones truly live on, albeit in another state of being, helps alleviate grief and also can help soothe guilt or other feelings of unfinished business. The joy of communicating with a passed love one once again can bring about needed healing. As a teacher of spirit communication, I have spent years witnessing this truth.

James Van Praagh, in his book, Talking to Heaven, March 1999, talks about loving reunions when he contacts a loved one passed for clients.

“During a session, clients feel emotional and often begin to cry. The crying is a mixture of sadness, extreme pleasure, happiness, and relief. As I convey actual mannerisms and inflections to them, the realization hits that a loved one is indeed not dead!

In addition, they actually feel the love pouring into the room from spirit. Furthermore, when a reunion between the living and the dead takes place, it may be the first time the living understand that death has not robbed them of the love they once experienced with family and friends on the earth plane.”

What Happens After That?

If you’ve seen a medium, you may worry that your loved one is finished communicating. Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember, your loved ones are frequently with you, especially during times of stress.

Significantly, at their birthday or the anniversary of their death, they will once again draw very close. At these anniversaries, it’s an excellent idea to place flowers for them in the home, or on their grave. Once again, sit down and spend time with them.  In a calm way talk to them as if they’re sitting right beside you. Believe me when I say that they’ll hear you! More assuredly, even in spirit, they’re still aware of your needs and do their best to help whenever they sense that you require comfort and guidance.

This guidance may come in strange, subtle ways that make you wonder, is someone looking after you after all, or is it just coincidence?

My Mom and Dad Help Me

Over the years, when connecting with my mother and father, and asking for help for something, things begin to happen to help ease the situation. I’ve experienced this time after time. And, it usually happens when I’m not dwelling about my problems at all.

For example, I’ll bump into someone who can assist me or perhaps someone I was having problems with suddenly has a change of heart. Or, money comes in the nick of time when I’m desperately in need. The truth is, help can occur in any form. At these times, I smile to myself and realize that I AM getting the help I asked for.

To add to this, my firm belief in angels and spirit guides provides an additional level of comfort. I know that my guides and angels are working with my parents to bring about the assistance I need.

Does All this Sound Too Fantastical?

Logically, you may not believe any of this. Yet, given the alternatives, why not give it a try? Taking the time to make contact may bring the peace of mind, healing, and comfort you’re so desperately needing.


Did you try this meditation? How did it work for you?

Please leave a comment below about your experience.

In conclusion:

There is no minimizing the impact of the death of a loved one. It is a given, that shock, grief, and sadness will follow. As mentioned, everyone processes grief somewhat differently. And, religion may play a significant part in how you handle it.

But given time and doing some of the suggestions above will help you over the mountain of grief. And in time, you will move to a greater sense of awe and wonder that your loved ones are indeed with you and watching over you even after passing.

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