Want to Connect with Loved Ones Passed?

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Do You Ever Wonder if Your Loved Ones Are Near?

How to contact loved ones in Spirit is something almost anyone can do.  You loved ones are always near you. Why not learn how to make a solid connection whenever you wish!

Mediums are known to contact loved ones for the grieving or curious. However, you can do the same thing by following the few simple suggestions presented in this post.

Death Is a Life Changing Event

The loss of a loved one can be one of the greatest challenges in life. A period of profound sadness and grief follows when such an event occurs.

Clearly, in cases where the loss of a loved one is a spouse, intense loneliness, and concern for the future can develop, which is emotionally devastating.

Years of Grief and Pain

For the same reasons, the loss of a parent, child, sibling, or pet can cause years of unrelenting grief and pain.

No less important, while grief is a normal and healthy response to loss, it can become unhealthy and counterproductive if sadness persists indefinitely.

More importantly, learning how to connect with the spirit world, the place where our loved ones exist after death is a life-altering experience and helps to ease the pain of loss.

Time Lessens Grief for Loved Ones Passed

Assuredly, time lessens grief and shock. Yet for most, sadness never completely goes away. And possibly, there’s a place in the heart and mind that doesn’t completely heal. Time DOES lesson grief but it’s a process.

In most respects, holding on to debilitating emotions of grief for years and not move forward with life does nothing to change what has happened. It only serves to delay needed healing.

It’s important to realize, that working through grief is an integral part of life. It follows that, so is eventual acceptance.

What if I told you that you can learn how to connect with your loved ones passed in a healthy way?


Our loved ones don’t want us to live in a state of sad limbo forever. Rather, they are the first ones to encourage the living to let go and know that they are OK and enjoying a beautiful existence not so far removed from our own. Yet, many want to contact loved ones passed to alleviate the pain of loss.

What Happens at Death

When a person’s body experiences what we call death, the essential part of them — the soul — immediately moves on to another realm of existence. Moreover, we take with us our conscious awareness, personality traits, emotions, and memories of life on earth. That is, until they move to a higher plane of existence. That is, until they move to a higher plane of existence. (I’ll save that topic for another post.)

Suffice it to say, that once acclimated to this new state of being, communication with those left behind is possible.

When a Loved One Has Recently Died

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, you may still feel them close. First of all, don’t be afraid. They are still the same person you once knew and not a ghost.

Talk to them in your mind or aloud if you prefer and let them know that you are aware of them.

Initially, set aside a few minutes each day, perhaps in the evening when everything is quiet, to site peacefully and send out your thoughts to them.

You’ll find that contacting loved ones passed can be an enlightening experience.

Write a Letter to Your Loved One

Some individuals like to write letters to loved ones passed and this is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s a healthy thing to do. amazingly , as you begin your letter, you may  feel a little foolish at first, but then the words start to flow quickly. It’s a little like automatic writing.

That said, you can even do this for years, if needed, to provide inner comfort while at the same time, making a loving connection to those in the spirit world. And realize this. If you’re missing them, they’re also missing you and would love, just as much as you, to hug or sit down and have a chat.

Try to Be Patient

At first, you make not feel that you are making any contact whatsoever. But, in time, if you persevere, you will intuitively know that you are getting through.

It may not be obvious at first, but soon, making contact may feel like a warm inner glow, or tingles of excitement.

Once you’ve felt it, you’ll sense that real spirit communication feels different from the thoughts or wishes produced by your mind.

Contacting Loved Ones Passed Difficulties

So, what if you still can’t make contact? This is where a qualified Medium can help.

A Medium Helps those in Grief

Mediums can take your communication efforts much further. If you have questions or want to communicate with loved ones in a more tangible way, a Medium can assist with this.

A Medium can receive even more information and let you know that your communications are getting through.  Furthermore, a Medium provides ways to help someone come to terms with loss in a positive way.

Understanding that Our Loved Ones Live On

Understanding that our loved ones truly live on, albeit in another state of being, helps alleviate grief and also can help soothe guilt or other feelings of unfinished business.

The joy of communicating with a passed love one once again can bring about needed healing. As a teacher of spirit communication, I have spent years witnessing this truth.

James Van Praagh, in his book, Talking to Heaven, March 1999, talks about loving reunions when he contacts a loved one passed for clients.

“During a session, clients feel emotional and often begin to cry. The crying is a mixture of sadness, extreme pleasure, happiness, and relief. As I convey actual mannerisms and inflections to them, the realization hits that a loved one is indeed not dead!

In addition, they actually feel the love pouring into the room from spirit. Furthermore, when a reunion between the living and the dead takes place, it may be the first time the living understand that death has not robbed them of the love they once experienced with family and friends on the earth plane.”

What Happens After That?

If you’ve seen a medium, you may worry that your loved one is finished communicating. Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember, your loved ones are frequently with you, especially during times of stress.

Significantly, at their birthday or the anniversary of their death, they will once again draw very close.

At these anniversaries, it’s an excellent idea to place flowers for them in the home, or on their grave.

Once again, sit down and spend time with them.  In a calm way talk to them as if they’re sitting right beside you. Believe me when I say that they’ll hear you!

In fact, even in spirit, they’re still aware of your needs and do their best to help whenever they sense that you require comfort and guidance.

This guidance may come in strange, subtle ways that make you wonder, is someone looking after you after all, or is it just coincidence?

My Mom and Dad Help Me

Over the years, when connecting with my mother and father, and asking for help for something, things begin to happen to help ease the situation. I’ve experienced this time after time. And, it usually happens when I’m not dwelling about my problems at all.

For example, I’ll bump into someone who can assist me or perhaps someone I was having problems with suddenly has a change of heart. Or, money comes in the nick of time when I’m desperately in need. The truth is, help can occur in any form.

At these times, I smile to myself and realize that I AM getting the help I asked for.

To add to this, my firm belief in angels and spirit guides provides an additional level of comfort. I know that my guides and angels are working with my parents to bring about the assistance I need.

Does All this Sound Too Fantastical?

Logically, you may not believe any of this and poo-poo it. Yet given the alternatives, why not give it a try? Taking the time to make contact may bring the peace, healing, and comfort you’re so desperately needing.


Did you try this meditation? How did it work for you?

Please leave a comment below about your experience.

In conclusion:

There is no minimizing the impact of the death of a loved one. It is a given, that shock, grief, and sadness will follow.

Everyone processes grief somewhat differently. And, religion may play a significant part in how you handle it.

But given time and doing some of the suggestions above will help you over the mountain of grief. And in time, will move you to a greater sense of awe and wonder that your loved ones are indeed with you and watching over you even after passing.

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Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

Carol Nicholson is thirty-five years a professional Psychic Medium and author of numerous Psychic and Spiritual courses since 2001. Subscribe for more posts like this, get a FREE Psychic-Medium Starter eGuide, and notification of fantastic coupon deals.


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