A Look into the Art of Rescue Mediumship

My First Rescue Experience

Years ago, I was attending a meeting at a hospital about doing spiritual work with hospice patients.  I happened to notice a female spirit in the dimly lit hospital parking lot garage. The spirit appeared sideways to me, was grayish in color, and flat looking. My first impression was that of a cardboard sign of a person.

Upon closer inspection, I ascertained that the spirit possessed some awareness, but sensed extreme unhappiness. I decided to communicate with her with my empathic ability of Clairsentience. I then proceeded to offer words of comfort and prayer. To my amazement, the female spirit began to brighten in color, exude a more peaceful energy, and then suddenly disappeared. Unknowingly, I’d done my first spirit rescue!

Rescue Mediums save spirits! That’s what they do. They free trapped spirits on the earth plane and move them to the Light. Read on to find out more about this all too important facet of being an accomplished Psychic-Medium.

Basically, a Rescue Medium does Spirit Rescue

A Rescue Medium is a specialty medium who has dedicated themselves to free trapped earthbound spirits. These Mediums have trained to do spirit rescue safely and effectively. In fact, there are organizations committed to doing this kind of spiritual service. However, some Mediums naturally detect lost souls and can move them to the Light without having any training whatsoever.

I Love Doing Rescue Mediumship!

I frequently do Rescue Mediumship. I’ve seen earthbound spirits since I was a child. However, it wasn’t until that memorable encounter with the spirit in the parking garage that caused me to take rescue work more seriously. I put myself in the shoes of a spirit that is stuck and feeling frightened, confused, or hopeless. When I’ve helped a trapped soul move into the Light, I always get a wonderful feeling. It’s no different than offering a helping hand to a living person in desperate need. Most individuals feel this warm feeling after helping someone–no how minor the situation.

A Perfect Opportunity for Spiritual Service

When a Medium comes in contact with an earthbound spirit, either by intention or by accident, it’s a perfect opportunity to persuade the spirit to cross over to the Spirit World. Some of these hapless souls are willing to move on while others aren’t. Regardless, with a little patience and coaching, even the most troubled spirit has an opportunity to be “rescued” from their trapped condition.

In addition, if the Medium or rescue group can offer tantalizing reasons for a spirit to let go and cross over, such as a chance for a better reality, a Spirit may finally decide to cross.  This work is some of the most rewarding a Medium can do.

Haunted Business Office

Where You’ll Encounter Lost Spirits

Lost spirits are everywhere. For example, you could encounter one in your home, office, a playground, or on a bus. Most of these kinds of spirits are benign. They don’t wish to harm anyone but are desperately seeking help to move them out of their stuck existence. Other earthbound spirits are souls that have consciously chosen at death to remain close to earth and have absolutely no desire to move on.

Some of these souls may even be angry, mean, or vengeful.  Without a doubt, this variety of earthbound spirits is harder to cross over.

Other forms of earthbound spirits live in a dream world. Their awareness of their surroundings is dim, and for them, there’s no passage of time. These are the kinds of lost souls that need help the most.

Lost Spirits Unexpectedly Show Up

When doing a Mediumship session or while in a Mediumship development circle, lost spirits may show up. If this happens, it can confuse you. At first, you can’t identify the spirit, and you’re not sure why they’re present. Furthermore, you may even feel some irritation at your Mediumship Gatekeeper Guide for not keeping this spirit away.

There are no accidents, even in the world of spirits, and gatekeeper guides sometimes have another agenda. They think it’s a perfect opportunity for a Medium to provide help and assistance in getting the spirit where they need to be. Tag. You’re it!

Spirits Sometimes Like to Spill their Guts

When a spirit encounters a Medium that can communicate with them, the spirit may want to share the details of their death. Their death may have involved violence, trauma, and yes, even murder. Of course, this may be difficult to hear, and it’s essential that Mediums receiving a lost spirit remain detached. If you begin working with a lost spirit that has a sad story to tell, it’s critical that you stay kind and sympathetic without becoming emotionally involved. Getting emotional will only serve to drop your energy level, and you may even lose contact with the spirit as well as the opportunity to help. However, just by listening to the spirit’s story, may accelerate the crossing over process because a level of trust has been established.

Is Your Lost Spirit a Ghost?

Ghosts and earthbound spirits are practically one and the same. Of course, there exist ghosts that are, in fact, a residual haunting, and of course, there are poltergeists. This post is not about these kinds of ghosts, but here’s a short description of each:

  • A residual ghost or haunting is something observed that have no intelligence. It’s like seeing a movie replayed in the air that repeats over time.
  • Poltergeist activity is a phenomenon that’s still not fully understood by paranormal investigators. The current thought is that these kinds of spirits are thought to be caused by an ‘agent’ (often a young person). More often, this individual is angry or has experienced some traumatic event. The resulting energy manifests in ghost-like outward manifestations that wreak havoc around the individual like objects toppling over or mysteriously thrown.

Don’t Fear these Spirits!

Most importantly, never fear a ghost that is an earthbound spirit. It’s true that at times even the most seasoned of Mediums instinctively fear the unknown and will shy away from spirits known as ghosts. I once had a student who was a naturally gifted Medium. She loved communicating with spirits and relaying messages. Amazingly, she was terrified of ghosts. No matter what I said to her to alleviate this fear, she adamantly refused to have anything to do with earthbound spirits of any kind. And, that’s her right.

Earthbound Spirits that Have Been Around for a Long Time

Occasionally, you’ll encounter a spirit that died hundreds of years ago. These spirits are often confused and not even aware that they’re dead. In fact, you’re the first human contact they’ve made since their death. When meeting a spirit such as this, again, you can work with them to make them aware of their situation. The spirit may be open to finally crossing over, or refuses to budge.

All humans, whether in spirit form or when alive, are subject to the Universal Law of Free Will. If a spirit refuses to cross and wishes to remain in limbo, wish them well and let them go. At least you’ve planted the seed in their ghostly mind that the option remains open for moving into the Light at any time.

Gettysburg Dead

Techniques for Spirit Rescue

Mediums use several options and variations when doing spirit rescue work. One of the most critical factors in doing spirit rescue work is the knowledge that the same methods don’t always work in each case. So, just as a doctor might diagnose a particular illness, so must a Medium “diagnose” a spirit’s condition.

Mediums use several methods to cross spirits to the Light. We all work on different levels of energy vibration. A particular way learned in a book or class, may not work for you. For example, you have a native American Indian that you’re attempting to cross over. This spirit, having been around for some time, is not aware of Christianity. Most likely, they’ve never heard of Jesus. Rather than trying to explain the whole Christianity thing, dialog with the spirit and ask them what their power animal is or if they wish to join their venerable ancestors. These questions make far more sense to an indigenous spirit that’s never been to a church!

Some Helpful Advice on Spirit Rescue

The basic rule is: “Listen to your intuition, ask your helper guides, connect with the guides of the spirit, and get their advice.” Subsequently, you’ll most likely have a successful crossing event.

One of the most needed characteristics a Rescue Medium should have is maintaining compassion and having the ability to channel healing energy. The loving energy sent to a spirit provides it with comfort and most important of all has a calming and reassuring effect on them. Additionally, sending loving energy will help to remove any negative energy and bad memories that spirit still maintains. Most importantly, if a spirit did some terrible things in life, they need to know that they won’t be punished for them in the Spirit World.

Finally, If you’re interested in doing Spirit Rescue, it helps to feel a calling to do this type of spiritual work. And, you’ll need to have a solid faith in your abilities and especially in your higher power. As mentioned, crossing lost spirits to the Light is one of the most loving and the very highest of spiritual services that you can engage in.


In conclusion, spirits surround us and many need help. Most of these spirits are benign and don’t intend to harm the living. If you have a spirit in your home, try talking to it and see if you can’t cross the spirit over. If you suspect that you have a residual or poltergeist haunting, unfortunately, it won’t work.

Is spirit rescue something that you’re interested in? Are you already a rescue medium? If so, it’s definitely a noble calling. Leave a comment below.

by Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., and Certified Psychic-Medium

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