Do You Feel Doomed to Repeat Negative Behaviors and Patterns?

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Access the Akashic Records to Heal Destructive Patterns

Are destructive behaviors and patterns destroying your life? Is it difficult not to repeat negative behaviors and patterns?

Knowing how the Akashic Records can heal destructive behaviors is something you may be interested in for living a better quality of life.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to become free of emotional pain, shame, and guilt resulting from compulsive behaviors that you can’t seem to control?

Suppose you are having issues with staying in relationships, binge eating, gambling, gaming, or shopping, impulsive sexual behavior, or additions with alcohol and drugs. In that case, the good news is that you may be able to overcome them. In short, you don’t have to keep repeating destructive patterns. Instead, you may be able to pinpoint their origins and, therefore, start working on the healing process.

Surprisingly, the Akashic Records are an excellent tool for healing persistent behavioral issues. By understanding the causes and limiting beliefs imprinted in the records that currently affect you, can instantly place you on the path towards releasing them.

More specifically, Your Akashic Records undergo an energy shift when you become consciously aware of ingrained destructive patterns. Moreover, this reflects spiritual growth in your soul’s record. In fact, by entering the records and identifying specific issues, your spiritual essence transforms exponentially. Subsequently, you heal by letting go of problem patterns. Thus, as you evolve further, recurring self-destructive patterns are no longer an issue.

For example:

• Do you repeatedly attract the wrong kind of romantic partner?
• Have you always felt angry at the world and don’t know why?
• Are you afraid of people in general and isolate yourself?
• Do you always replay negative thoughts and painful events in your head?
• Is it something like frequently getting stuck in a lousy job?
• Do you continually draw to you the same kind of negative situation?
• Are you constantly late for appointments or your job?
• Is it a habit to lie about things even when you don’t need to?
• Are you plagued with starting projects and never finishing them?
• Do you have problems with commitments or seeing things through?
• Is it common for you to abandon projects, etc.?

These traits may have originated from a previous lifetime.

Indeed, we all have problem issues. Most definitely, it’s a normal part of our human condition. However, by accessing the Akashic Records, we can view past incarnations where damaging patterns may have originated. Moreover, you can address any troublesome issues identified. If you don’t know what the Akashic Records are, read on.

The Akashic Records are Magnetic Imprints

Naturally,, many reading this post already know what the Akashic Records are. If not, essentially the Akashic Records are a magnetic imprint that contains recorded data of all thoughts, deeds, and actions of every soul from the beginning of creation.

In simple terms, the field of the Akasha exists in a specific dimension called the Akashic Plane. In particular, the Akashic Plane connects to our energy field. It is only one of many dimensional planes that enable us to think, feel, and act.

Point of fact, the Akashic Records are constantly changing and updating. Edgar Cayce, the great seer of the 20th century, called these records  “The Book of Life.” Others call them “The Hall of Records.”

Can I Change My Akashic Records?

Sometimes Individuals wonder, “Can I access my Akashic Records and manually change them to make me a better person?” The answer is no. However, unquestionably, you can learn from them and change behaviors from there. 

For one thing, the Akashic Records have higher beings who are assigned to caretake the records’ integrity.  And other, any entity, human or otherwise, is barred from accessing the records and manually change what’s in them. Notably, only by a spiritual process of awareness and a serious intent to improve your life will the records reflect new spiritual growth and transform undesirable traits. As a result, harmful patterns will hopefully not repeat in this lifetime or in future incarnations.

In general, we’re not always consciously aware of repeating destructive patterns. It’s like seeing the forest and not the trees, and it’s called denial. Denial is a powerful emotion and clouds our self-perception. For the most part, harmful repeating  life experiences may point these out. For example, you repeatedly devalue significant others and eventually go through separations. If this happens more than once, the trait of neglecting or devaluing others may finally become apparent.

Once you pinpoint something that is adversely affecting you, please don’t beat yourself up about it. Subsequently, learn from mistakes and know that you can correct negative patterns that create recurring problems in your life.

Assuredly not all recurring patterns are negative. For example, you have a knack for getting yourself out of tight spots with a brilliant idea. Or, you always have an unshakeable sense that all will turn out okay when under a challenging situation.

How to Change Repeating Destructive Patterns!

Most significantly, healing repeating negative patterns requires some effort and self-honesty. Individuals often do this with the help of a therapist and begin working on the healing process. You can also work on disadvantageous patterns on your own. If all else fails, accessing the recordings and determining problem issues paves the way for you to transform the negative into more positive ways of thinking and acting.

More importantly, it’s vital to realize that problematic behaviors and destructive patterns may have resulted from an adverse life condition during a particular lifetime. In essence, it became imprinted on your aura** and stays with you through subsequent lives.

For instance, imagine that in Roman times you were a slave and were severely abused. As a result, part of you made a limiting decision never to allow anyone to have control over you again. Accordingly, this avowal may have resulted in an ingrained fear of being controlled by anyone. Unfortunately, not realizing this, the trait keeps manifesting in subsequent lifetimes, possibly causing problems.

The Origination Point Is Key to Transforming Destructive Patterns

Just by being aware of this information, the healing and transformation will immediately begin to change you and be reflected in your Akashic Records as well. Over time, you’ll notice patterns and actions which were once problematic subtly change. Of course, problems ingrained in your aura won’t change overnight. Most certainly, you’ll need to keep experiencing life to determine if a change in thinking or behavior has taken place.

As a whole, you may already be aware of some destructive patterns that re-occur in your life. Write down what these are. Problem areas might be relationship issues or anything that seems to be a recurring issue. Please don’t be shy about it.

If you’ve never accessed your Akashic Records and don’t know how our Akashic Records Training course (see bottom) will teach you step-by-step how to do this. It’s a safe process and highly exciting when you uncover your soul’s history and past lives. 


Easy Steps to Heal Destructive Behaviors:

Here are the steps to help you release adverse behaviors. Of course, this may take some courage on your part. First, make sure you won’t be disturbed and begin working with an issue. Then, tackle additional problems when you’re rested.

1. Review your list of negative behavior patterns or situations that you seem to repeat. Focus on the most pressing issue first.

2. Go into a meditative state and initiate grounding and protection.

3. Now, access the records in the way that you’ve been trained. Remember, your Akashic Records Keeper is available to help you.

4. Next, ask, “In what lifetime did this pattern first appear in my soul’s journey?”

5. Wait to receive any images, symbols, or auditory pieces of information that come to you.

6. It’s perfectly alright to open your eyes and write these down.

7. Now ask, “How many lifetimes have I carried this pattern into subsequent incarnations?” Remember the answer.

8. Go back into your altered state and ask more questions such as, “Are there additional insights which will help me to resolve this specific issue?”

9. Finally, come back into full awareness and ground once again. You can always go back into the lifetime(s) revealed at any time, if more work needs to be done.

After your session:

1. Go over your notes.
2. Add any further insights you received.
3. Reflect on the information gleaned and see if it all makes sense.
4. If not, come back to it later. Most likely, the information received will begin to provide a good idea of where, how, and why the issue is persists.


By being aware of this information, the healing and transformation will automatically commence. Over time, you’ll begin to notice that patterns and actions that were once problematic begin to become non-issues. Long ingrained issues won’t magically change instantly. You’ll need to live life and determine if a change in behavior or thinking has taken place.

Disclaimer: The process for healing self-destructive behaviors may take some time. Also, I’m not a therapist. If you are seeing one, don’t give up on your therapy by thinking that you can heal everything at once. Be patient and realize that healing and recovery from problem patterns is a process that must be carefully monitored and thought out.

*Akasha is a Hindu Sanskrit term for space or ether and has also been adopted in Western metaphysical beliefs.
**An aura is an invisible magnetic field of energy that interpenetrates and surrounds the human body. We all have an aura.

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Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.
Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

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