Lesson 1: Signs of Unhealthy Cord Attachments

1. Toxic Relationships You Can’t Let Go Of

Why cut attachment cords? The number 1. reason people desire cord-cutting is that they cannot seem to sever the ties to a toxic or old romantic relationship. More specifically, it’s one they’ve had great difficulty letting go of, and the energy is still there. Maybe you’re still thinking about that person all the time. Or, they are constantly trying to reach out to you.

In more dangerous instances, sometimes an ex will attempt to stalk someone from a previous relationship. The only thing to do is attempt a cord-cutting from that person. You have every right to do this. They are harming you, and you have every right to distance yourself in any way you can.

2. Varieties of Addictive Behaviors

Addictive behaviors are patterns of behavior that lead to dependence and compulsive engagement with drugs or alcohol, sex addiction, gambling, gaming, excessive shopping, or overeating. This attachment refers to the emotional or psychological attachment that individuals form with a person, substance, or behavior, creating a devastating cycle of dependence and constantly repeating the harmful pattern.

If a person is the addiction, you can’t imagine living without someone or something in your life then too much of your personal power is connected to them. As painful as this is, the cord should be cut, allowing you freedom from the addictive individual and opening the door for pursuing a healthier relationship.

3. Loss of One’s Personal Identity

Your identity and sense of self may depend on another person. As a result, you’ve become so wrapped up in this person that you’ve lost a sense of personal identity somewhere along the line. Perhaps you can relate.

In another example, you are tied to an organization or political party that you’ve allowed to define you. Without them, you feel lost and less significant. However, at his role of belonging to a specific group may have defined you for a short while, and your authentic self may have become hidden or lost. More frighteningly, this state of mind often occurs when belonging to a cult. 

Cults are very good at breaking down an individual’s sense of self-esteem and use fear tactics to keep members in line. Think of the tragic case of Jim Jones and the “People’s Temple.”

4. You Feel Easily Manipulated

Specific energy cords exist between us and others that cause us to be easily influenced or manipulated. I’m not a therapist, but this cord may have originated from being dominated by over-protective parents. You may feel like you’ve never had control of your life, and as a result, allow people to direct it for you.

This type of energy cord is more like a sharp hook within you, and your life is not your own. Sadly, this is the case in many marriages where one partner has a difficult time standing up for themselves. It’s imperative to release that hook and dissolve old energy bonds where others have consistently controlled your thoughts and actions.

5. Feeling Stuck in The Past

Similar to reason #1., Toxic Relationships, you still obsess about a person from your past or an unfortunate event that happened long ago. Even more astounding, it may have even occurred in a past life. Again, there still might be an energy cord linked to this past event. And again, this can apply to a person or group. If these thoughts are often with you, then a cord-cutting is in order. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the obsession gone and have room in your mind for more positive thoughts about future possibilities?

6. Constantly Feeling Energetically Drained

Feeling energetically or physically drained and experiencing frequent illness are considered symptoms of power loss in shamanic perspectives. Often it is attributed to having an energy cord that is unhealthy. Shamans believe that factors such as stress, trauma, negative experiences, and unhealthy lifestyle choices can contribute to the depletion of personal power.

As previously mentioned, interactions with toxic environments, relationships, energy vampires, or other energy-draining situations may contribute to this loss. The solution is removing the energy cord and building your power again so you can feel whole, complete, and experience true vitality once again.

7. A History of Having Nightmares

Cord cutting is often used as a spiritual or energetic way to address recurring nightmares. The idea is to disconnect from any negative energies or influences that may be contributing to the disturbing dreams. Some even claim that the spirit of a person may be invading someone’s energy field and causing these dreams.  However, experts on the dream state believe that nightmares are influenced by psychological and physiological factors, including high levels of stress and anxiety. 

Deep emotional turmoil can manifest in dreams, creating frightening or distressing scenarios. Regardless, explore exploring cutting cords that might be tied to emotional anxiety. The idea is to disconnect from any negative energies or influences that may be contributing to the disturbing dreams. 

Next, you’ll read a case study of someone in desperate need to cut old ties resulting in cords.

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