How I Became a Professional Psychic Medium

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My Journey as a Medium

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Fate Led Me to My Mediumship Mentor

How I became a psychic-medium tells the amazing story of how fate led me to my spiritualist mentor. From then on, my life was changed forever.

In this post, you’ll read about my Psychic-Medium training, and how I moved from being a Professional Psychic to becoming a full-fledged Psychic-Medium. Ultimately, you’ll find out how I finally transitioned into becoming the spiritual teacher that I am today. And most importantly, why I launched Imagine Spirit in 2001.

Frightened of Spirits that Haunted Me

In the 1950s, I saw my first ghost at the age of 5. We were visiting my grandmother in her historic house in Williamsburg, Virginia.

One night, I suddenly woke up to see a woman wearing an old-fashioned nightgown standing in the room. She appeared as a shimmering transparent figure and then she was gone. I knew I hadn’t dreamed it, because I heard her crying too.

Back in California, I continued seeing shadowy figures and heard unintelligible whispers in my bedroom at night. Needless to say, I found all sorts of reasons to delay going to bed.

Bedtime was the Only Real Nightmare

Summoning the courage, I finally told my mother why I hated going to bed. Always practical, she chalked it up to my having bad dreams. Clearly, I believe mom thought it was a clever maneuver to stay up later than allowed.

The spirits, or whatever they were,  kept showing up almost nightly for a long time. Somehow, I struggled through the next few years trying to ignore them.

Around the age of eight, the spirit activity at night stopped. Much to my delight, nothing abnormal occurred for some time, and I felt like a normal kid.

When Paranormal Events Started Happening Again

Supernatural experiences started again around the age of 17, but were different and more infrequent. I began noticing spirits in vague forms at various times and places. In fact, I never knew when I’d see a spirit or what kind of paranormal event would occur next.

I’ll never forget the time while taking a much-needed nap, I left my body and floated to the ceiling. I looked down and incredibly, saw myself asleep on the bed.

What’s more, a loud buzzing sound like millions of swarming bees preceded the event. Although I’d read about similar phenomena, this particular incident left me more than a little unnerved. Interestingly, spontaneously leaving my body didn’t happen again for many years.

Soon, I Experienced *Precognitive Dreams

To add to this, I was having *vivid dreams of events before they happened. Usually, these dreams were of very mundane activities. Yet, I never mentioned these otherworldly experiences to anyone for fear of ridicule or being shunned. I just took them in stride and recorded them in a journal.

Exploring the World of Psychic Phenomena

You’d think that all this would prevent me from exploring the realm of the paranormal and spirits. Surprisingly, the opposite happened. During my early teen years, I hungrily devoured everything I could on the subject of psychic phenomena and more specifically, ghosts.

I read books by renown paranormal investigators. Hans Holzer, Harry Price, and Nandor Fodor were among the primary authors that I read. I also read about Edgar Cayce, in his first biography, “There Is a River.” Excited by it all, I soon became aware of what Mediumship was and famous mediums of the time such as Eileen Garrett, Sybil Leek, and Arthur Ford. To add to this, I read as much as I could about psychics such as Jean Dixon and channel, Ruth Montgomery.

All the was fascinating stuff, but never once did I seriously consider that these subjects were to be the direction that I would move in later in life. In fact, interest in the paranormal was the very beginning of my life-long spiritual exploration. And, it’s what ultimately led me to becoming a professional Psychic, Medium, and Spiritual Teacher.

Eventually, All Things Paranormal Were Put Away

In my young adult life, interest in the paranormal took a back seat. I attended college. I also married and had two beautiful children. Yet, occasionally seeing ghosts and having precognitive dreams still plagued me. However, I did my best to keep these events under wraps from everyone!

Was Moving to Arizona Fate?

By 1981, I’d moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. Being curious after picking up a flyer, I decided to attend my first psychic fair in Sedona. As fate would have it, there I met my future mentor, Dr. Alice Bowers. Alice gave me my first ever psychic reading. In fact, she was the only person I felt drawn to in a vast hall packed with psychic readers.

Carol Nicholson, Psychic-Medium, Author

Driving home, I was so impressed with this woman, that I decided to see her again. As it turned out, I saw her several times. She became an integral part of my life for the next two years.

Alice Proved to Be the Real Deal

I’m no pushover, and to me, Alice was the real deal. Truth be told, I was fascinated by what she did. Not only did I get psychic readings, but I also had several Mediumship sessions.

In more than one session, relatives and spirit guides were present. Details about my grandparents relayed to me were spot-on. There’s no way Alice could have acquired previous knowledge about these personal specifics.

She Told Me that I Was a Medium Too!

Photography of Dr. Alice Bowers
Dr. Alice Bowers

During one visit, Alice surprised me by declaring that I was a Medium too. Without a doubt, I was astounded. Part of me was thrilled to hear this declaration and part of me dismissed the idea. I’d never entertained the thought of becoming a Medium. Frankly, I was more interested in learning Tarot and doing psychic readings.

Soon after, I made the momentous decision to start psychic training with Alice. The downside was that she lived a good hour away by car. However, learning was so important to me that I hardly missed the weekly class in two years.

While with Alice, I explored my Mediumship potential. My real focus was on doing psychic readings, but Mediumship training was a mandatory part of the two-year program to become certified.

What I Learned During 2 Years of Psychic-Mediumship Training

In class, I worked on how to meditate properly. I learned exercises for strengthening clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Moreover, I found out about the Chakras. And importantly, I mastered how to protect my energy field.

As we progressed, I was introduced to my Spirit Guides and more specifically, how to effectively work with them. Also, I learned the importance of connecting with my protector Gate Keeper guides. To add to this, I also did a little work on reading the human energy field,  chakras, and auras.

Along the way, there was a lot of practice with students reading each other. The time spent on swapping readings was worth it as I leaned invaluable insights. Just what were these insights? Read on!

Learning Trance and a Revelation

I began the last phase of my training. Significantly, this training focused on dropping into an altered state of consciousness to connect with spirits.

Looking back, the time spent practicing reading other students was crucial. I gained confidence in every subsequent reading that I did.

I learned to trust my abilities and the information that I was receiving through my psychic senses, Spirit Guides, and the Tarot. What really helped, was the positive feedback about my accuracy.

At times, it was uncanny. I just knew information about others without having to work at it. Insightful knowledge was instantly there for me to relay to the person across from me.

Much later I found out that this was due in part to my strong abilities of Clairvoyance and *Claircognizance. It so happens that the psychic sense of Claircognizance wasn’t discussed much during that time. It’s only been recently that Claircognizance has been recognized in intuitive circles as being a primary psychic sense.

Going into Deep Trance Made Me Uneasy

When the class moved into trance training, I realized that going into an altered state frightened me. One of the primary reasons for this was that when I did attempt trance, I went under too deep.

Moreover, I couldn’t respond to questions and had a difficult time coming back to full wakefulness. I felt out of control and didn’t like the feeling one bit.

Luckily for me, Alice was an understanding teacher and I agreed to work on this issue. It took about four weeks, but with practice, I learned how to control achieving trance levels comfortably. To add to this, I also became adept at channeling spirit guides.

Reading Tarot was My First Real Love

The day came when I finally completed the two-year course and received my certification. Interestingly, being a Medium wasn’t my main interest. What I always wanted to do, was to perform readings using the Tarot.

I Started Questioning Everything

Was Doing Psychic Work Morally or Spiritually Right?

About the time that I received my Psychic-Tarot and Mediumship Certification, I suddenly started questioning what I was doing. More specifically, I wondered if being a Psychic was the right direction for me after all. Above all, I questioned if the direction I was taking was even morally or spiritually right.

To complicate matters, I’d just recently divorced. And more importantly, I had to make a living. My settlement would eventually run out and I needed to find a job fast.

Setting myself up as the neighborhood psychic just wasn’t viable at the time. Moreover, in those days there wasn’t an Internet to advertise my services and print ads were expensive.

Clearly, the need to keep a roof over my head finally won out. I got a real job!

The Epiphany

I’m not sure when it happened, but one day I realized that spiritual work was my true path. It came to me that if I wasn’t supposed to do readings, then why had all the doors opened in that direction in the first place? Having the epiphany settled this troubling question for me once and for all.

In 1985, a local metaphysical bookstore asked me to do readings on Sunday afternoons. This opportunity was perfect, and it seemed that my professional psychic career was finally underway.

The Day Everything Changed

On one fateful Sunday, I had a young girl sitting across from me. In this case, she wanted a general reading and had no particular questions going into the reading.

Surprisingly, about halfway through the reading, I noticed the apparition of an older woman standing next to the girl. The woman seemed agitated and anxious to get my attention.

For me, seeing spirits is nothing new, but this had never happened during a psychic reading.

The older woman was distracting me from my reading by wringing her hands. At the same time, I kept getting a picture in my inner vision of a picnic basket covered with a red checkered tablecloth.

Should I Tell My Client?

For a few minutes, I debated whether I should tell my client that there was a female spirit standing next to her. Finally, the apparition prevailed and I told the girl about the older woman. To my surprise, she immediately burst into tears.

As I slid the tissue box across the table, the girl explained that her grandmother, who’d raised her, had suddenly died a few weeks prior. Just before she died, the girl had given her beloved Grandmother a picnic basket with a red checkered table cloth in it! With this revelation, the apparition was gone.

As no more clients were waiting for me after the reading ended, I had time to reflect on what had just happened.

I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need to be in a trance state to establish communication with spirits. Getting validation from spirits and messages only required being open to the possibility. After all, it wasn’t about me. It was about getting important spirit messages to the living.

Most significant of all, it occurred to me that spirits had been waiting to send messages through me for some time. I just hadn’t paid attention to the signals.

Side note: The New Age of Mediums was the advent of Mental Mediumship. (Mental Mediums are usually not in a trance when bringing forth messages from spirits.) This was just before Mental Mediums like John Edwards, became popular. Edwards was the beginning of several television shows about mediums.

I Became More Open to Spirits Showing Up

And after that, I was more open to spirits coming in during readings. Furthermore, if  a spirit did happen to show up, I always asked the client if they were interested in making contact. Why? You’d be surprised how many people don’t want to communicate with a particular family spirit.

Finally acknowledging the fact, I knew that I had what it took to be an authentic Medium. I took the steps to advertise myself as a Psychic-Medium rather than a Psychic Counselor. It seemed logical that this was all part of my spiritual journey.

Eventually, I began a Mediumship development circle and started teaching others what I had learned. As my weekly circles expanded, I nurtured my own skills along with my students.


I hope you enjoyed my story. Most importantly, this post is an account of how I became a Psychic-Medium and how Imagine Spirit started. If you read Part 1, you’ll know that I had doubts about becoming a Medium right out the gate!

Are you interested in becoming a Psychic or Medium? Let us know your thoughts and post a comment below.

The Astonishing, Eileen Garrett

Ghost Hunter, Hans Holzer

*Claircognizance is “Clear-knowing.” It’s the ability to just know undisclosed pieces information about people, places, and things without knowing how the information is obtained.

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Carol Nicholson is thirty-five years a professional Psychic Medium and author of numerous Psychic and Spiritual courses since 2001.
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