Super Sensitive? It May Bring Psychic Benefits

If you are sensitive like me, the chances are that you’re also highly psychic. And to clarify further, you’re most likely strongly empathic! More about this below…

As a Psychic-Medium, I’ve been extremely sensitive for as long as I can remember. This emotional trait was continually being backed by comments made to me such as, “You’re too sensitive,” or “Don’t be so thin-skinned,” “You’re a bleeding heart,” and, “Stop being so sensitive!” Sound familiar?

woman-crying-psychic-sensitiveOf course, remarks like these always bothered me until one day it came to me that my sensitivity may have contributed to my being highly psychic. Hence, the term “Sensitive” when referring to someone who is a psychic.

This Epiphany Changed Everything!

Now, rather than feeling that my deep sensitivity is a character defect, I embrace it.

As a matter of fact, it seems that others too have noticed the correlation and written books on sensitivity combined with empathic tendencies.

Here’s a great book you might want to check out.

Of course, not all sensitive people are exceedingly psychic or empathic. However, over the many years of teaching and bringing this subject up, numerous students confessed that they too were susceptible to getting feelings hurt or picking up all kinds of vibes from others. In addition, some even complained of often feeling physical sensations in the body in response to situations.

Our Psychic Channels are Highly Tuned

Even more so, sensitives pick up on the thoughts of others. More to the point, we may not physically hear words, but the impression we get is as good as hearing that person speak!

Here’s another good example: You frequently pick up on thoughts from others that are thinking of you at right then. Not surprising, sensitive individuals have a built-in antenna to tune-in to the thoughts (ESP) and vibes present that others don’t.

Below are a few intuitive traits of a highly sensitive person:

  • receptive
  • perceptive
  • susceptible
  • insightful
  • empathic (there’s that word again)
  • and highly aware

While these traits by themselves do not cause significant problems for the majority, for others it’s like being in mental and physical overload much of the time.

Let’s address the psychic sense of being Empathic.

Just What Is An Empath?

An empathic person is someone who shares another person’s feelings. If you tell an empathic person that your heart is broken, he or she might get tears in their eyes. Or, they could feel the emotional pain in their own body. Specifically, in the heart area. To further illustrate this, psychic sensitive people often have difficulty with sights, certain sounds, harsh lighting, and even spicy or oniony odors.

Being empathetic is a relatively recent term; it comes from empathy, which was coined by the German philosopher, Rudolf Lotze, in 1858.

Sensitive People Make Excellent Psychics and Mediums

Super sensitive people make very good psychics and mediums. On the other hand, this is not to say that all individuals that are psychic are always excessively sensitive. Many psychics possess the natural ability or have worked assiduously to develop their psychic senses. However, being sensitive to people and surroundings is an integral part of attuning with higher beings and dimensions.

Subtle Changes in the Environment

As an example, during a Mediumship Circle or while giving a reading, one of the first things I notice is a change in the atmosphere of the room. For me, the room starts to have a heavier or buzzing vibe. My skin starts to prickle and sometimes I get goosebumps all over. This tells me spirits are gathering that wish to impart a message.

Sometimes I sense that my Gatekeeper Guide is giving me the go ahead to open myself to the spirits present. As my protective shield is solidly set in place before attempting to open to the Spirit World, I know that I am safeguarded from any negative entities that might attempt to “crash” the session. This is just one example of how my sensitivity works in a session.

Sensitivity & Psychic Abilities Go Hand-in-Hand

Psychic events that psychically sensitive people might experience:

  • A keen sense of knowing, e.g., knowing when something significant whether bad or good is about to happen.
  • Knowing or sensing what others are thinking.
  • Making a decision which is instinctive or based on a gut feeling.
  • Feeling uneasy or sensing when danger is close by.
  • Dreams of events which come to pass.
  • Regularly seeing images in the mind which have no relative meaning to what is going on at the time.
  • Knowing when someone close is in danger, or someone close is about to cross over.
  • Experiencing strange visions or pictures when talking with someone.
  • Able to discern when someone is telling the truth, is hiding something, or is being disingenuous or outright lying.
  • And the list goes on…

Sensitivity Is Reflected in the  Chakras

Highly sensitive people tend to have their Chakras, which help us operate through life, opened more than the average person’s. Out the seven in-body Chakras we all possess, the Chakras most affected by being excessively sensitive, are the 3rd Chakra (governing Clairsentience), 4th (governing Clair-empathy), 5th (governing Clairaudience), 6th (governing Clairvoyance) and lastly 7th (governing Claircognizance).

Simply by having these particular Chakras more open, the traditionally recognized five senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch are amplified.

Some of My Own Quirky Sensitive Traits

I confess that I have always been ultra sensitive to harsh light, certain food smells, and particular colors. For example, I’ m not a fan of the primary colors of yellow, red, and blue although I can see these colors clearly when doing aura readings. I am not saying these colors are bad because they are the foundation of all colors. What I am saying, is that they’re more difficult for me to gaze at in large swaths.

The smell of someone eating an onion packed hamburger or pizza makes me ill, although I love to eat them myself. So, I try and keep the house clear of potent smells and use lavender air freshener.

Additionally, I listen to calming music during the day and don’t watch the news much. When I do, I focus on the good and try to filter out the media’s propensity for dwelling on anything and everything negative.  Yes, in our world, bad things happen every day. I just don’t focus on them. However, if something happens that is tragic or involves loss of life, I send out prayers to those who may be suffering.

A Sensitivity Problem to Daily Living

First, if you’re reading this article, you may believe that you have some heavy sensitivity issues. Furthermore, if you’ve been beating yourself up for being a sensitive person or allowing others to victimize you in some way, stop it!

Start focusing on what you do have within you that’s special and realize that your sensitivity is truly a gift rather than a curse.

If You Are a Budding Psychic…

Make a list of the psychic abilities that you have and are currently developing. Pinpoint the psychic senses that are okay and which ones could be causing problems, e.g., “I always over react negatively to loud people.” Just by doing this, you will begin to feel more in control of your life and your emotions. You may also start seeing these individuals and events from a more positive perspective.

Being sensitive to the extreme is not a bad thing. In fact, it can be very helpful in your psychic or Mediumship endeavors. As mentioned, if your emotions are always raw and in overload much of the time, you’ll what to keep your sensitivity in check and build some strong shields. In fact, this is the one thing I can say in my life that I’ve mastered. Well, mostly.

For those of you feeling constant overload by your traditional as well as psychic senses, *ground yourself a lot, and do a daily cleansing of your aura to keep it protected.  It’s also vitally important to keep things in perspective and to stay detached. This doesn’t mean you don’t care. It just means you’re not taking things on that aren’t yours to own. This is good mental health!

In Conclusion:

It’s no crime to be highly sensitive. In fact, embrace it if you are. Importantly, tragic circumstances and events do occur which requires us to feel on a deep level. However, one should not constantly ruminate over them. We are not God and are not expected to carry the heavy burdens of others’ tragedies. We can only be compassionate and understanding without assuming the emotions of those affected.


*Grounding is a spiritual term, referring to centering your soul in your body, and in turn, connecting it with Mother Earth. When one is grounded, they feel safer, focused, and more sure of themselves.

If you have something to say about what you’ve just read, do so below. I’d love to hear from you. My disclaimer is that I’m not a psychologist and that some opinions set forth, are from my own experiences.

“Empath: Empowering Highly Sensitive People – Maximizing Your Human Potential and Self-Awareness,” by Caleb Benson
Found on Amazon.

by Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., and Certified Psychic-Medium

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