The Seven Subtle Bodies Enable Our Existence

Why Subtle Bodies are important describes why and how our energy bodies keep us alive. Significantly they rule our thinking, and functioning.  These bodies generate our capabilities of thinking, emotions, activities, and memories. Ultimately, the subtle bodies facilitate spiritual growth and transcendence to higher levels of consciousness.

The Subtle Bodies consist of mostly invisible universal etheric energy. Our physical body holds universal etheric energy both inside and out.

Etheric energy is one of the three fundamental types of energy in our universe. The three kinds of universal energies are electric, magnetic, and etheric.

The idea that we have more than one body can be mind-boggling. Most in mainstream society are unaware of these bodies and that they constitute our human design and enable consciousness.

So, if we have numerous bodies, why can’t we see them?  The answer lies in the word subtle. The word subtle indicates that most of these encompassing bodies are invisible and can’t be tangibly seen or felt.

The Human Dynamic Energy System

We have an overall subtle dynamic energy system which facilitates consciousness. This system includes our chakras, aura, along with our energy bodies.

According to Bhagavad Gita, one of the most sacred texts of Hinduism, the subtle body is composed of mind, intelligence and ego, which controls the physical body.

The energy of the subtle bodies enables all our human faculties. Without these bodies, we can’t survive as living, thinking, and feeling beings. In their entirety, the subtle bodies are the vehicles which enable our entire existence.

The Physical Body is Not a Subtle Body

The Physical Body is not a subtle body. The Subtle Bodies begin with the Etheric Body.

Adepts trained in perceiving energy and auras can see the outline and sometimes the machinations of the Etheric Subtle body. Largely, these individuals are energy healers, psychics, and clairvoyants. However, almost anyone can learn to see the human aura or it’s outline.

Not all models for the subtle bodies are the same. I first noticed this when I began studying the subtle bodies. It caused me confusion as it may also cause you. Not to worry. Most models are highly similar, and the exact order and naming of subtle bodies make little difference. Importantly, the functions of each remain the same.

Subtle Bodies All

To illustrate, this model of the subtle bodies lists them in ascending order. Each energy body has a specific vibrational frequency from the lowest (etheric) to the highest (buddhic/christic). This frequency rate increases with each subsequent body. In other words, it vibrates faster.

Each body has more density and ‘weight’ than the one above it. Thus, the Astral /Emotional Body is less dense than the Etheric Body, and the Mental Body is less dense than the Astral Body, and so forth.

Most importantly, each subtle body “governs” the body below it. For example, the Astral/Emotional Body is shaped and directed by the Mental Body, and that body in turn shapes and directs the Etheric Body.

The Subtle Bodies Interpenetrate One Another

It’s essential to understand that the subtle bodies interpenetrate one another due to the unique vibrational frequency of each. This is what keeps them separate and at the same time yet connected. Thus, these bodies are not placed around your physical body like a layer cake. They blend to form a loosely defined shape.

Finally, each subtle body, in turn, interpenetrates our Physical Body. Often depicted as rings of graduated colors around the human body in an oval or egg shape, this is what you’ll see in most illustrations of the subtle body. However, as you’ve probably surmised, it’s difficult to accurately depict a picture of the subtle bodies as they really are.

Ultimately, when an individual, or soul, advances in spirituality, the rings expand in size.


by Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., and Certified Psychic-Medium

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