What Your Main Aura Color Says about You

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A Little-Known Secret about Your Aura

Learn your primary aura color and what it says about you. Also known as the main aura color, this vital part of your energy field says a lot about how you view and navigate through life. But, even more significantly, this often-ignored part of your aura represents the true essence of who you are. Want to find out what your primary color is? Keep reading and find out what your base aura color is in this post! 

Firstly, What is the Aura?

Everyone and everything has a aura. Adding to this, absolutely everything in the universe has a type of aura field surrounding it. Even inanimate objects have an energetic auric field. You have an aura, trees have an aura, and even rocks have an aura. How is this possible, you ask? The simple answer is energy.

The universe is made up of energy. Therefore, as part of the universe, you carry your own form of energy.

The  human aura is the representation of energy that changes with thoughts an emotions. It’s the energy field in the form of an oval shape that envelops your physical form and is, in essence, a vital part of your total being.

The aura is comprised of colors. Think of a prism of light that reflects colors. Your unique prism contains colors which reflect your feelings, moods, and thoughts. These things are constantly changing therefore, your auric colors change from moment to moment.

This field of light can be seen by most holistic healers and some clairvoyants. The colors and their level of brightness reveal much about the vitality, health, and emotional state of a person.

Chakras Determine Your Main Aura Colors

What creates the aura colors? The answer lies in the electromagnetic field which is created by particular energy centers called chakras.

Chakras are rotating energetic centers that assimilate the life force and distribute this vital force throughout the body. Additionally, the colors of these centers radiate outwards and blend to make the overall human aura.

Aura Colors Change Due to the Functioning of Chakras

Dependent upon how well the chakras are functioning and each one’s openness, aura colors around a person change from moment to moment. How is this? Aura colors change as your mood changes. Any person with the ability to see the human aura around a person will notice these changes almost immediately.

You Also Have a Main Aura Color

It’s easy to learn the secret of your main aura color. Significantly, there is another aura which is called the base or main aura. This color never changes. It is a specific color that you were born with. You most likely decided on this main aura color before entering into the earth plane as a living human being.

The aura can extend anywhere from three feet to nine feet from the physical body. The main aura color is situated closest to the human body with the outer part of the aura farther out.

The Most Common Primary Aura Colors

Below are the explanations of the most common base aura colors. The base aura color meanings start with specific areas of the body. These are areas which you may want to pay special attention to for optimum health when navigating through life.

Ultimately, you’ll find out how to determine your unique base aura color by performing a simple test at the bottom of this post.

Your Main Aura Color Meanings:

Of special note, the main aura color explanations below don’t reflect the various tones and hues of colors. These colors are the primary color for that particular color category.

The Color of Red

A base aura color of red relates the root chakra area and, more specifically, the colon and circulation’s importance in general. It is often a bright red, and, in its pure state, this red core color can reflect people with a healthy ego, lots of drive, and is active or ambitious. Base red aura color people can be well-grounded and have a warrior-type personality.

The Color of Pink

Clearly, a base aura color of pink falls under the reds but with a slightly different twist. A pink core color can reflect a loving nature, healthy materialism, with definite monetary goals set. Better yet, they may wish to have beautiful homes and surroundings, and they will apply a hard work ethic towards achieving these ends.

The Color of Orange

In short, a base aura color of orange relates to the importance of the reproductive organs, specifically the ovaries or testes. A base aura color of orange may relate to highly sexually charged people who also strive to be creative.

Another color of vitality, a core color of orange, can indicate people with lots of energy, stamina, and good health if they take care of themselves. That being the case, a base orange color also indicates highly productive people that display an outgoing social nature.

The Color of Yellow

Particularly, a base aura color of yellow relates to the spleen and intestines. More significantly, it is the core color of awakening and inspiration.

These people often have good intelligence, are comfortable with their inner power, like to be playful, are optimistic, and have a sunny disposition. They can also be analytical, intuitive, and cerebral in their thinking.

The Color of Green

Of special note, a base aura color of green relates to the heart and lungs. More notable, it is a very healthy color that thoroughly enjoys nature of all kinds.

Green indicates great compassion and a love of humanity. When determined as the core color, unquestionably, this can indicate people who are continually working on inner growth and perpetually seeking balance. Also people with a lot of green in their aura either can heal others, or may need constant healing themselves.

The Color of Blue

Strictly speaking, a base aura color of blue relates to the throat and thyroid. Unequivocally, these folks are often the cool, calm, and collected ones. In a crisis, they are great to have around. In other cases, they may be extremely clairaudient.

They can be very generous. They like to express themselves concisely, possess good communication skills, and are truthful when relating to others.

The Color of Indigo

More powerful, a base aura color of indigo relates to the Third Eye Pineal and Pituitary Glands. Indigo people are innately intuitive and sensitive to the world around them, deep feeling, and highly visual. They often display strong clairvoyance abilities.

Not surprising, they may have many out-of-body experiences throughout life and could possess a natural ability to access the Akashic Records.

The Color of Violet to Lavender

Of no less importance, a base aura color of violet to lavender relates to the crown of the head, endocrine glands, and the central nervous system.

The most sensitive and wisest of colors, people with this strong intuitive color often demonstrate heightened psychic powers. In this case, they are frequently visionary types, futuristic and idealistic in their thinking, are some sort of artisan, and lean toward the magical and elemental dimensions.

The Color of White

Of note, a base aura color of white reflects higher ways of expressing energy. People with this color can easily connect with the pure presence of the Divine White Light. A base color of white can also represent new and not yet designated energy filtering down into aura at different times in their life.

This energy is then utilized as needed on a subconscious level. Of further note, other qualities of white core color reflect people who seek transcendence to higher dimensions.

The Color of Silver

Unquestionably, a base aura color of silver is indicative of someone capable of receiving abundance that is both spiritual and physical in nature. Lots of bright silver can reflect an awakening of the cosmic mind. Clearly, these individuals are receptive to new ideas and can be very intuitive for business reasons or for nurturing and anticipating the needs of others.

The Color of Gold

Principally, a base aura color of gold is indicative of self-illumination and someone who has a type of Divine protection afforded from higher entities. These individuals are being guided by their Higher Self for their highest good.

In some cases, sometimes a person’s ego will try to override this color, but the gold attribute prevails in the end. Profoundly, gold points to someone possessing innate wisdom and who has spiritual teacher qualities (like Yoda in Star Wars).

The Color of Brown

A base aura color of brown, or tan, is a base aura color that vibrates well with mother Earth. Considering this, they are drawn to the soil, wood, minerals, and plants, and trees.

Similarly, a person with this base color has a love of nature and is grounded. Not surprising, they are someone who prefers living in rural settings. Chiefly, these individuals make good builders, gardeners, farmers, geologists, and miners, and other similar professions.

The Color of Black

Last but by no means least, this is a rare base color, but it can be considered a base color. Astoundingly, a base aura color of black is more commonly known as an “out-of-body” chakra color and is strongly associated with the 8th chakra. More to the point, the 8th chakra is situated right above the head.

Black is not necessarily negative. The black core color will draw or pull energy into it and, in doing so, has the ability to transform that energy. It also shows remnants of past lives to the bearer on a subconscious level.

A fuller explanation of these colors is included in the Pathways to Clairvoyance Course featured below.

How to Determine Your Main Aura Color

Using Dowsing Rods to Determine Your Base Aura Color

checking-primary-base-aura-color Happily, there’s an easy way to find out your base aura color. To begin, just close your eyes and mentally ask yourself, “What is my base aura color?”

The first color that comes to mind or one that you sense is most likely the correct one. However, caution is needed here. Thinking of your favorite color may not be your main aura color.

Often our main, or base aura color is a color that we are very comfortable with and think of as being our favorite color. Other times it’s just the opposite.

The color may not be pleasant to the wearer at all. And sometimes a person will get two base core colors, which may be confusing. Go with it and assume that you have two base aura colors which is possible.

In Conclusion:

Every human on earth has a primary, or main aura color which is also called the primary, or base color. Find out colors meanings and determine yours by doing a simple test.

Watch this video explaining how to do it.
»How to Determine Your Primary Aura Color
»Read: | Definition of Aura by Merriam-Webster (

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Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

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