Increase Psychic Abilities with Aromatherapy


How to Use Essential Oils for Psychic Awareness

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Effortlessly Increase Psychic Abilities with Aromatherapy

The right essential oils can help you increase your psychic abilities and continually develop your psychic powers. And the good news is that it’s something you can do daily that’s practically effortless.

Essential oils are a helpful intuitive tool that many psychic intuitives have been using for years to develop and increase their abilities. If you are unfamiliar with essential oils and the powers of aromatherapy, then keep reading. It’s an easy way to tap into your natural psychic skills, and increase them at the same time.

What Are Essential Oils?

More specifically, essential oils are pure volatile compounds that are extracted from the host plant they are named after. Lavender essential oil is from lavender flowers, chamomile is from the flowers of that plant, so on and so forth. There are hundreds of essential oils that have been proven to have their own unique set of benefits.

More specifically, these incredible oils also help with depression, anxiety, muscle aches, skin disorders or allergies. 

Basically, no two essential oils are the same and blending them is a great way to create a potion for your own personal use. For example, blending lavender and chamomile oils is a great way to calm the mind.

Below we’ve listed the best essential oils for tapping into your psychic ability, but first, we want to discuss exactly how these powerful tools are meant to be used. Depending on the need, these volatile compounds can be applied in one of three ways to help along with your Mediumship training

Essential Oil Diffuser


This simply means to breathe the scents in. We can do this by just opening the bottle, but if you want to fill the room with your chosen scents, then you need a device like this rainstone diffuser to break the oils up and emit them into the air. Breathing in the scents and absorbing their power is the basis behind the term aromatherapy.

This is the best way to use essential oils to tap into your psychic abilities. First, you need to set an intention, which can be done while meditating while diffusing your scents. Writing down your intentions in a journal is another way to put them out into the universe.

Of course, inhaling isn’t the only way to reap the benefits of essential oils. Here are some other ways.


Another great way to reap the benefits of these substantial extracts is to apply them to your body via massage therapy. When it comes to psychic potential, putting some of the oils we’ve listed below onto your wrists, the back of your neck, and your temples are a great way to penetrate your outer layer and take in their advantages. They must always be diluted with a carrier substance like sweet almond or olive oil.


The third and final way to take advantage of essential oils and their benefits is to ingest them. Some people will put a drop of lavender into a pitcher of lemonade, but lavender has strange effects on prepubescent boys, so this isn’t a good idea if you have a young son.

When it comes to tapping deeper into your psychic powers, the ingestion method isn’t necessary. There are too many risks and we don’t recommend you consume any of them internally. Inhalation after you set an intention is the best application with the use of a diffuser.

Essential Oils That Can Enhance Your Psychic Awareness

There are eleven essential oils that can help you tap deeper into your psychic abilities. They are as follows:


Works as a sedative.


Relieves depression
Non-toxic but can ignite ragweed allergies


Helps with focus
Relieves stress
Not safe for use by pregnant women

Lemon Oil

Awakens the mind
Promotes awareness
Also reduces cancer risk
Also helps prevent Kidney Stones


Works as a strong sedative (don’t use too much)
Fights depression
Good for meditation
Not safe for use by pregnant women


Relieves anxiety and stress
Relaxes so we can be led by our intuition
Not safe for use around prepubescent boys


Helps with alertness and concentration
Relieves stress
Relieves depression


Fights depression
Can cause a headache in high concentrations
Avoid using if pregnant


Boosts cognitive function
Clears negative energy
Avoid if pregnant
Consult a professional before using due to its strength


Stimulates sexuality
Eases negativity
Clears negative entities
Can have intoxicating effects
Can cause headaches
Cleanses space from negative spirits
Avoid using if pregnant or breastfeeding


Works as a sedative
Boosts memory

All these oils have more benefits than what we’ve listed but we feel it’s these specific things about that oil that helps the user tap into their psychic abilities. Our minds need to be clear and clutter free, so we can focus on the incoming vibrations. The ones listed can have that type of effect on the user.

In conclusion:

Tapping into our psychic powers isn’t as easy as just wishing. Sure, some of us are more in tune to their surrounding vibrations but others need a little help. Aromatherapy is a wonderful tool for enhancing your psychic awareness. What happens after that is completely up to you.

This highly informative article is courtesy of Karl Burton.


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